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Algorithmic Bioprocesses

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Table of contents

1. Grzegorz Rozenberg: AMagical Scientist andBrother
Arto Salomaa

2. Monotony and Surprise
Alberto Apostolico

3. Information Content of Sets of Biological Sequences Revisited
Alessandra Carbone, Stefan Engelen

4. Duplication in DNA Sequences
Masami Ito, Lila Kari, Zachary Kincaid, Shinnosuke Seki

5. Sequence and Structural Analyses forFunctional Non-coding RNAs
Yasubumi Sakakibara, Kengo Sato

6. Strategies for RNA-Guided DNA Recombination
Angela Angeleska, Nataša Jonoska, Masahico Saito, Laura F. Landweber

7. Reality-and-Desire in Ciliates
Robert Brijder, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom

8. Template-Guided Recombination: FromTheoryto Laboratory
Mark Daley, Michael Domaratzki

9. DNA Cages with Icosahedral Symmetry inBionanotechnology
Nataša Jonoska, Anne Taormina, Reidun Twarock

10. Applying Symmetric Enumeration Method toOne-Dimensional Assembly of Rotatable Tiles
Satoshi Kobayashi

11. A Self-assembly Model of Time-Dependent Glue Strength
Sudheer Sahu, Peng Yin, John H. Reif

12. The Perils of Polynucleotides Revisited
Nadrian C. Seeman

13. Algorithmic Control: The Assembly andOperation ofDNA Nanostructures andMolecular Machinery
Andrew J. Turberfield

14. On Nonuniversal Symport/Antiport P Systems
Oscar H. Ibarra, Sara Woodworth

15. Spiking Neural P Systems. Recent Results, Research Topics
Gheorghe Păun, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez

16. Membrane Computing Schema: ANewApproach to Computation UsingStringInsertions
Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Takashi Yokomori

17. Finite Splicing: Generative Capacity, NewModels and Complexity Aspects
Paola Bonizzoni, Remco Loos

18. Formal Models of the Calyx of Held

Andrea Bracciali, Marcello Brunelli, Enrico Cataldo, Pierpaolo Degano

19. Understanding Network Behavior byStructured Representations of Transition Invariants
Monika Heiner

20. Quantitative Verification Techniques forBiological Processes
Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker

21. A New Mathematical Model for the Heat Shock Response
Ion Petre, Andrzej Mizera, Claire L. Hyder, Andrey Mikhailov, John E. Eriksson, Lea Sistonen, Ralph-Johan Back

22. Artificial Biochemistry
Luca Cardelli

23. Process Calculi Abstractions for Biology
Maria Luisa Guerriero, Davide Prandi, Corrado Priami, Paola Quaglia

24. Deriving Differential Equations from Process Algebra Models in Reagent-Centric Style
Jane Hillston, Adam Duguid

25. Programmable DNA-Based Finite Automata
Tamar Ratner, Ehud Keinan

26. A Multi-volume Approach to Stochastic Modeling with Membrane Systems
Daniela Besozzi, Paolo Cazzaniga, Dario Pescini, Giancarlo Mauri

27. Programmability ofChemical Reaction Networks
Matthew Cook, David Soloveichik, Erik Winfree, Jehoshua Bruck

28. Log-gain Principles for Metabolic P Systems
Vincenzo Manca

29. Hybrid Method for Simulating Small-Number Molecular Systems
Kazufumi Mizunuma, Masami Hagiya

30. On Involutions Arising from Graphs
Jurriaan Hage, Tero Harju

31. Parallel Computing by Xeroxing onTransparencies
Tom Head

32. Some Undecidable Dynamical Properties forOne-Dimensional Reversible Cellular Automata
Jarkko Kari, Ville Lukkarila

33. On Using Divide and Conquer in Modeling Natural Systems
Yaki Setty, Irun R. Cohen, Avi E. Mayo, David Harel

34. No Molecule Is an Island: Molecular Evolution and the Study of Sequence Space
Erik A. Schultes, Peter T. Hraber, Thomas H. LaBean

35. Niching Methods: Speciation Theory Applied forMulti-modal Function Optimization
Ofer M. Shir, Thomas Bäck

36. On the Concept of Cis-regulatory Information: From Sequence Motifs to Logic Functions
Ryan Tarpine, Sorin Istrail

Keywords: Computer Science, Theory of Computation, Cell Biology, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology

Publication year
Natural Computing Series
Page amount
20 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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