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Resource-Adaptive Cognitive Processes

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Table of contents

1. Resource-Adaptive Cognitive Processes
Jörg Siekmann, Matthew W. Crocker

2. Visuo-spatialWorking Memory as a Limited Resource of Cognitive Processing
Hubert D. Zimmer, Stefan Münzer, Katja Umla-Runge

3. From Resource-Adaptive Navigation Assistance to Augmented Cognition
Hubert D. Zimmer, Stefan Münzer, Jörg Baus

4. Error-Induced Learning as a Resource-Adaptive Process in Young and Elderly Individuals
Nicola K. Ferdinand, Anja Weiten, Axel Mecklinger, Jutta Kray

5. An ERP-Approach to Study Age Differences in Cognitive Control Processes
Jutta Kray, Ben Eppinger

6. Simulating Statistical Power in Latent Growth Curve Modeling: A Strategy for Evaluating Age-Based Changes in Cognitive Resources
Timo Oertzen, Paolo Ghisletta, Ulman Lindenberger

7. Conflicting Constraints in Resource-Adaptive Language Comprehension
Andrea Weber, Matthew W. Crocker, Pia Knoeferle

8. The Evolution of a Connectionist Model of Situated Human Language Understanding
Marshall R. Mayberry, Matthew W. Crocker

9. Assessment of a User’s Time Pressure and Cognitive Load on the Basis of Features of Speech
Anthony Jameson, Juergen Kiefer, Christian Müller, Barbara Großmann-Hutter, Frank Wittig, Ralf Rummer

10. The Shopping Experience of Tomorrow: Human-Centered and Resource-Adaptive
Wolfgang Wahlster, Michael Feld, Patrick Gebhard, Dominikus Heckmann, Ralf Jung, Michael Kruppa, Michael Schmitz, Lübomira Spassova, Rainer Wasinger

11. Seamless Resource-Adaptive Navigation
Tim Schwartz, Christoph Stahl, Jörg Baus, Wolfgang Wahlster

12. Linguistic Processing in a Mathematics Tutoring System: Cooperative Input Interpretation and Dialogue Modelling
Magdalena Wolska, Mark Buckley, Helmut Horacek, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Manfred Pinkal

13. Resource-Bounded Modelling and Analysis of Human-Level Interactive Proofs
Christoph Benzmüller, Marvin Schiller, Jörg Siekmann

14. Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Bayesian Networks for User-Adaptive Systems
Frank Wittig

15. Scope Underspecification with Tree Descriptions: Theory and Practice
Alexander Koller, Stefan Thater, Manfred Pinkal

16. Dependency Grammar: Classification and Exploration
Ralph Debusmann, Marco Kuhlmann

17. ΩMEGA: Resource-Adaptive Processes in an Automated Reasoning System
Serge Autexier, Christoph Benzmüller, Dominik Dietrich, Jörg Siekmann

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computational Linguistics, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Models and Principles

Publication year
Cognitive Technologies
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11 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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