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Table of contents

2. Numerical Simulation of a Spinning Projectile Using Parallel and Vectorized Unstructured Flow Solver
Marvin Watts, Shuangzhang Tu, Shahrouz Aliabadi

3. Development of a framework for parallel simulators with various physics and its performance
Kenji Ono, Tsuyoshi Tamaki, Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

4. Experience in Parallel Computational Mechanics on MareNostrum
G Houzeaux, M Vazquez, R Grima, H Calmet, J.M Cela

5. New approaches to modeling rarefied gas flow in the slip and transition regime
X. J. Gu, D. R. Emerson

6. A parallel scientific software for heterogeneous hydrogeoloy
J. Erhel, J.-R. de Dreuzy, A. Beaudoin, E. Bresciani, D Tromeur-Dervout

7. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Methods on Multiprocessor Platforms
K.C. Giannakoglou, I.C. Kampolis, P.I.K. Liakopoulos, M.K. Karakasis, D.I. Papadimitriou, T. Zervogiannis, V.G. Asouti

8. Non-Sinusoidal Path Optimization of Dual Airfoils Flapping in a Biplane Configuration
M. Kaya, I. H Tuncer

9. Parallel Computation of 3-D Viscous Flows on Hybrid Grids
Murat Ilgaz, Ismail H. Tuncer

10. Implementation of parallel DSMC method to adiabatic piston problem
N Sengil, F.O. Edis

11. Efficient Parallel Algoritm for multiconstrained of wing body configurations
S. Peigin, B. Epstein

12. Parallel Three Dimensional Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Simulating Micro Flows
John Benzi, M. Damodaran

13. A Study on the Prediction of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Orbital Block of a Launch Vehicle in the Rarefied Flow Regime Using the DSMC Approach and the Parallel Computation
Younghoon Kim, YoungIn Choi, Honam Ok, Insun Kim

14. Parallel Solution of a 3-D Mixed Convection Problem
V. Ü. Ünal, Ü. Gülçat

15. Computation of Hypersonic Flow of a Diatomic Gas in Rotational Non-Equilibrium past a Blunt Body Using the Generalized Boltzmann Equation
R. K. Agarwal, R. Chen, F. G. Cheremisin

16. Application of Parallel Processing to Numerical Modeling of Two-Phase Deflagration-to-Detonation (DDT) Phenomenon
Bekir Bekir, Yusuf Özyörük, Abdullah Ula?

17. Highly Scalable Multiphysics Computational Framework for Propulsive Energetic Systems
F.M. Najjar, A. Haselbacher, R. Fiedler, S. Balachandar, R. Moser

18. A Parallel Aitken-Additive Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Method for Parabolic Problems
Hatem Ltaief, Marc Garbey

19. Parallel Computation of Incompressible Flows Driven by Moving Multiple Obstacles Using a New Moving Embedded-Grid Method
Shinichi ASAO, Kenichi MATSUNO

20. Parallel Computing on Network of Windows Based PCs
S. Chien, G. Makinabakan, A. Ecer, H.U. Akay

21. Parallel computations of droplet oscillations
Tadashi Watanabe

22. Cyclic Distribution of Pipelined Parallel Deferred Correction method for ODE/DAE
D. Guibert, D. Tromeur-Dervout

23. Hybrid Parallelization Techniques for Lattice Boltzmann Free Surface Flows
Nils Thürey, T Pohl, U. Rüde

24. Flow-structure interaction and flow analysis of hydraulic machinery on a computational grid
F Lippold, IBunti´c Ogor, A Ruprecht

25. Parallel Computation of Incompressible Flow Using Building-Cube Method
Shun Takahashi, Takashi Ishida, Kazuhiro Nakahashi

26. 3D Model of pollution distribution in city air and its parallel realization
Alexander I. Sukhinov, Valeriy K. Gadelshin, Denis S. Lyubomischenko

Erhan Tarhan, Yüuksel Ortakaya, Emre Gurdamar, Bulent Korkem

Erhan Tarhan, Yüuksel Ortakaya, Emre Gurdamar, Bulent Korkem

Pinar Sahin, Emre Gürdamar, Erhan Tarhan, Yüksel Ortakaya

30. Adaptive Aitken-Schwarz for Darcy 3D °ow on heterogeneous media
A. Frullone, P Linel, D Tromeur-Dervout

31. Numerical Simulation of Compressible Flow using Three-Dimensional Unstructured Added/Eliminated Grid Method
Masashi Yamakawa, Kenichi Matsuno

