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4th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Risk Stratification in Ischemic Heart Failure Patients with Linear and Nonlinear Methods of Heart Rate Variability Analysis
Andreas Voss, R. Schroeder, M. Vallverdú, H. Brunel, I. Cygankiewicz, R. Vázquez, A. Bayés de Luna, P. Caminal

2. Biomagnetic risk stratification by QRS fragmentation in patients with Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillators
M. Goernig, D. DiPietroPaolo, J. Haueisen, S. E. Erné

3. Beating Rate Variability Studies with Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes
F. E. Kapucu, M. Pekkanen-Mattila, V. Kujala, J. Viik, K. Aalto-Setelä, E. Kerkelä, J. M. A. Tanskanen, J. Hyttinen

4. The method of assessment of chosen hemodynamic and electrophysiologic parameters in the healthy human subject circulation
K. Peczalski, D. Wojciechowski, P. Sionek, Z. Dunajski, T. Palko

5. 2D Isochronal Correlation Method to Detect Pacing Capture during Ventricular Fibrillation
Xavier Ibáñez-Català, M. S. Guillem, A. M. Climent, F. J. Chorro, F. Pelechano, I. Trapero, E. Roses, A. Guill, A. Tormos, J. Millet

6. Chaotic Phase Space Differential (CPSD) Algorithm for Real-Time Detection of VF, VT, and PVC ECG Signals
Chien-Sheng Liu, Yu-Chiun Lin, Yueh-Hsun Chuang, Tze-Chien Hsiao, Chii-Wann Lin

7. Supervised ECG Delineation Using the Wavelet Transform and Hidden Markov Models
G. Lannoy, B. Frenay, M. Verleysen, J. Delbeke

8. Validating the Reliability of Five Ventricular Fibrillation Detecting Algorithms
A. H. Ismail, M. Fries, R. Rossaint, Steffen Leonhardt

9. Novel multichannel capacitive ECG-System for cardiac diagnostics beyond the standard-lead system
Martin Oehler, M. Schilling, H. D. Esperer

10. On Independent Component Analysis based on Spatial, Temporal and Spatio-temporal information in biomedical signals
C. J. James

11. Extracting Event-Related Field Components Through Space-Time ICA: a Study of MEG Recordings from Children with ADHD and Controls
C. Demanuele, C. James, A. Capilla, E. J. S. Sonuga-Barke

12. Gender differences in the control of the upper body accelerations during level walking
C. Mazzà, M. Iosa, P. Picerno, F. Masala, A. Cappozzo

13. Heart rate variability analysis during bicycle ergometer exercise
Federica Censi, Daniele Bibbo, Silvia Conforto

14. Color cues in Human Motion Analysis
Ana Kuzmanić Skelin, Damir Krstinić, Vlasta Zanchi

15. Transforming retinal velocity into 3D motor coordinates for pursuit eye movements
Gunnar Blohm, P. Daye, P. Lefevre

16. Effectiveness of deep brain stimulation in subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease — a somatotopic organisation
T. Heida, E. C. Wentink, J. A. G. Geelen

17. The Median Point DTW Template to Classify Upper Limb Gestures at Different Speeds
R. Muscillo, M. Schmid, S. Conforto

18. 2D Markerless Gait Analysis
Michela Goffredo, John N. Carter, Mark S. Nixon

19. Tremor control during movement of the upper limb using artificial neural networks
G. Severini, S. Conforto, I. Bernabucci, M. Schmid, T. D’Alessio

20. Low-cost, Automated Assessment of Sit-To-Stand Movement in “Natural” Environments
Sonya Allin, Alex Mihailidis

21. Human Body Motions Classification
Jan Havlik, J. Uhlir, Z. Horcik

22. Parametric Representation of Hand Movement in Parkinson’s Disease
Radim Krupicka, Z. Szabo, P. Janda

23. A wireless integrated system to evaluate efficiency indexes in real time during cycling
D. Bibbo, S. Conforto, I. Bernabucci, M. Schmid, T. D’Alessio

24. Contactless head posture measurement
Pavel Janda, J. Hozman, M. Jirina, Z. Szabo, R. Krupicka

25. Specialized glasses — projection displays for neurology investigation
Jaroslav Charfreitag, J. Hozman, R. Cerny

26. Digital Wireless Craniocorpography with Sidelong Scanning by TV Fisheye Camera
Jiri Hozman, P. Kutilek, Z. Szabo, R. Krupicka, M. Jirina, V. Zanchi, R. Cerny

27. Calibration of a measurement system for the evaluation of efficiency indexes in bicycle training
S. Conforto, S. A. Sciuto, D. Bibbo, A. Scorza

