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Arc-Continent Collision

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Table of contents

1. Rifted Margins: Building Blocks of Later Collision
T. Reston, G. Manatschal

2. Intra-oceanic Subduction Zones
T. V. Gerya

3. The Subductability of Continental Lithosphere: The Before and After Story
J. C. Afonso, S. Zlotnik

4. The Seismic Structure of Island Arc Crust
A. J. Calvert

5. Vertical Stratification of Composition, Density, and Inferred Magmatic Processes in Exposed Arc Crustal Sections
S. M. DeBari, A. R. Greene

6. The Generation and Preservation of Mineral Deposits in Arc–Continent Collision Environments
R. J. Herrington, D. Brown

7. The Nature of the Banda Arc–Continent Collision in the Timor Region
R. Harris

8. The Arc–Continent Collision in Taiwan
T. Byrne, Y.-C. Chan, R.-J. Rau, C.-Y. Lu, Y.-H. Lee, Y.-J. Wang

9. Early Eocene Arc–Continent Collision in Kamchatka, Russia: Structural Evolution and Geodynamic Model
E. Konstantinovskaya

10. The Asia–Kohistan–India Collision: Review and Discussion
J.-P. Burg

11. Processes of Arc–Continent Collision in the Uralides
D. Brown, R. J. Herrington, J. Alvarez-Marron

12. The Record of Ordovician Arc–Arc and Arc–Continent Collisions in the Canadian Appalachians During the Closure of Iapetus
A. Zagorevski, C. R. Staal

13. Arc–Continent Collision in the Ordovician of Western Ireland: Stratigraphic, Structural and Metamorphic Evolution
P. D. Ryan, J. F. Dewey

14. Multiple Arc Development in the Paleoproterozoic Wopmay Orogen, Northwest Canada
F. A. Cook

15. The Origin of Obducted Large-Slab Ophiolite Complexes
J. F. Dewey, J. F. Casey

16. Physical Modeling of Arc–Continent Collision: A Review of 2D, 3D, Purely Mechanical and Thermo‐Mechanical Experimental Models
D. Boutelier, A. Chemenda

17. Arc–Continent Collision: The Making of an Orogen
D. Brown, P. D. Ryan, J. C. Afonso, D. Boutelier, J. P. Burg, T. Byrne, A. Calvert, F. Cook, S. DeBari, J. F. Dewey, T. V. Gerya, R. Harris, R. Herrington, E. Konstantinovskaya, T. Reston, A. Zagorevski

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology

Publication year
Frontiers in Earth Sciences
Page amount
13 pages
Natural Sciences

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