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Marine Hard Bottom Communities

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Table of contents

2. Habitat Characteristics and Typical Functional Groups
Martin Wahl

3. The Role of Mineral, Living and Artificial Substrata in the Development of Subtidal Assemblages
Andrew R. Davis

4. Communities on Deep-Sea Hard Bottoms
Craig M. Young

5. Epibiosis
Martin Wahl

6. Latitudinal Patterns of Species Richness in Hard-Bottom Communities
João Canning-Clode

7. Regional-Scale Patterns
Jonne Kotta, Jon D. Witman

8. Patterns Along Environmental Gradients
Antonio Terlizzi, David R. Schiel

9. Evolutionary Patterns of Diversity and Their Causes
Sharyn J. Goldstien, David R. Schiel

10. Environmental Variability
Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi

11. Fertilization Strategies
Ester A. Serrão, Jon Havenhand

12. Larval Supply and Dispersal
Dustin J. Marshall, Craig Styan, Christopher D. McQuaid

13. Settlement and Recruitment
Stuart R. Jenkins, Dustin Marshall, Simonetta Fraschetti

14. Seasonal Dynamics
Josep-Maria Gili, Peter S. Petraitis

15. Disruption, Succession and Stochasticity
J. Timothy Wootton, Mathieu Cusson, Sergio Navarrete, Peter S. Petraitis

16. Changes in Diversity and Ecosystem Functioning During Succession
Laure M.-L.J. Noël, John N. Griffin, Paula S. Moschella, Stuart R. Jenkins, Richard C. Thompson, Stephen J. Hawkins

17. Simple and Complex Interactions
Markus Molis, Bernardo A.P. da Gama

18. Anthropogenic Changes in Patterns of Diversity on Hard Substrata: an Overview
Brianna G. Clynick, David Blockley, M. Gee Chapman

19. Shifts in Abiotic Variables and Consequences for Diversity
Christopher D.G. Harley, Sean D. Connell

20. The Loss of Natural Habitats and the Addition of Artificial Substrata
Laura Airoldi, Sean D. Connell, Michael W. Beck

21. Multiple Stressors and Disturbances
David R. Schiel

22. Mass Mortalities and Extinctions
Carlo Cerrano, Giorgio Bavestrello

23. Biological Invasions
Christopher D. McQuaid, Francisco Arenas

24. Habitat Distribution and Heterogeneity in Marine Invasion Dynamics: the Importance of Hard Substrate and Artificial Structure
Gregory M. Ruiz, Amy L. Freestone, Paul W. Fofonoff, Christina Simkanin

25. Rehabilitation of Habitat and the Value of Artificial Reefs
Paris J. Goodsell, M. Gee Chapman

26. Protection of Biota and the Value of Marine Protected Areas
Paris J. Goodsell, A.J. Underwood

27. The Role of Biodiversity for the Functioning of Rocky Reef Communities
Lars Gamfeldt, Matthew E.S. Bracken

28. Functional and Taxonomic Perspectives of Marine Biodiversity
Tasman P. Crowe, Roly Russell

29. Mechanisms Underpinning Diversity-Stability Relationships in Hard Bottom Assemblages
Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi

30. The Aesthetic Value of Littoral Hard Substrata and Consideration of Ethical Frameworks for Their Investigation and Conservation
Heather E. Sugden, A.J. Underwood, Stephen J. Hawkins

31. Field and Research Methods in Marine Ecology
A.J. Underwood, Angus C. Jackson

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Nature Conservation

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
24 pages
Natural Sciences

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