28. Preliminary study on a remote system for diagnostic-therapeutic postural measurements
S. A. Sciuto, A. Scorza

29. Software Assistance for Planning of RF-Ablation and Oncological Resection in Liver Surgery
Stephan Zidowitz, H. Bourquain, C. Hansen, C. Rieder, A. Weihusen, G. Prause, H.-O. Peitgen

30. Ultrasound Navigated RFA of Liver Tumors
S. Arnold, A. Schmitgen, G. Grunst, R. Kubitz, D. Reichelt, M. Cohnen

31. LapAssistent — a laparoscopic liver surgery assistance system
Volker Martens, Stefan Schlichting, Armin Besirevic, Markus Kleemann

32. The observation of human joint movement
Aurelio Cappozzo

33. Estimation of speed distribution of particles moving in an optically turbid multiple scattering medium by decomposition of laser-Doppler spectrum
Stanislaw Wojtkiewicz, H. Rix, N. Żołek, R. Maniewski, A. Liebert

34. A Novel Multivariate Analysis Method with Noise Reduction
Shu-Hao Chang, Yu-Jen Chiou, Chun Yu, Chii-Wann Lin, Tzu-Chien Hsiao

35. Iterative improvement of lineshape estimation
M. I. Osorio Garcia, D. M. Sima, J. -B. Poullet, D. Ormondt, S. Huffel

36. An Investigation of the use of a High Resolution ADC as a “Digital Biopotential Amplifier”
Damon Berry, F. Duignan, R. Hayes

37. A portable data acquisition system for the measurement of impact attenuation material properties
David Eager, Chris Chapman

38. Assessing Driver’s Hypovigilance from Biosignals
David Sommer, Martin Golz, U. Trutschel, D. Edwards

39. Analyzing an sEMG signal using wavelets
Y. Bastiaensen, Tim Schaeps, J. P. Baeyens

40. Role of Myelin in Synchronization and Rhythmicity of Visual Impulses
Seyed Masoud Shushtarian

41. Analyzing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Signals with Macromolecular Contamination by the Morlet Wavelet
A. Suvichakorn, H. Ratiney, A. Bucur, S. Cavassila, J. -P. Antoine

42. Robust and Adaptive Filtering of Multivariate Online-Monitoring Time Series
M. Borowski, M. Imhoff, K. Schettlinger, U. Gather

43. A novel synchronization measure for epileptic seizure detection based on Fourier series expansions
H. Perko, M. Hartmann, K. Schindler, T. Kluge

44. Investigating the Relationship between Breath Acoustics and FEV1 During Histamine Challenge
Ehsan Chah, S. Glynn, M. Atiyeh, R. W. Costello, R. B. Reilly

45. Spatio-Temporal Solutions in Inverse Electrocardiography
Murat Onal, Yesim Serinagaoglu

46. Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection Applied on Predicting Microsleep from Speech
J Krajewski, M. Golz, D. Sommer, R. Wieland

47. Automated detection of tonic seizures using 3-D accelerometry
Tamara M. E. Nijsen, Ronald M. Aarts, Johan B. A. M. Arends, Pierre J. M. Cluitmans

48. A Classification Attempt of COPD, ALI-ARDS and Normal Lungs of ventilated Patients through Compliance and Resistance over Time Waveform Discrimination
A. Tzavaras, Basile Spyropoulos, E. Kokalis, A. Palaiologos, D. Georgopoulos, G. Prinianakis, M. Botsivaly, P. R. Weller

49. Modified Matching Pursuit algorithm for application in sleep screening
D. Sommermeyer, M. Schwaibold, B. Schöller, L. Grote, J. Hedner

50. Wireless capsule endoscopic frame classification scheme based on higher order statistics of multi-scale texture descriptors
D. Barbosa, J. Ramos, C. Lima

51. One-class support vector machine for joint variable selection and detection of postural balance degradation
H. Amoud, H. Snoussi, D. J. Hewson, J. Duchêne

52. The influence of treatment on linear and non-linear parameters of autonomic regulation in patients with acute schizophrenia
S. Schulz, K. J. Bär, A. Voss

53. Intrinsic Mode Entropy for postural steadiness analysis
H. Amoud, H. Snoussi, D. J. Hewson, J. Duchêne

54. Influence of different representations of the oscillometric index on automatic determination of the systolic and diastolic blood pressures
Vojko Jazbinsek, J. Luznik, Z. Trontelj

55. Laser Doppler flowmetry signals: pointwise Hölder exponents of experimental signals from young healthy subjects and numerically simulated data
Benjamin Buard, Anne Humeau, David Rousseau, François Chapeau-Blondeau, Pierre Abraham

56. Exploring a physiological environment learning tool for encouraging continued deep relaxation
J. Condron, E. Coyle, A. Paor