32. Technology of parallelization for 2D and 3D CFD/CAA codes based on high-accuracy explicit methods on unstructured meshes
Andrey V. Gorobets, Ilya V. Abalakin, Tatiana K. Kozubskaya

33. Separate treatment of momentum and heat flows in parallel environment
Aydin Misirlioglu, Ulgen Gulcat

34. DNS of Turbulent Natural Convection Flows on the MareNostrum supercomputer
F. X. Trias, A. Gorobets, M. Soria, M. Soria, A. Oliva

35. TermoFluids: A new Parallel unstructured CFD code for the simulation of turbulent industrial problems on low cost PC Cluster
O. Lehmkuhl, C.D. Perez-Segarra, R. Borrell, M. Soria, A. Oliva

36. Schur Complement Methods for the solution of Poisson equation with unstructured meshes
R. Borrell, O. Lehmkuhl, M. Soria, A. Oliva

37. Blood Flow Simulation in Cerebral Aneurysm: A Lattice Boltzmann Application in Medical Physics
Jürg Bernsdorf, Dinan Wang

38. Unsteady Navier Stokes Solutions of Low Aspect Ratio Rectangular Flat Wings in Compressible Flow
G. Durmu?, M.?. Kavsao?lu, Ü. Kaynak

39. Case studies of solving large-scale CFD problems by means of the GasDynamicsTool software package
Alexey V. Medvedev

40. Direct Monte Carlo Simulation of low-speed flows
M. Mukinovic, G. Brenner

41. Parallel computing of 3D separated stratified fluid flows around a sphere
Paul V. Matyushin, Valentin A. Gushchin

42. C(p, q, j) Scheme with Adaptive time step and Asynchronous Communications

43. Parallel Coupling of Heterogeneous Domains with KOP3D using PACX-MPI
Harald Klimach, Sabine P. Roller, Jens Utzmann, Claus-Dieter Munz

44. Numerical simulation of 3D turbulent flows around bodies subjected to vortex-induced and forced vibration
Dmitri K. Zaitsev, Nikolai A. Schur, Evgueni M. Smirnov

45. Parallel simulation of type IIa supernovae explosions using a simplified physical model
J. M. McDonough, J. Endean

46. A Fast Parallel Blood Flow Simulator
B. Hadri, M. Garbey

47. Parallel simulation of flows in porous media using adaptive locally-refined meshes
Boris Chetverushkin, Natalia Churbanova, Anton Malinovskij, Anton Sukhinov, Anton Marina

48. Performance Evaluation of Two Parallel, Direct Sparse Solvers for an Aeroacoustic Propagation Model
Y. Özyörük, E. Dizemen

49. Three Dimensional Smoke Simulation on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Gökçe Yildirim, H. Yalim Keleç, Veysi ??ler

50. An Approach for Parallel CFD Solutions of Store Separation Problems
E. Oktay, O. Merttopcuoglu, H.U. Akay

51. Hybrid Parallelism for CFD Simulations: Combining MPI with OpenMP
E. Yilmaz, R.U. Payli, H.U. Akay, A. Ecer

52. Impact of the TeraGrid on Large-Scale Simulations and Visualizations
Resat U. Payli, Erdal Yilmaz, Hasan U. Akay, Akin Ecer

53. Parallel CFD Simulations of Unsteady Control Maneuver Aerodynamics
Jubaraj Sahu

54. Parallel solution of flows with high velocity and/or enthalpy gradients
Ulgen Gulcat, Ali Dinler

55. Numerical Simulation of Transonic Flows by a Flexible and Parallel Evolutionary Computation
G. Winter, B. Gonzàlez, B. Galvàn, H. Carmona

56. Prediction of Ballistic Separation Effect by Direct Calculation of Incremental Coefficients
Eugene Kim, Jang Hyuk Kwon

57. Parallel Implementation of a Gas-Kinetic BGK Method on Unstructured Grids for 3-D Inviscid Missile Flows
Murat Ilgaz, Ismail H. Tuncer

58. 3-D Time-Accurate Inviscid and Viscous CFD Simulations of Wind Turbine Rotor Flow Fields
Nilay Sezer-Uzol, Ankur Gupta, Lyle N. Long

59. Modeling a Web Service-Based Decentralized Parallel Programming Environment
Nihat Adar, Selçuk Canbek, Erol Seke, Muammer Akçay

60. Computation of unsteady hovering flapping motion in parallel environment
Ebru Sarigöl, Nafiz Alemdaro?lu

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Fluids, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
Natural Sciences

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