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Table of contents

1. Principles of Multimodal Functional Imaging and Data Integration
Arno Villringer, Christoph Mulert, Louis Lemieux

2. EEG: Origin and Measurement
Fernando Lopes Silva

3. The Basics of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ralf Deichmann, Ulrike Nöth, Nikolaus Weiskopf

4. Locally Measured Neuronal Correlates of Functional MRI Signals
Amir Shmuel

5. What Can fMRI Add to the ERP Story?
Christoph Mulert

6. The Added Value of EEG–fMRI in Imaging Neuroscience
Rainer Goebel, Fabrizio Esposito

7. EEG Instrumentation and Safety
Philip J. Allen

8. EEG Quality: Origin and Reduction of the EEG Cardiac-Related Artefact
Stefan Debener, Cornelia Kranczioch, Ingmar Gutberlet

9. EEG Quality:The Image Acquisition Artefact
Petra Ritter, Robert Becker, Frank Freyer, Arno Villringer

10. Image Quality Issues
David Carmichael

11. Specific Issues Related to EEG-fMRI at B
0 > 3 T
Giorgio Bonmassar, Karen J. Mullinger

12. Experimental Design and Data Analysis Strategies
Christian-G. Bénar, Andrew P. Bagshaw, Louis Lemieux

13. Brain Rhythms
Helmut Laufs

14. Sleep
Michael Czisch, Renate Wehrle

15. EEG–fMRI in Adults with Focal Epilepsy
Matthew C. Walker, Umair J. Chaudhary, Louis Lemieux

16. EEG–fMRI in Idiopathic Generalised Epilepsy (Adults)
Patrick Carney, Graeme Jackson

17. EEG–fMRI in Children with Epilepsy
Michael Siniatchkin, Francois Dubeau

18. Combining EEG and fMRI in Pain Research
G. D. Iannetti, A. Mouraux

19. Simultaneous EEG and fMRI of the Human Auditory System
Christoph S. Herrmann, Andre Brechmann, Henning Scheich

20. Visual System
Robert Becker, Petra Ritter, Arno Villringer

21. Cognition
Susanne Karch, Christoph Mulert

22. Neuronal Models for EEG–fMRI Integration
James M. Kilner, Karl J. Friston

23. BOLD Response and EEG Gamma Oscillations
Gregor Leicht, Christoph S. Herrmann, Christoph Mulert

24. EEG–fMRI in Animal Models
Damien J. Ellens, Hal Blumenfeld

25. EEG–fMRI Information Fusion: Biophysics and Data Analysis
Jean Daunizeau, Helmut Laufs, