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Information Systems Outsourcing

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Table of contents

I. Overview

1. Outsourcing in a Global Economy: Traditional Information Technology Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing, and Business Process Outsourcing
Rudy Hirschheim, Jens Dibbern

II. Traditional IT Outsourcing

2. Promoting Trust and Relationship Commitment through Service Level Agreements in IT Outsourcing Relationship
Jahyun Goo

3. Exploring the Role of Initial Trust, Initial Distrust, and Trust through Knowledge Sharing in IT Outsourcing: From a Service Receiver's Perspective
Jae-Nam Lee, Minh Q. Huynh, Rudy Hirschheim

4. Building and Integrating Core IT Capabilities in Alignment with the Business: Lessons from the Commonwealth Bank 1997–2007
Peter Reynolds, Leslie Willcocks

5. Information Technology Workforce Skills: The Software and IT Services Provider Perspective
Tim Goles, Stephen Hawk, Kate M. Kaiser

6. Is There an “Information Technology Outsourcing Paradox”?
Anne C. Rouse

7. A Story of IT Outsourcing from Early Experience to Maturity
Julie Fisher, Rudy Hirschheim, Robert Jacobs

8. Strategic Dependence on the IT Resource and Outsourcing: A Test of the Strategic Control Model
Detmar Straub, Peter Weill, Kathy S. Schwaig

9. The Effects of Outsourcing Announcements on Market Values of Swiss Firms: An Event Study
Fabian S. Willi, Gerhard F. Knolmayer

10. Firm Strategic Profile and IT Outsourcing
Benoit A. Aubert, Guillaume Beaurivage, Anne-Marie Croteau, Suzanne Rivard

11. In Context Outsourcing: Between Solution Making and Context Making
Arjen Wassenaar, Rajesri Govindaraju, Björn Kijl

12. Reaching Across Organizational Boundaries for New Ideas: Innovation from IT Outsourcing Vendors
Bandula Jayatilaka

III. IT Offshoring

13. Offshoring and Outsourcing in the PC Industry: A Historical Perspective
Jason Dedrick, Kenneth L. Kraemer

14. The State of IS Research on Offshoring
William R. King, Reza Torkzadeh, T. Rachel Chung

15. Transactive Memory and the Transfer of Knowledge between Onsite and Offshore IT Outsourcing Teams
Ilan Oshri, Julia Kotlarsky, Paul Fenema

16. Global Sourcing in a Developing Country Context: Organizing IS Resources to Develop Local Knowledge
Michael Barrett, Eivor Oborn

17. Pulling Offshore and Staying Onshore: A Framework for Analysis of Offshoring Dynamics
Erran Carmel, Jason Dedrick, Kenneth L. Kraemer

18. Turnover Intentions of Indian IS Professionals
Mary C. Lacity, Vidya V. Iyer, Prasad S. Rudramuniyaiah

19. Relocating Routines: The Role of Improvisation in Offshore Implementation of Software Processes
S. Krishna, Jayarama Holla

20. A US Client's Learning from Outsourcing IT Work Offshore
Joseph W. Rottman, Mary C. Lacity

21. The Impact of Cultural Differences in Offshore Outsourcing: Case Study Results from German–Indian Application Development Projects
Jessica K. Winkler, Jens Dibbern, Armin Heinzl

22. Determinants of Service Quality in Offshore Software Development Outsourcing
Anandasivam Gopal, Balaji R. Koka

IV. Business Process Outsourcing

23. The Impact of Process Standardization on Business Process Outsourcing Success
Kim Wuellenweber, Wolfgang Koenig, Daniel Beimborn, Tim Weitzel

24. Offshore Business Process Outsourcing to India: Two Australian SME Case Studies
Kevan Penter, Graham Pervan

25. From Professional Dominance to Market Mechanisms: Deinstitutionalization in the Organizational Field of Health Care
Wendy L. Currie

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Management/Business for Professionals, Organization/Planning

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