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Subduction Zone Geodynamics

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Table of contents

Part I. Subduction Zone Geodynamics

1. A Review of the Role of Subduction Dynamics for Regional and Global Plate Motions
Thorsten W. Becker, Claudio Faccenna

2. SubdSubduction with Variations in Slab Buoyancy: Models and Application to the Banda and Apennine Systems
Leigh H. Royden, Laurent Husson

3. Continental Collision and the STEP-wise Evolution of Convergent Plate Boundaries: From Structure to Dynamics
Rinus Wortel, Rob Govers, Wim Spakman

Part II. Seismic Tomography and Anisotropy

4. Seismic Anisotropy of Subduction Zone Minerals–Contribution of Hydrous Phases
David Mainprice, Benoit Ildefonse

5. Local Earthquake Tomography in the Southern Tyrrhenian Region of Italy: Geophysical and Petrological Inferences on the Subducting Lithosphere
Marco Caló, Catherine Dorbath, Dario Luzio, Silvio G. Rotolo, Giuseppe D'anna

Part III. Great Subduction Zone Earthquakes

6. Effect of Subducting Seafloor Topography on the Rupture Characteristics of Great Subduction Zone Earthquakes
S. Das, A. B. Watts

7. Great Earthquakes in Slow-Subduction, Low-Taper Margins
Marc-André Gutscher, Graham K. Westbrook

Part IV. Seismogenic Zone Characterization

8. Convergent Margin Structure in High-Quality Geophysical Images and Current Kinematic and Dynamic Models
Roland von Huene, Cesar R. Ranero, Dave W. Scholl

9. Imaging Interseismic Locking at the Nankai Subduction Zone, Southwest Japan
Yosuke Aoki, Christopher H. Scholz

Part V. Continental and Ridge Subduction Processes

10. Exhumation Processes in Oceanic and Continental Subduction Contexts: A Review
Stéphane Guillot, Keiko Hattori, Philippe Agard, Stéphane Schwartz, Olivier Vidal

11. Evolution of Subductions Indicated by Mélanges in Taiwan
Chung-Pai Chang, Jacques Angelier, Chi-Yue Huang

12. Subduction of an Active Spreading Ridge Beneath Southern South America: A Review of the Cenozoic Geological Records from the Andean Foreland, Central Patagonia (46–47°S)
Bruno Scalabrino, Yves Lagabrielle, Aude de la Rupelle, Jacques Malavieille, Mireille Polvé, Felipe Espinoza, Diego Morata, Manuel Suarez

13. Configuration of the Colombian Caribbean Margin: Constraints from 2D Seismic Reflection data and Potential Fields Interpretation
Adriana Maria Mantilla-Pimiento, Gerhard Jentzsch, Jonas Kley, Carlos Alfonso-Pava

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics/Geodesy, Structural Geology, Applied Earth Sciences, Mineral Resources

Publication year
Frontiers in Earth Sciences
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293 pages
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