57. Characterization of a bimodal electrocutaneous stimulation device
P. Steenbergen, J. R. Buitenweg, E. M. Heide, P. H. Veltink

58. Identification of the electrohysterographic volume conductor by high-density electrodes
Chiara Rabotti, Massimo Mischi, Marco Gamba, Maartje Vinken, Guid Oei, Jan Bergmans

59. Signal Separation in the Frequency Domain for Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements of Bone
S. Dencks, R. Barkmann, C. -C. Glüer, G. Schmitz

60. Consecutive Detection of Extreme Central Fatigue
David Sommer, Martin Golz, J. Krajewski

61. Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Empirical Mode Decomposition on Tachogram
Bogdan Mijović, J. Corthout, S. Vandeput, M. Mendez, S. Cerutti, S. Huffel

62. Empirical mode decomposition. Spectral properties in normal and pathological voices
M. E. Torres, G. Schlotthauer, H. L. Rufiner, M. C. Jackson-Menaldi

63. Global and local inhomogeneity indices of lung ventilation based on electrical impedance tomography
Zhanqi Zhao, K. Möller, D. Steinmann, J. Guttmann

64. Analysis of Intracardiac ECG Measured in the Coronary Sinus
Christopher Schilling, A. Luik, C. Schmitt, O. Dössel

65. Rapid wheezing detection algorithm for real-time asthma diagnosis and personal health care
Chun Yu, Tzu-Chien Hsiao, Tzu-Hsiu Tsai, Shi-Ing Huang, Chii-Wann Lin

66. Lung sound analysis to monitor lung recruitment
Knut Möller, Z. Zhao, S. Schließmann, D. Schwenninger, S. J. Schumann, A. Kirschbaum, J. Guttmann

67. Dual Kalman Filter based State-Parameter Estimation in Linear Lung Models
Esra Saatci, A. Akan

68. Beat Pressure and Comparing it with Ascending Aorta Pressure in Normal and Abnormal Conditions
O. Ghasmelizadeh, M. R. Mirzaee, B. Firoozabadi, B. Sajadi, A. Zolfonoon

69. Comparison of Ultrasonic Measurement and Numerical Simulation Results of the Flow through Vertebral Arteries
Damian Obidowski, M. Mysior, K. St. Jozwik

70. The Influence of Wall Deformation on Transmural Flow in Thoracic Aorta: Three-Dimensional Simulations
Mahsa Dabagh, P. Jalali

71. Non-invasive Vascular Ultrasound Strain Imaging: Different Arteries, Different Approaches
H. H. G. Hansen, R. G. P. Lopata, S. Holewijn, M. Truijers, C. L. Korte

72. Photoplethysmogram Signal Conditioning by Monitoring of Oxygen Saturation and Diagnostic of Cardiovascular Diseases
Omar Abdallah, A. Piera Tarazona, T. Martínez Roca, H. Boutahir, K. Abo Alam, A. Bolz

73. Choice of coordinate system for left ventricular FE-mesh generation
Hon Fai Choi, M. Wu, J. D’hooge, F. E. Rademakers, P. Claus

74. Fetal ECG Extraction Using Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Networks with Bayesian Approach
S. Mojtaba Golzan, Farzaneh Hakimpour, Alireza Toolou

75. Feature Selection for Brain-Computer Interface
N. S. Dias, P. M. Mendes, J. H. Correia

76. Nature Inspired Concepts in Long-Term Electrocardiogram Clustering
Miroslav Bursa, L. Lhotska

77. Evaluation of the MU Firing Strategies from Spectral Shape Analysis of sEMG Data
M. Abi Hayla, S. Boudaoud, C. Marque

78. Physiological Monitoring of Human Cognitive Processes
Erik Vavrinsky, I. Brezina, P. Solarikova, V. Stopjakova, V. Tvarozek, L. Majer

79. Is Detection of Different Anesthetic Levels Related to Nonlinearity of the Electroencephalogram?
Denis Jordan, G. Stockmanns, E. F. Kochs, G. Schneider

80. Combining HR-MAS and In Vivo MRI and MRSI Information for Robust Brain Tumor Recognition
A. Croitor Sava, T. Laudadio, J. B. Poullet, D. Monleon, M. C. Martinez-Bisbal, B. Celda, S. Huffel

81. Detection of ectopic beats in single channel electrocardiograms
Achim Hekler, N. Kikillus, A. Bolz

82. Application of Sequential Recognition of Patient Intent to the Bio-Prosthesis Hand Control — Experimental Investigations of Algorithms
A. Wolczowski, D. Davies, M. Kurzynski

