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Fluid Machinery and Fluid Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Heat Transfer in an Automotive Turbocharger Under Constant Load Points: an Experimental and Computational Investigation
A. Romagnoli, R. M. F. Botas

2. Multi-Scale Thermal Measurement and Design of Cooling Systems in Gas Turbine
Hyung Hee Cho, Kyung Min Kim, Sangwoo Shin, Beom Seok Kim, Dong Hyun Lee

3. Reduced Size Bi-Flow Centrifugal Pump as Ventricular Assist Device for End-Stage Patients
Andy C C Tan

4. Experimental Investigation of Wall Pressure Fluctuations in Axial Flow Fans with Different Swept
J. Hurault, S. Kouidri, F. Bakir, R. Rey

5. Meso and Macro-Scales Fluid Flow Simulations with Lattice Boltzmann Method
A. A. Mohamad

6. Engineering Flow Performance by Local Dynamics: Theories and Applications
Jiezhi Wu, Feng Mao, Weidong Su, Hong Wu, Qiushi Li

7. One-Dimensional Analysis of Full Load Draft Tube Surge
Yoshinobu Tsujimoto, Koichi Yonezawa, Changkun Chen

8. Future Aspects and Developments for Advanced CO2-Free Power Station Technologies
D. Bohn

9. Numerical Analysis of Impeller-Volute Tongue Interaction and Unsteady Fluid Flow in a Centrifugal Pump
K. W Cheah, T. S. Lee, S. H Winoto, Z. M Zhao

10. A Procedure for the Unsteady Characterization of Turbochargers in Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
A. Torregrosa, J. Galindo, J. R. Serrano, A. Tiseira

11. Cavitation and Turbopump Hydrodynamics Research at Alta S.P.A. and Pisa University
Angelo Cervone, Lucio Torre, Angelo Pasini, Luca d’Agostino

12. Decelerated Swirling Flow Control in the Discharge Cone of Francis Turbines
Romeo Susan-Resiga, Sebastian Muntean

13. Hydraulic Oscillations Caused by the Earthquake
Aleksandar Gajic

14. A Numerical Investigation of the Effect of End-Wall Boundary Layer Skew on the Aerodynamic Performance of a Low Aspect Ratio, High Turning Compressor Cascade
Martin Böhle, Udo Stark

15. Design and Analysis of a Radial Turbine with Back Swept Blading
Liam Barr, Stephen Spence, Paul Eynon

16. Swirl Flow and Heat Transfer Through Square Duct with Twisted Tape Insert
Ho-Keun Kang, Soo-Whan Ahn, Bachtiar-Krishna-Putra Ary, Jong-Woong Choi

17. Multi-Objective Automated Optimization of Centrifugal Impeller Using Genetic Algorithm
Wenbin Zhang, Xiaomin Liu

18. Axisymmetric Weakly Compressible Transient Pipe Flow and Water Hammer Control
Lijun Xuan, Feng Mao, Jiezhi Wu

19. Research on the Optimization Method of Impeller Meridional Contour and 3-D Blade
Jinling Lu, Guang Xi, Xingqi Luo

20. LDV and PIV Techniques Applied to Turbomachinery Geometry Constrains
G. Bois, P. Dupont, A. Dazin, G. Caignaert

21. Limiting Streamlines Measurement in Contra-Rotating Axial Flow Pump
Akinori Furukawa, Satoshi Usami, Yusuke Tsunenari, Satoshi Watanabe, Kusuo Okuma

22. Experimental Modeling of Polluted Air Dispersion in Street Canyons of Metropolitan
Hyoung-June Kim, Joon-Yong Yoon, Nak-Won Sung

23. PIV Study of Tip Leakage Flow in Linear Compressor Cascade
Ren Dai, Zhonghua Huang, Ze Chen, Kangmin Chen

24. Study on Cavitating Turbulent Flow around a Hydrofoil
Mindi Zhang, Guoyu Wang, Xiangbin Li

25. Microchannel Heat Sinking: Analysis and Optimization
Afzal Husain, Kwang-Yong Kim

26. A Numerical Simulation of a Flow in Pem Fuel Cell Stack Using Lattice Boltzmann Method
Jae-Hoon Lee, Seok-Yun Jeon, Joon-Yong Yoon, Sung-Joon Byun, Myung-Seob Shin

27. Simulation of Gas Flow in a Microchannel by Lattice Boltzmann Method
In-Won Park, Myung-Seob Shin, Sung-Joon Byun, Joon-Yong Yoon

28. Numerical Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations for Separating and Reattaching Flow over a Double Steps Expansion and Contraction
Khaled Alhussan

29. Computation of Several Turbulent Flows with the Des-Sa Model
Yang Guo, Chisachi Kato, Yoshinobu Yamade, Hong Wang

30. Comparative Study of Turbulence Models in Separated-Attached Diffuser Flow
Liu Chen, Ailing Yang, Ren Dai, Kangmin Chen

31. Simulating the Blood Flow for the Aorta with a Stenosis
Ying Li, Xianwu Luo, Mingkui Zhang, Yao Zhang, Shuhong Liu, Hongyuan Xu

32. Through Flow Models for Engine Turbocharging and Exhaust Heat Recovery
Yangjun Zhang, Weilin Zhuge, Shuyong Zhang, Jianzhong Xu

33. Study on the Seal Leakage of Turbocharger
Hong He, Siyou Xu, Ruiqian Yan, Jianbo Ji

34. Study on the Pre-Tightening Force About the Nut of the Turbocharger Shaft
Li Long, Hong He, Wei Pei

35. Vibration Property Analysis of Turbocharger Turbine Blade Under Different Loads
Wei Pei, Dongmei Zhang, Jizhong Zhang

