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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '08

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Table of contents

1. Magnetic Fields in Very Light Extragalactic Jets
Volker Gaibler, Max Camenzind

2. The SuperN-Project: Status and Outlook
B. Müller, A. Marek, H.-Th. Janka

3. Massless Four-Loop Integrals and the Total Cross Section in e
? Annihilation
J. H. Kühn, P. Marquard, M. Steinhauser, M. Tentyukov

4. Computer Simulations of Complex Many-Body Systems
C. Schieback, F. Bürzle, K. Franzrahe, J. Neder, M. Dreher, P. Henseler, D. Mutter, N. Schwierz, P. Nielaba

5. Quantum Confined Stark Effect in Embedded PbTe Nanocrystals
R. Leitsmann, F. Bechstedt, F. Ortmann

6. Signal Transport in and Conductance of Correlated Nanostructures
Tobias Ulbricht, Peter Schmitteckert

7. Supersolid Fermions Inside Harmonic Traps
F. Karim Pour, M. Rigol, S. Wessel, A. Muramatsu

8. Azobenzene–Metal Junction as a Mechanically and Opto–Mechanically Driven Switch
Martin Konôpka, Robert Turanský, Nikos L. Doltsinis, Dominik Marx, Ivan Štich

9. A Density-functional Study of Nitrogen and Oxygen Mobility in Fluorite-type Tantalum Oxynitrides
Holger Wolff, Bernhard Eck, Richard Dronskowski

10. Molecular Modeling and Simulation of Thermophysical Properties: Application to Pure Substances and Mixtures
Bernhard Eckl, Martin Horsch, Jadran Vrabec, Hans Hasse

11. A Hybrid Finite-Volume/Transported PDF Model for Simulations of Turbulent Flames on Vector Machines
Stefan Lipp, Ulrich Maas, Peter Lammers

12. Numerical Investigations of Model Scramjet Combustors
Markus Kindler, Thomas Blacha, Markus Lempke, Peter Gerlinger, Manfred Aigner

13. Direct Numerical Simulation of Film Cooling in Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Flow
J. Linn, M. J. Kloker

14. Two-Point Correlations of a Round Jet into a Crossflow – Results from a Direct Numerical Simulation
J. A. Denev, J. Fröhlich, H. Bockhorn

15. The Influence of Periodically Incoming Wakes on the Separating Flow in a Compressor Cascade
Jan G. Wissink, Wolfgang Rodi

16. Turbulence and Internal Waves in a Stably-Stratified Channel Flow
Manuel García-Villalba, Juan C. del Álamo

17. High Resolution Direct Numerical Simulation of Homogeneous Shear Turbulence
Lipo Wang

18. Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) on the Influence of Grid Refinement for the Process of Splashing
Hassan Gomaa, Bernhard Weigand, Mark Haas, Claus Dieter Munz

19. Implicit LES of Passive-Scalar Mixing in a Confined Rectangular-Jet Reactor
A. Devesa, S. Hickel, N. A. Adams

20. Wing-Tip Vortex / Jet Interaction in the Extended Near Field
Frank T. Zurheide, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

21. Impact of Density Differences on Turbulent Round Jets
Ping Wang, Jochen Fröhlich, Vittorio Michelassi, Wolfgang Rodi

22. Thermal & Flow Field Analysis of Turbulent Swirling Jet Impingement Using Large Eddy Simulation
Naseem Uddin, Sven Olaf Neumann, Peter Lammers, Bernhard Weigand

23. Hybrid Techniques for Large–Eddy Simulations of Complex Turbulent Flows
Dominic A. Terzi, Jochen Fröhlich, Wolfgang Rodi

24. Vector Computers in a World of Commodity Clusters, Massively Parallel Systems and Many-Core Many-Threaded CPUs: Recent Experience Based on an Advanced Lattice Boltzmann Flow Solver
Thomas Zeiser, Georg Hager, Gerhard Wellein

25. Numerical Modeling of Fluid Flow in Porous Media and in Driven Colloidal Suspensions
Jens Harting, Thomas Zauner, Rudolf Weeber, Rudolf Hilfer

26. Numerical Characterization of the Reacting Flow in a Swirled Gasturbine Model Combustor
A. Widenhorn, B. Noll, M. Aigner

27. Numerical Simulation of Helicopter Aeromechanics in Slow Descent Flight
M. Embacher, M. Keßler, F. Bensing, E. Krämer

29. Partitioned Fluid-Structure Coupling and Vortex Simulation on HPC-Systems
Felix Lippold, Eugen Ohlberg, Albert Ruprecht

30. FEASTSolid and FEASTFlow: FEM Applications Exploiting FEAST’s HPC Technologies
Sven H. M. Buijssen, Hilmar Wobker, Dominik Göddeke, Stefan Turek

31. Effects of Intentional and Inadvertent Hygroscopic Cloud Seeding
Heike Noppel, Klaus D. Beheng

32. The Agulhas System as a Key Region of the Global Oceanic Circulation
A. Biastoch, C. W. Böning, M. Scheinert, J. R. E. Lutjeharms

33. HLRS Project Report 2007/2008: “Simulating El Nino in an Eddy-Resolving Coupled Ocean-Ecosystem Model”
Ulrike Löptien, Carsten Eden

34. Numerical Studies on the Influence of Thickness on the Residual Stress Development During Shot Peening
Marc Zimmermann, Manuel Klemenz, Volker Schulze, Detlef Löhe

35. A Transient Investigation of Multi-Layered Welds at Large Structures
Tobias Loose

36. High Performance Computing and Discrete Dislocation Dynamics: Plasticity of Micrometer Sized Specimens
D. Weygand, J. Senger, C. Motz, W. Augustin, V. Heuveline, P. Gumbsch

37. Molecular Modeling of Hydrogen Bonding Fluids: New Cyclohexanol Model and Transport Properties of Short Monohydric Alcohols
Thorsten Merker, Gabriela Guevara-Carrión, Jadran Vrabec, Hans Hasse

38. Investigation of Process-Specific Size Effects by 3D-FE-Simulations
H. Autenrieth, M. Weber, V. Schulze, P. Gumbsch

39. Andean Orogeny and Plate Generation
Uwe Walzer, Roland Hendel, Christoph Köstler, Jonas Kley

40. Hybrid Code Development for the Numerical Simulation of Instationary Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters
M. Fertig, D. Petkow, T. Stindl, M. Auweter-Kurtz, M. Quandt, C.-D. Munz, J. Neudorfer, S. Roller, D. D’Andrea, R. Schneider

41. Doing IO with MPI and Benchmarking It with SKaMPI-5
Joachim Mathes, Argirios Perogiannakis, Thomas Worsch

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Mathematics of Computing, Mathematical and Computational Physics

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