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Table of contents

1. Structural and Functional Regulation of DNA: Geometry, Topology and Methylation
C. Auclair

2. Protein–Lipid Assembly and Biomimetic Nanostructures
A. Girard-Egrot, L. Blum, R. Richter, A. Brisson

3. Supramolecular Complexes of DNA
G. Zuber, D. Scherman

4. Functionalised Inorganic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
E. Duguet, M. Treguer-Delapierre, M.-H. Delville

5. Living Nanomachines
M.-F. Carlier, E. Helfer, R. Wade, F. Haraux

6. Aptamer Selection by Darwinian Evolution
F. Chauveau, C. Pestourie, F. Ducongé, B. Tavitian

7. Optical Tools
E. Roncali, B. Tavitian, I.e Texier, P. Peltié, F. Perraut, J. Boutet, L. Cognet, B. Lounis, D. Marguet, O. Thoumine, M. Tramier

8. Nanoforce and Imaging
C. Grimellec, P.-E. Milhiet, E. Perez, F. Pincet, J.-P. Aimé, V. Emiliani, O. Thoumine, T. Lionnet, V. Croquette, J.-F. Allemand, D. Bensimon

9. Surface Methods
D. Altschuh, S. Ricard-Blum, V. Ball, M. Gaillet, P. Schaaf, B. Senger, B. Desbat, P. Lavalle, J.-F. Legrand

10. Mass Spectrometry
D. Pflieger, E. Forest, J. Vinh

11. Electrical Characterisation and Dynamics of Transport
N. Picollet-D’Hahan, C. Amatore, S. Arbault, L. Thouin, A.-L. Biance, G. Oukhaled, L. Auvray, J. Weber, N. Minc, J.-L. Viovy

12. Microfluidics: Concepts and Applications to the Life Sciences
A. Buguin, Y. Chen, P. Silberzan

13. Data Processing
P. Grangeat

14. Molecular Dynamics. Observing Matter in Motion
C. Chipot

15. Real-Time PCR
A. Evrard, N. Boulle, G.s Lutfalla

16. Biosensors. From the Glucose Electrode to the Biochip
L. Blum, C. Marquette

17. DNA Microarrays
C. Nguyen, X. Gidrol

18. Protein Microarrays
S. Ricard-Blum

19. Cell Biochips
B. Le Pioufle, N. Picollet-D’Hahan

20. Lab on a Chip
P. Puget

21. Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
P. Schaaf, J.-C. Voegel

22. Biointegrating Materials
J. Amédée, L. Bordenave, M.-C. Durrieu, J.-C. Fricain, L. Pothuaud

23. Viral Vectors for in Vivo Gene Transfer
E. Thévenot, N. Dufour, N. Déglon

24. Pharmaceutical Applications of Nanoparticle Carriers
B. Heurtault, F. Schuber, B. Frisch

25. Activatable Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment. Nanobiotix
V. Simon, A. Ceccaldi, L. Lévy

26. The Medical, Social, and Economic Stakes of Nanobiotechnology
J. Hache, F. Berger

Keywords: Material Science, Nanotechnology, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Biological Microscopy

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35 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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