36. A Method to Solve the Problem of the Application of Ti-Al Turbine
Xiujuan Wang

37. A Study on Rotor Blades for a Two-Stage Jet Fan
Michihiro Nishi, Kouichi Yoshida, Minoru Okamoto, Hiroyasu Nakayama

38. Flow Characteristics in a Cross-Flow Fan with Various Design Parameters
Youn J. Kim

39. Determination of an Optimum Orbiting Radius for an Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor
Yong Ho Lee, Tae Hun Kwon, Hyun Jin Kim

40. Studies on Moving Coil Linear Compressor Used for Refrigerator
Zhihai Li, Shuiying Zheng, Rongren Wu

41. Two-Zone Modeling Prediction Method of Centrifugal Compressor Performance
Shuqi Li, Junyue Zhang, Weidong Xing

42. Effect of Swept Blade on Performance of a Small Size Axial Fan
Ailing Yang, Tao Tang, Hui Zhang, Kangmin Chen

43. Multi-Objective Optimization of Blood-Pump with Conical Spiral Groove Bearings
Masahiro Kaneko, Yoichi Nakamura, Koji Miyazaki, Hiroshi Tsukamoto

44. Analysis of Unsteady Flow in a Radial Diffuser Pump
Jianjun Feng, Friedrich-Karl Benra, Hans Josef Dohmen

45. Design and Research of Vertical Multistage Barrel Condensate Pump
Jiegang Mu, Shuihua Zheng, Hongying Deng, Shengchang Zhang

46. Influence of Support Shapes on the Efficiency of Bulb Tubular Pumps
Yan Jin, Chao Liu, Fangping Tang

47. Computing Critical Speeds for Multiple-stage Centrifugal Pumps with Dependent Support Properties
Chunxin Chen, Dazhuan Wu, Shanguang Tan, Leqin Wang

48. Numerical Investigation on Impeller-Volute Interaction In a Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump with Tongue Profile Variation
Pengcheng Guo, Xingqi Luo, Jinglin Lu, Xiaobo Zheng

49. Experimental Study on a Direct Drive Turbine for Wave Power Converter System
Young-Ho Lee, Young-Do Choi, Chang-Goo Kim, Young-Jin Cho, Sang-Hyun Nam, You-Taek Kim

50. Determination of Optimum Nozzle Shape of a Direct Drive Turbine by CFD Analysis
Young-Do Choi, Chang-Goo Kim, You-Taek Kim, Young-Ho Lee

51. Comparison of Several Subgrid-Scale Models for Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Water Turbine
Jiamei Ma, Fujun Wang, Xuelin Tang

52. Flow Simulation and Performance Prediction of a Kaplan Turbine
Shuhong Liu, Shangfeng Wu, Michihiro Nishi, Yulin Wu

53. Analysis of Pressure Fluctuation in Draft Tube of Kaplan Turbine
Xiaobo Zheng, Xingqi Luo, Pengcheng Guo

54. Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Turbine Based on Fluid-Structure Coupling
Demin Liu, Shuhong Liu, Yulin Wu, Xiao-bing Liu

55. Numerical Simulation of Drawdown in Pump Sumps
S. N. Shukla, J. T. Kshirsagar

56. Recent Development of Lagrangian Vortex Method and Its Application into Fluid Machinery and Fluid Engineering
Kyoji Kamemoto, Akira Ojima

57. Computer Stimulation of Air-Flowed Smashing Process
Yan Cui, Xiaoling Ge

58. Analysis on Modeling Rotor System with Sidling Bearing and Ring Seal by Using FEM
Shiliang Ping, Shanguang Tan, Dazhuan Wu, Leqin Wang

59. Cavitating Flow Analysis in a Closed Pump Sump
Xu Yu, Liu Shuhong, Li Yong, Wu Yulin

60. Aerodynamic Performance of Double-Sided Labyrinth Seals
Tong Seop Kim, Yungmo Kang, Hee Koo Moon

61. Study on the Leakage Flow Field in the Shaft Brush Seal of Steam Turbines
Jun Li, Xin Yan, Zhenping Feng, Shinnosuke Obi

62. Transverse Jets Analysis on High Speed Rotating Body of Revolution
Khaled Alhussan

63. Numerical Investigation of High-Power Synthetic Jet Actuator Flowfield and Its Influence on Vectoring Control
Yanming Liu, Baoguo Wang, Shuyan Liu, Naiming Wu

64. Use of CFD for Thermal Coupling in Aeroengine Internal Air Systems Applications
Zixiang Sun, John W. Chew, Nicholas J. Hills

65. Optimization of Patterned Grooves Micromixer Using the Design of Experiments
Chul-Kyu Kim, Joon-Yong Yoon, Hyun-Jong Lee, Myung-Seob Shin, Sung-Joon Byun

66. Numerical Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Aerostatic Bearing
Zhaoqin Yin, Dongsheng Li

67. Valve Dynamic Characteristic and Stress Analysis of Reciprocating Compressor Under Stepless Capacity Regulation
Jiangming Jin, Weirong Hong, Rongren Wu

68. Influence of the Floating-Ring Bearing Parameters on Stability of Turbocharge Rotor-Bearing System
Xinjun Zhao, Hong He, Siyou Xu

69. Investigation of the Meter Factor of Turbine Meter with Unsteady Numerical Simulation
Gang Chen, Yulin Wu, Suhong Fu, Mingjie Li, Guangjun Cao

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Classical Continuum Physics

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