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E-business and Telecommunications

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Table of contents

1. Pragmatic Computing – A Semiotic Perspective to Web Services
Kecheng Liu

2. Utility Computing: Reality and Beyond
Ivan I. Ivanov

3. A Novel Grid-Based Micropayment System for Heterogeneous Multi-party Accounting
Manel Abdelkader, Noureddine Boudriga, Mohammad S. Obaidat

4. Bidding Agents That Perpetrate Auction Fraud
Jarrod Trevathan, Alan McCabe, Wayne Read

5. A Platform for Mobile Service Provisioning Based on SOA-Integration
Michael Decker, Rebecca Bulander

6. A Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Credit Card Usage Behavior Analysis
Chieh-Yuan Tsai

7. Critical Success Factors of Internet Shopping: The Case of Japan
Kanokwan Atchariyachanvanich, Hitoshi Okada, Noboru Sonehara

8. An Adaptive Knowledge-Based Approach for Detecting Fraud across Different e-Government Domains
Panos Alexopoulos, Kostas Kafentzis, Nicholas Athanassiadis, Xanthi Benetou, Tassos Tagaris, Carol Jollie, Panos Georgolios

9. Timing to Block Scanning Malwares by Using Combinatorics Proliferation Model
Kazumasa Omote, Takeshi Shimoyama, Satoru Torii

10. Securing Biometric Templates Where Similarity Is Measured with Set Intersection
Daniel Socek, Vladimir Božovic, Dubravko Culibrk

11. Score Equalization in SVM Multimodal Fusion for Person Recognition
Pascual Ejarque, Javier Hernando

12. Remote Algorithmic Complexity Attacks against Randomized Hash Tables
Noa Bar-Yosef, Avishai Wool

13. Securing Real-Time Sessions in an IMS-Based Architecture
Paolo Cennamo, Antonio Fresa, Maurizio Longo, Fabio Postiglione, Anton Luca Robustelli, Francesco Toro

14. IPSec Database Query Acceleration
Alberto Ferrante, Satish Chandra, Vincenzo Piuri

15. Detection of Spoofed MAC Addresses in 802.11 Wireless Networks
Kai Tao, Jing Li, Srinivas Sampalli

16. K2 Stream Cipher
Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Toshiaki Tanaka, Kouichi Sakurai

17. Two Types of Key-Compromise Impersonation Attacks against One-Pass Key Establishment Protocols
K. Chalkias, F. Baldimtsi, D. Hristu-Varsakelis, G. Stephanides

18. Reliable Intersection Computation within Malicious Environments
Stefan Böttcher, Sebastian Obermeier

19. A Security Hardening Language Based on Aspect-Orientation
Azzam Mourad, Marc-André Laverdière, Mourad Debbabi

20. Facial Expression Synthesis and Analysis
Hao Wang

21. Multi-sequence H.264/AVC Rate Control Based on the Linear Model
Grzegorz Pastuszak, Andrzej Pietrasiewicz

22. Non Parametric Stochastic Expectation Maximization for Data Clustering
Gilles Bougenière, Claude Cariou, Kacem Chehdi, Alan Gay

23. Mapping Phonetic Features for Voice-Driven Sound Synthesis
Jordi Janer, Esteban Maestre

24. The MiSPOT System: Personalized Publicity and Marketing over Interactive Digital TV
Martín López-Nores, José Juan Pazos-Arias, Yolanda Blanco-Fernández, Jorge García-Duque, Ricardo Tubío-Pardavila, Marta Rey-López

25. Knowledge Engineering Aspects of Affective Bi-Modal Educational Applications
Efthymios Alepis, Maria Virvou, Katerina Kabassi

26. Design of a Password-Based EAP Method
Andrea Manganaro, Mingyur Koblensky, Michele Loreti

27. Bit and Power Allocation Strategies for OFDM Systems over Time-Varying Channels
Xiang Gao, Mort Naraghi-Pour

28. Mobile Applications to a Pervasive World
Hiata Anderson Oliveira Coelho, Ricardo Oliveira Anido

29. Multi-service Networks: A New Approach to End-to-End Topology Management
Anne-Marie Bosneag, David Cleary

Keywords: COMPUTERS / Computer Science COM014000

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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