83. EEG Coherence as Measure of Depressive Disorder
Anna Suhhova, Maie Bachmann, Kaire Aadamsoo, Ülle Võhma, Jaanus Lass, Hiie Hinrikus

84. Spectral Analysis of Overnight Pulse Oximetry Recordings in Sleep Studies
Birgit Schultheiß, Agnieszka Jozefiak-Wesolowska, Nikolaus Böhning, Eckhard Schmittendorf

85. Changes in connectivity patterns in the kainate model of epilepsy
Pieter Mierlo, S. Assecondi, S. Staelens, P. Boon, I. Lemahieu

86. Detection of Foveation Windows and Analysis of Foveation Sequences in Congenital Nystagmus
Giulio Pasquariello, Mario Cesarelli, Paolo Bifulco, Antonio Fratini, Antonio Gatta, Domenico Boccuzzi

87. Relationship between Eye Movement and Facilitation of Perceptual Filling-in
M. Yokota, Y. Yokota

88. Modeling the macromolecular background in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopic signals
D. M. Sima, A. M. Rodríguez Díaz, S. Huffel

89. Real-time BSPM processing system
Jan Muzik, K. Hana

90. Review on biostatistical results associated with the application of signal-processingbased scores for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) clinics
S. A. F. Amorim, Joao-Batista Destro-Filho, L. O. Resende, M. A. Colantoni, E. S. Resende

91. A Principal Component Regression Approach for Estimation of Ventricular Repolarization Characteristics
Jukka A. Lipponen, M. P. Tarvainen, T. Laitinen, T. Lyyra-Laitinen, P. A. Karjalainen

92. Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease with Cardiogoniometry — Linear discriminant analysis versus Support Vector Machines
A. Seeck, A. Garde, M. Schuepbach, B. Giraldo, E. Sanz, T. Huebner, P. Caminal, A. Voss

93. Enhancement of a QRS detection algorithm based on the first derivative, using techniques of a QRS detector algorithm based on non-linear transformations
C. Vidal, P. Charnay, P. Arce

94. Using the wavelet packet transform in automatic sleep analysis
Beena Ahmed, Reza Tafreshi

95. Proposal of Feature Extraction from Wavelet Packets Decomposition of QRS Complex for Normal and Ventricular ECG Beats Classification
Michal Huptych, Lenka Lhotská

96. Biomedical Image Segmentation Based on Morphological Spectra
Juliusz Kulikowski, M. Przytulska

97. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields with Noisy Signal
V. Emre Arpınar, B. M. Eyüboğlu

98. Combining EEG signals and MRI images for brain mapping using interpolation techniques; a comparative study
M. H. Pooryaghooti, S. M. Golzan, F. Hakimpour, M. Karimi

99. Detection of Basal Nuclei on Magnetic Resonance Images using Support Vector Machines
Ricardo Villegas, A. Bosnjak, R. Chumbimuni, E. Flores, C. López, G. Montilla

100. Analysis of digital radiographic equipments with development of specific phantoms and software
Patricia Mayo Nogueira, F. Rodenas, B. Marín, J. M. Campayo, G. Verdú

101. Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering of Single-Trial Matrix Representations of Auditory Brainstem Responses
I. Mustaffa, F. I. Corona-Strauss, C. Trenado, Daniel J. Strauss

102. A Multi-component similarity measure for improved robustness of non-rigid registration of combined FDG PET-CT head and neck images
Y. Papastavrou, D. Cash, D. Hawkes, B. Hutton

103. Deconvolution of freehand 3d ultrasound data using improved reconstruction techniques in consideration of ultrasound point spread functions
H. J. Hewener, R. M. Lemor

104. Modeling of ultrasound propagation through contrast agents
J. J. F. A. H. Grootens, M. Mischi, M. Böhmer, H. H. M. Korsten, R. M. Aarts

105. Evaluation of Simplex Codes for Photoacoustic Coded Excitation
Martin P. Mienkina, A. Eder, C. -S. Friedrich, N. C. Gerhardt, M. R. Hofmann, G. Schmitz

106. Developing a high-resolution photoacoustic microscopy platform
W. Bost, F. Stracke, M. Fournelle, R. Lemor

107. Investigation of changes in acoustic properties resulting from contrast material in through-transmission ultrasonic imaging
T. Rothstein, D. Gaitini, Z. Gallimidi, H. Azhari

108. Transcranial sonography as early indicator for genetic Parkinson’s disease
Christian Kier, Günter Seidel, Norbert Brüggemann, Johann Hagenah, Christine Klein, Til Aach, Alfred Mertins

109. Comparison of Imaging Modalities for Quantification of Cyanoacrylate Microbubble Concentration
Monica Siepmann, G. Schmitz

