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Investment Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to securities markets and investment management

2. Introduction
S. R. Vishwanath

3. Introduction to Market Microstructure
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

4. An Overview of Securities Markets Regulation around the World
Pratip Kar

2. Financial Theories

5. The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Theory
S.R. Vishwanath

6. The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Tests and Application
S.R. Vishwanath

3. Financial Statements and Equity Prices

7. Accounting and Financial Analysis
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, S.R. Vishwanath

8. The use (and misuse) of Cash flow statements
S.R. Vishwanath

9. Prospective Analysis: Guidelines for Forecasting Financial Statements
Ignacio Vélez-Pareja, Joseph Tham

4. Valuation models

10. The EVA Approach to Investing
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

11. DCF Valuation Models: Free Cash flow, APV, ECF and CCF valuation models
S.R. Vishwanath

12. Valuation Using Multiples
S.R. Vishwanath

13. Real Options Perspective of Security Analysis
S.R. Vishwanath

14. Investing in Initial Public Offerings and Depository Receipts
Thadavillil Jithendranathan

5. Equity Options

15. Pricing Equity Options
Ravishankar Mateti

16. Investing in Exotic Options
Kevin Cheng

6. Fixed Income and Credit sensitive instruments

17. An Overview of Fixed Income Securities and Markets
S.R. Vishwanath

18. Investing in Convertibles, Preferred Stocks and Warrants
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, S.R. Vishwanath

19. Managing Fixed Income Portfolios
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

20. Interest Rate Derivatives
S.R. Vishwanath, Petko Kalev

21. The Credit Market
S.R. Vishwanath, Krishnamurti Narasimhan

22. Investing in Credit Derivatives
Paul Ali

7. Active Investments and Market efficiency

23. Market Efficiency: Theory, Tests and Applications
S.R. Vishwanath

24. An Overview of Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds
S.R. Vishwanath, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

25. Understanding Active Portfolio Management
Laurence Siegel

, Barton Waring

26. Measuring Mutual Fund Performance
S.R. Vishwanath

27. Hedge Funds
S.R. Vishwanath

, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

28. Investing in Emerging Markets
S.R. Vishwanath

8. Behavioral Finance and Summary

29. Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategy
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Finance /Banking

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