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Old-Growth Forests

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Table of contents

1. Old-Growth Forests: Function, Fate and Value – an Overview
Christian Wirth, Gerd Gleixner, Martin Heimann

2. Old-Growth Forest Definitions: a Pragmatic View
Christian Wirth, Christian Messier, Yves Bergeron, Dorothea Frank, Anja Fankhänel

3. Old Trees and the Meaning of ‘Old’
Fritz Hans Schweingruber, Christian Wirth

4. Ecophysiological Characteristics of Mature Trees and Stands - Consequences for Old-Growth Forest Productivity
Werner L. Kutsch, Christian Wirth, Jens Kattge, Stefanie Nöllert, Matthias Herbst, Ludger Kappen

5. The Imprint of Species Turnover on Old-Growth Forest Carbon Balances - Insights From a Trait-Based Model of Forest Dynamics
Christian Wirth, Jeremy W. Lichstein

6. Functional Relationships Between Old-Growth Forest Canopies, Understorey Light and Vegetation Dynamics
Christian Messier, Juan Posada, Isabelle Aubin, Marilou Beaudet

7. Biosphere–Atmosphere Exchange of Old-Growth Forests: Processes and Pattern
Alexander Knohl, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Christian Wirth

8. Woody Detritus its Contribution to Carbon Dynamics of Old-Growth Forests: the Temporal Context
Mark E. Harmon

9. Aboveground and Belowground Consequences of Long-Term Forest Retrogression in the Timeframe of Millennia and Beyond
David A. Wardle

10. Rooting Patterns of Old-Growth Forests: is Aboveground Structural and Functional Diversity Mirrored Belowground?
Jürgen Bauhus

11. Soil Carbon Accumulation in Old-Growth Forests
Gerd Gleixner, Cindy Tefs, Albrecht Jordan, Matthias Hammer, Christian Wirth, Angela Nueske, Alexander Telz, Uwe E. Schmidt, Stephan Glatzel

12. Is There a Theoretical Limit to Soil Carbon Storage in Old-Growth Forests? A Model Analysis with Contrasting Approaches
Markus Reichstein, Göran I. Ågren, Sébastien Fontaine

13. Old-Growth Forests in the Canadian Boreal: the Exception Rather than the Rule?
Yves Bergeron, Karen A. Harper

14. Biomass Chronosequences of United States Forests: Implications for Carbon Storage and Forest Management
Jeremy W. Lichstein, Christian Wirth, Henry S. Horn, Stephen W. Pacala

15. Temperate and Boreal Old-Growth Forests: How do Their Growth Dynamics and Biodiversity Differ from Young Stands and Managed Forests?
Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Dominik Hessenmoeller, Alexander Knohl, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Annett Boerner, John Grace

16. Old-Growth Temperate Rainforests of South America: Conservation, Plant–Animal Interactions, and Baseline Biogeochemical Processes
Juan J. Armesto, Cecilia Smith-Ramírez, Martín R. Carmona, Juan L. Celis-Diez, Iván A. Díaz, Aurora Gaxiola, Alvaro G. Gutiérrez, Mariela C. Núñez-Avila, Cecilia A. Pérez, Ricardo Rozzi

17. Tropical Rain Forests as Old-Growth Forests
John Grace, Patrick Meir

18. Detecting Intact Forests from Space: Hot Spots of Loss, Deforestation and the UNFCCC
Frédéric Achard, Hugh Eva, Danilo Mollicone, Peter Popatov, Hans-Jürgen Stibig, Svetlana Turubanova, Alexey Yaroshenko

19. Impacts of Land Use on Habitat Functions of Old-Growth Forests and their Biodiversity
Dorothea Frank, Manfred Finckh, Christian Wirth

20. Old-Growth Forests in the Context of International Environmental Agreements
Annette Freibauer

21. Old-Growth Forests: Function, Fate and Value – a Synthesis
Christian Wirth

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Ecology, Forestry, Ecosystems, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Biogeosciences, Biodiversity

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
24 pages
Natural Sciences

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