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Advances in Applied Bioremediation

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Table of contents

1. Biological Remediation of Soil: An Overview of Global Market and Available Technologies
Ajay Singh, Ramesh C. Kuhad, Owen P. Ward

2. Local Gain, Global Loss: The Environmental Cost of Action
Pascal Suer, Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Jenny E. Andersson

3. Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soil
Joseph J. Pignatello

4. Biosurfactants in Bioremediation
Jonathan D. Hamme, Joanna Urban

5. The Diversity of Soluble Di-iron Monooxygenases with Bioremediation Applications
Andrew J. Holmes

6. Bioremediation of Polluted Soil
A. K. J. Surridge, F. C. Wehner, T. E. Cloete

7. Soil Bioremediation Strategies Based on the Use of Fungal Enzymes
Christian Mougin, Hassan Boukcim, Claude Jolivalt

8. Anaerobic Metabolism and Bioremediation of Explosives-Contaminated Soil
Raj Boopathy

9. Biological Remediation of Petroleum Contaminants
Ramesh Chander Kuhad, Rishi Gupta

10. Bioremediation of Benzene-contaminated Underground Aquifers
Kazuya Watanabe, Yoh Takahata

11. Microbial Remediation of Metals in Soils
K. A. Hietala, T. M. Roane

12. Transformations of Toxic Metals and Metalloids by Pseudomonas stutzeri Strain KC and its Siderophore Pyridine-2,6-bis(thiocarboxylic acid)
Anna M. Zawadzka, Andrzej J. Paszczynski, Ronald L. Crawford

13. Biomining Microorganisms: Molecular Aspects and Applications in Biotechnology and Bioremediation
Carlos A. Jerez

14. Advances in Phytoremediation and Rhizoremediation
Tomas Macek, Ondrej Uhlik, Katerina Jecna, Martina Novakova, Petra Lovecka, Jan Rezek, Vlasta Dudkova, Petr Stursa, Blanka Vrchotova, Daniela Pavlikova, Katerina Demnerova, Martina Mackova

15. Phytoremediation for Oily Desert Soils
Samir Radwan

16. Heavy Metal Phytoremediation: Microbial Indicators of Soil Health for the Assessment of Remediation Efficiency
Lur Epelde, José Ma Becerril, Itziar Alkorta, Carlos Garbisu

17. The Environment and the Tools in Rhizo- and Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil
A. K. J. Surridge, F. C. Wehner, T. E. Cloete

18. Molecular Tools for Monitoring and Validating Bioremediation
Ben Stenuit, Laurent Eyers, Luc Schuler, Isabelle George, Spiros N. Agathos

Keywords: Chemistry, Applied Microbiology, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Terrestrial Pollution, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Soil Science & Conservation

Publication year
Soil Biology
Page amount
374 pages
Natural Sciences

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