110. Ranking of color space components for detection of blood vessels in eye fundus images
Martynas Patasius, V. Marozas, D. Jegelevicius, A. Lukoševičius

111. Detection of the Optic Disc in Images of the Retina Using Gabor Filters and Phase Portrait Analysis
Rangaraj M. Rangayyan, Xiaolu Zhu, Fábio J. Ayres

112. A Markov Random Field Approach to Outline Lesions in Fundus Images
E. Grisan, A. Ruggeri

113. Realtime Temperature Control towards Gentle Photocoagulation of the Retina
Ralf Brinkmann, K. Schlott, L. Baessler, K. Herrmann, W. Xia, M. Bever, R. Birngruber

114. Estimation of Real-Time Red Blood Cell Velocity in Conjunctival Vessels using a Modified Dynamic-Time-Warping Approach
E. Grisan, A. Tiso, A. Ruggeri

115. Functional Optical Imaging of a tissue based on Diffuse Reflectance with Fibre Spectrometer
Shanthi Prince, S. Malarvizhi

116. Elimination of clavicle shadows to help automatic lung nodule detection on chest radiographs
G. Simkó, G. Orbán, P. Máday, G. Horváth

117. A Novel Approach for Reducing Dental Filling Artifact in CT-Based Attenuation Correction of PET Data
M. Abdoli, Mohammad Reza Ay, A. Ahmadian, N. Sahba, H. Zaidi

118. Comparative Assessment of Different Energy Mapping Approaches in CT Based Attenuation Correction: a Patient Study
M. Shirmohammad, Mohammad Reza Ay, S. Sarkar, A. Rahmim, H. Zaidi

119. Optimization of Yttrium-90 Bremsstrahlung Imaging with Monte Carlo Simulations
E. Rault, S. Vandenberghe, S. Staelens, I. Lemahieu

120. Sinogram-Based Motion Detection in Transmission Computed Tomography
S. Ens, J. Müller, B. Kratz, T.M. Buzug

121. A Comparison of MTT Calculation Techniques in MRI Brain Perfusion Imaging
Jacek Ruminski

122. Reduction of Intravenous Contrast Related Artifacts in CT-Based Attenuation Corrected PET Images
Mohammad Reza Ay, J.H. Bidgholi, P. Ghafarian, H. Zaidi

123. Detection of characteristic texture parameters in breast MRI
Kirsi Holli, A. -L. Lääperi, L. Harrison, S. Soimakallio, P. Dastidar, H. J. Eskola

124. Numerical evaluation and comparison of instantaneous anatomical knee joint axes and orthotic joint axes using MRI data under weight-bearing condition
Annegret Niesche, Martin Tettke, David Hochmann, Marc Kraft

125. A new method for quantitative evaluation of target volume variations in radiotherapy planning
Francisco Gayá Moreno, B. Rodriguez-Vila, F. Pozo, F. Garcia-Vicente, E. J. Gomez

126. Computer Aided Monitoring of Bone Quality and New Bone Formation upon Distractive Maxillary Expansion based on Pre- and Post-Surgical CT-Data
C. Kober, C. Landes, A. Preiss, Y. Lu, P. Young, R. Sader

127. Automatic Landmark Detection on Epicondyles of Distal Femur in X-Ray Images
B. Heidari, F. Madeh Khaksar, D. FitzPatrick

128. A multichannel system for real-time optoacoustics and its suitability for molecular imaging
M. Fournelle, K. Maass, H. Hewener, C. Günther, H. Fonfara, H. -J. Welsch, R. Lemor

129. An Automated System for Full Angle Spatial Compounding in Ultrasound Breast Imaging
Christian Hansen, N. Hüttebräuker, M. Hollenhorst, A. Schasse, L. Heuser, G. Schulte-Altedorneburg, H. Ermert

130. AM-FM Representations for the Characterization of Carotid Plaque Ultrasound Images
Christodoulos I. Christodoulou, C. S. Pattichis, V. Murray, M. S. Pattichis, A. Nicolaides

131. Segmentation of 3D Echocardiographic Images using Deformable Simplex Meshes and Adaptive Filtering
M. M. Nillesen, R. G. P. Lopata, I. H. Gerrits, L. Kapusta, H. J. Huisman, J. M. Thijssen, C. L. Korte

132. Geometric regularization improves 2D myocardial motion estimates in the mouse: an in-silico study
F. Kremer, H. F. Choi, S. Langeland, E. D’Agostino, P. Claus, J. D’hooge

133. Experimental setup with dual chamber cardiac phantom for ultrasonic elastography
Beata Lesniak-Plewinska, M. Kowalski, S. Cygan, E. Kowalik, K. Kaluzynski

134. Phase-resolved Doppler Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in the in vivo mouse model
J. Walther, G. Mueller, M. Cuevas, H. Morawietz, E. Koch

