Leger, Alain

Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Non Homogeneous Media

Leger, Alain - Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Non Homogeneous Media, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The WKB method applied to the reflectiontransmission by a depth-varying random distribution of cylinders in a fluid slab-like region
J. M. Conoir, S. Robert, A. El Mouhtadi, F. Luppé

2. Advances in ultrasonic testing of austenitic stainless steel welds. Towards a 3D description of the material including attenuation and optimisation by inversion
J. Moysan, C. Gueudré, M. -A. Ploix, G. Corneloup, Ph. Guy, R. El Guerjouma, B. Chassignole

3. Imaging of defects within austenitic steel welds using an ultrasonic array
G. D. Connolly, M. J. S. Lowe, S. I. Rokhlin, J. A. G. Temple

4. Materials and mechanical aspects of bonded joints
M. E. R. Shanahan

5. The causal differential scattering approach to calculating the effective properties of random composite materials with a particle size distribution
A. Young, A. J. Mulholland, R. L. O’Leary

6. Modelling of scattering of ultrasounds by flaws for NDT
M. Darmon, N. Leymarie, S. Chatillon, S. Mahaut

7. Finite element computation of leaky modes in stratified waveguides
A. S. Bonnet-Ben Dhia, B. Goursaud, C. Hazard, A. Prieto

8. Ultrasonic bulk wave propagation in concentrated heterogeneous slurries.
R E Challis, A K Holmes, V Pinfield

9. Dynamics of elastic bodies connected by a thin adhesive layer
C. Licht, F. Lebon, A. Léger

10. Acoustic wave attenuation in a rough-walled waveguide filled with a dissipative fluid
T. Valier-Brasier, C. Potel, M. Bruneau, C. Depollier

11. Some advances towards a better understanding of wave propagation in civil engineering multiwires trands
L. Laguerre, F. Treyssede

12. A numerical method for the simulation of NDT experiments in an elastic waveguide
V. Baronian, A. S. Bonnet-Ben Dhia, A. Lhémery, E. Lunéville

13. Finite elements for a beam system with nonlinear contact under periodic excitation
H. Hazim, B. Rousselet

14. Nonlinear acoustic fast and slow dynamics of damaged composite materials: correlation with acoustic emission
M. Bentahar, A. Marec, R. El Guerjouma, J. H. Thomas

15. Asymptotic expansions of vibrations with small unilateral contact
S. Junca, B. Rousselet

16. Propagation of compressional elastic waves through a 1-D medium with contact nonlinearities
B. Lombard, J. Piraux

17. 3D Finite Element simulations of an air-coupled ultrasonic NDT system
W. Ke, M. Castaings, C. Bacon

18. The reverse time migration technique coupled with finite element methods
C. Baldassari, H. Barucq, H. Calandra, B. Denel, J. Diaz

19. Modelling of corner echo ultrasonic inspection with bulk and creeping waves
Guillaume Huet, Michel Darmon, Alain Lhéemery, Steve Mahaut

20. Attenuation of Lamb waves in the vicinity of a forbidden band in a phononic crystal
M Bavencoffe, A-C Hladky-Hennion, B Morvan, J-L Izbickil

21. 3D orthogonality relations for the surface waves and the far field evaluation in viscoelastic layered solids with or without fluid loading
D. D. Zakharov

22. Damage detection in foam core sandwich structures using guided waves
N. Terrien, D. Osmont

23. Sensitivity of the guided waves to the adhesion of lap joints: Finite Element modeling and experimental investigations
H. Lourme, B. Hosten, P. Brassier

24. Guided waves in empty and filled pipes with optimized magnetostrictive transduction
A. Phang, R. Challis

25. Piezoelectric material characterization by acoustic methods
E. Le Clézio, T. Delaunay, M. Lam, G. Feuillard

26. Ultrasound characterization of aggregated red blood cells: towards in vivo application
E. Franceschini, F. T. H. Yu, G. Cloutier

27. A 3D semi-analytical model to predict the behavior of ultrasonic bounded beam traveling in cylindrical solid bar embedded in a solid matrix.
S. Yaacoubi, L. Laguerre, E. Ducasse, M. Deschamps

28. Comparison between a multiple scattering method and direct numerical simulations for elastic wave propagation in concrete
M. Chekroun, L. Le Marrec, B. Lombard, J. Piraux, O. Abraham

29. Investigation of a novel polymer foam material for air coupled ultrasonic transducer applications
L. Satyanarayan, J. M. Vander Weide, N. F. Declercq, Y. Berthelot

30. Dual signal processing approach for Lamb wave analysis
J. Assaad, S. Grondel, F. El Youbi, E. Moulin, C. Delebarre

31. Structural health monitoring of bonded composite patches using Lamb waves
B. Chapuis, N. Terrien, D. Royer, A. Déom

32. Simulation of structural noise and attenuation occurring in ultrasonic NDT of polycrystalline materials
V. Dorval, F. Jenson, G. Corneloup, J. Moysan

33. Ultrasonic array reconstruction methods for the localization and the characterization of defects in complex NDT configurations
A. Fidahoussen, P. Calmon, M. Lambert

34. Investigation of damage mechanisms of composite materials: Multivariable analysis based on temporal and wavelet features extracted from acoustic emission signals
L. Haumesser, J. Fortineau, D. Parenthoine, T. Goursolle, F. Vander Meulen

35. Investigation of damage mechanisms of composite materials: Multivariable analysis based on temporal and wavelet features extracted from acoustic emission signals
A. Marec, J. H. Thomas, R. El Guerjouma, R. Berbaoui

36. Propagation of elastic waves in a fluid-loaded anisotropic functionally graded waveguide: Application to ultrasound characterization of cortical bone
Cécile Baron, Salah Naili

37. Coherent wave propagation in solids containing spatially varying distributions of finite-size cracks
C. Aristégui, M. Caleap, O. Poncelet, A. L. Shuvalov, Y. C. Angel

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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10 pages
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