135. Pseudo Automatic camera extrinsic estimation using 3D Hough Transform
Wouter Belmans, Tim Schaeps, Bart Jansen

136. A novel intrinsically calibrated method to measure intracellular Ca2+ with ultimate detection sensitivity utilizing confocal Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (cFCS)
Norbert Opitz, Stephan Gude

137. An Efficient Airway Tree Segmentation Method Robust to Leakage Based on Shape Feature Optimization
F. Youefi Rizi, Alireza Ahmadian, J. Alirezaie, N. Rezaie, M. Abdoli

138. Vessel tree extraction: Combination of a region competition based active contour model with a tubular active contour model
Yanfeng Shang, R. Deklerck, E. Nyssen, A. Markova, X. Yang

139. Graph-based Tracking Method for Aortic Thrombus Segmentation
J. Egger, Thomas O’Donnell, C. Hopfgartner, B. Freisleben

140. Fully automatic assessment of carotid artery curvature and diameter with non-invasive ultrasound
Alessandro C. Rossi, Peter J. Brands, Arnold P. G. Hoeks

141. Liver and Lesion Segmentation Algorithm for Contrast Enhanced CT Images
Aneta Markova, F. Temmermans, R. Deklerck, E. Nyssen, P. Clerinx, F. Munck, J. DeMey

142. Anatomical Models for Computer Assisted Surgery Using Support Vector Machine
Antonio Bosnjak Seminario, G. Montilla, R. Villegas, I. Jara

143. MRI-based 3D-Modelling of Gleno-humeral Joint Deformities for Functional Surgical Planning
Ghaith Hares, J. Bahm, B. Wein, K. Radermacher

144. Extending Mammographic Microcalcification Detection Method to Cluster Characterization
B. Pataki, L. Lasztovicza

145. Medical feature matching and model extraction from MRI/CT based on the Invariant Generalized Hough/Radon Transform
D. Hlindzich, R. Maenner

146. Image Segmentation of Cell Nuclei based on Classification in the Color Space
Thomas Wittenberg, F. Becher, M. Hensel, D. G. Steckhan

147. Volume Estimation of Pathology Zones in 3D Medical Images
Katrina Krechetova, A. Glazs

148. Estimation of blurring of optic nerve disc margin
Martynas Patašius, V. Marozas, D. Jegelevičius, D. Daukantaitė, A. Lukoševičius

149. Robust Data Driven Modeling of Time Intensity Curves
A. Maciak, A. Kronfeld, P. Stoeter, T. Vomweg, D. Mayer, G. Seidel, K. Meyer-Wiethe

150. An optimization framework for classifier learning from image data for computer-assisted diagnosis
J. Mennicke, C. Münzenmayer, T. Wittenberg, Ute Schmid

151. Classification of alveolar microscopy videos with respect to alveolar stability
David Schwenninger, K. Moeller, H. Liu, J. Guttmann

152. Automated Detection of Cell Nuclei in PAP stained cervical smear images using Fuzzy Clustering
M. E. Plissiti, E. E. Tripoliti, A. Charchanti, O. Krikoni, D. I. Fotiadis

153. Analysis of Capsule Endoscopy Images Related to Gastric Ulcer Using Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition
Alexandra Tsiligiri, Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis

154. Motion compensated iterative reconstruction of a cardiac region of interest for CT
A. A. Isola, A. Ziegler, T. Köhler, U. Stevendaal, D. Schäfer, W. J. Niessen, M. Grass

155. An Image Inpainting Based Surrogate Data Strategy for Metal Artifact Reduction in CT Images
May Oehler, T. M. Buzug

156. Rodent Imaging with Helical μCBCT
Delia Soimu, Z. Kamarianakis, N. Pallikarakis

157. Microcalcification Detection using Digital Tomosynthesis, Dual Energy Mammography and Cone Beam Computed Tomography: A Comparative Study
Zacharias Kamarianakis, D. Soimu, K. Bliznakova, N. Pallikarakis

158. Non-Minimum Phase Iterative Deconvolution of Ultrasound Images
N. Testoni, L. Marchi, N. Speciale, G. Masetti

159. Dynamic Visualization of the Human Orbit for Functional Diagnostics in Ophthalmology, Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, and Neurosurgery
C. Kober, B. -I. Berg, C. Kunz, E. W. Radü, K. Scheffler, H. -F. Zeilhofer, C. Buitrago-T’ellez, A. Palmowski-Wolfe

160. A Communication Term for the Combined Registration and Segmentation
Konstantin Ens, Jens Berg, Bernd Fischer

161. Elastic Registration of Optical Images showing Heart Muscle Contraction
M. Janich, G. Seemann, J. Thiele, O. Dössel

162. Automation of the preoperative image processing steps for ultrasound based navigation
Claudia Dekomien, S. Winter

163. Elastic Registration of Functional MRI Data to Sensorimotor Cortex
Tonio Ball, I. Mutschler, D. Jäger, M. Otte, A. Schulze-Bonhage, J. Hennig, O. Speck, A. Schreiber

164. Enhanced Visualization of Ultrasound Volumes for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes
Ute Jan, D. Sandkühler, M. Rauberger, H. K. Matthies, H. M. Overhoff

165. Compensation of Cardiac Motion in Angiographic Sequences for the Assessment of Myocardial Perfusion
M. Erbacher, G. Korosoglou, R. Floca, H. Dickhaus

166. 3D Cardiac Strain Imaging using a Novel Tracking Method
R. G. P. Lopata, M. M. Nillesen, I. H. Gerrits, H. H. G. Hansen, L. Kapusta, J. M. Thijssen, C. L. Korte

167. SWI Brain Vessel Change Coincident with fMRI Activation
Mario Forjaz Secca, Michael Noseworthy, Henrique Fernandes, Adrain Koziak

168. A Subspace Wiener Filtering Approach for Extracting Task-Related Brain Activity from Multi-Echo fMRI Data
C. W. Hesse, P. F. Buur, D. G. Norris

169. An Elasticity Penalty: Mixing FEM and Nonrigid Registration
Dirk Loeckx, L. Roose, F. Maes, D. Vandermeulen, P. Suetens

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336. Numerical simulation of radial oscillations of individual and multiple microbubbles with elastic layers
Heinrich Martin Overhoff, A. Poelstra, S. Euting, T. Gehrke

337. Monitoring of Insonicated Microbubble Behavior and their Effect on Sonoporation Supported Chemotherapy of Fibrosarcoma Cells
Karin Hensel, M. Siepmann, K. Haendschke, S. Emmelmann, A. Daigeler, J. Hauser, G. Schmitz

338. Efficient Transmembrane Segment Prediction in Transmembrane Proteins Using Wavelet-Based Energy Criteria
I. K. Kitsas, L. J. Hadjileontiadis, S. M. Panas

339. Towards User-friendly Interfacing of Biomedical Applications with the Grid: A Paradigm with SVM Optimization for Gene Prediction
K. I. Vegoudakis, V. Koutkias, A. Malousi, I. Chouvarda, Nicos Maglaveras

340. Pico-Injector for the Discrete Chemical Stimulation of Individual Cells with a High Temporal and Spatial Resolution
Juergen Steigert, N. Wangler, O. Brett, M. Straßer, M. Laufer, M. Daub, R. Zengerle

341. A Novel Approach in Melanoma Identification
A. E. Oprea, R. Strungaru, A. M. Forsea, G. M. Ungureanu

342. 3D cephalometry: a new approach for landmark identification and image orientation
Cauter Sofie, W. Okkerse, G. Brijs, M. Beule, M. Braem, B. Verhegghe

343. Methods for determining the blood flow velocity in cerebral vessels using intraoperative Indocyanine Green fluorescence video angiography
Peter Cimalla, D. Graf, P. Duscha, T. Meyer, J. Kuß, R. Steinmeier, E. Koch, U. Morgenstern

344. Detection of Epileptic Seizures Through Audio Classification
G. R. Bruijne, P. C. W. Sommen, R. M. Aarts

345. Automated Diagnosis of Early Alzheimer’s disease using Fuzzy Neural Network
Mahesh Anand S, M. Mukunda Rao, N. Shyam Prabhu, Samraj D. Simeon, D. Karthikeyan, Snigdha Rashmi

346. Dual camera based eye gaze tracking system
Tomasz Kocejko, A. Bujnowski, J. Wtorek

347. Modeling of tooth’s structure based on CT and μCT data — comparative study
Piszczatowski Szczepan, J. Baginska, W. Swieszkowski

348. Measurement of the short-term viscoelastic properties of the periodontal ligament using stress relaxation
R. Tohill, M. Hien, N. McGuinness, L. Chung, R. L. Reuben

349. Study of Electromyographic Signals During Chewing Process In Patients with Fixed Partial Denture
S. Kara, M. Tokmakçı, Y. Şişman, E. T. Ertaş, E. İmal, M. A. Özçoban

350. Variation of Power Spectral Density and Energy in Electromyogram of Jaw-Closing Muscles in Children with Class II Malocclusion
S. Kara, Ş. Okkesim, F. Latifoğlu, T. Uysal, A. Baysal

351. A high-resolution Schottky CdTe detector based spectrometric determination method of the kilovoltage applied to dental X-ray tubes
Basile Spyropoulos, G. Manousaridis, A. Papathymiou

352. Analytical approach to determine the rotational freedom of dental implant-abutment connections
S. Kraft, W. Semper, K. Nelson, Timo Krüger

353. Physiologically inspired coding strategies for cochlear implants
A. Bahmer, G. Langner, U. Baumann

354. Application of Otoplastics to Increase the Reproducibility of OAE-analyses
Tobias Schmidt, A. Müller, Ch. Thron, H. Witte

355. Applicability of function-based analysis in retrospective data analysis of noise-induced hearing loss in the Finnish Defence Forces
Manne Hannula, T. Holma, H. Kiukaanniemi, P. Kuronen, M. Sorri

356. 3D Tele-Medical Speech Therapy using Time-of-Flight Technology
M. Stürmer, A. Maier, J. Penne, S. Soutschek, C. Schaller, R. Handschu, M. Scibor, E. Nöth

357. Augmented control of hands free voice prostheses
Brian Madden, James Condron, Ted Burke, Eugene Coyle

358. EMD-KURTOSIS: A New Classification Domain for Automated Greek Sign Language Gesture Recognition
V. E. Kosmidou, L. J. Hadjileontiadis

359. Differentiation between Brain Metastasis and Glioblastoma using MRI and two-dimensional Turbo Spectroscopic Imaging data
Teresa Laudadio, J. Luts, M. Carmen Martínez-Bisbal, Bernardo Celda, Sabine Huffel

360. A high performance bidirectional micropump utilizing advanced low voltage piezo multilayer actuator technology for a novel artificial sphincter system
Thomas Lemke, G. Biancuzzi, C. Farhat, B. Vodermayer, O. Ruthmann, T. Schmid, H. -J. Schrag, P. Woias, F. Goldschmidtboeing

361. The method of assessment of chosen hemodynamic and electrophysiologic parameters in the healthy human subject circulation
Kazimierz Peczalski, D. Wojciechowski, P. Sionek, Z. Dunajski, T. Palko

362. Tissue Recognition for Pressure Ulcer Evaluation
H. Mesa, L. Morente, Francisco J. Veredas

363. A System Ergonomic Analysis Approach for Potential Critical Incidents in Medical Treatment Processes
Daniela Fuchs, Beate Eilermann, Ingo Marsolek, Wolfgang Friesdorf, Dirk Pappert

364. Determination of the Mechanical Leg Axis Using a Force-Torque Sensor
Robert Elfring, F. Schmidt, M. Fuente, W. Teske, K. Radermacher

365. Automatic Discrimination of Duodenum in Wireless Capsule Video Endoscopy
L. Igual, J. Vitrià, F. Vilariño, S. Seguí, C. Malagelada, F. Azpiroz, P. Radeva

366. Ontology-based Computer-Aided Decision System: a new architecture and application concerning the musculoskeletal system of the lower limbs
T. T. Dao, F. Marin, M. C. Ho Bas Tho

367. Multi- tactile sensor concept for the autonomous navigation in human blood vessels
A. Keißner, C. Brücker, P. Jacobs, A. Kashefi

368. Studies on Viscosity, pH and Temperature of High Concentration Barium Sulfate in Mass Screening for Gastric Cancer — Particle size distribution —
Kenyu Yamamoto, Y. Takeda, C. Kuroda, T. Kubo, T. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, H. Yatake, T. Kuwano, T. Katsuda, H. Yamazaki, M. Azuma

369. Blood pressure response to LBNP load in various types of examinations
Hanousek Jan, P. Dosel, J. Petricek, L. Cettl

370. Study on the measurement of ejection fraction (EF) using left ventriculogram
Tadao Kuwano, Toshizo Katsuda, Kenyu Yamamoto, Tatsuhiro Gotanda, Takashi Horinouchi, Shodayu Takashima, Masami Azuma, Yoshihiro Takeda

371. Exposure Dose in Gastric Cancer Mass Screening using High Concentration Barium Sulfate — Comparison with Moderate Concentration Barium Sulfate —
Kenyu Yamamoto, M. Azuma, T. Katsuda, T. Kubo, M. Takeshita, K. Yabunaka, R. Gotanda, K. Hayashida, C. Kuroda, Y. Takeda

372. Simulation and Experimental Study of an Ellipsoidal Cavity Reflector as part of a Focused Passive Brain Imaging System
K. T. Karathanasis, I. A. Gouzouasis, I. S. Karanasiou, N. K. Uzunoglu

373. The Impact of Model-based Therapeutics on Glucose Control in an Intensive Care Unit
Christopher E. Hann, J. Geoffrey Chase, Thomas Desaive, Michael F. Ypma, Jos E

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

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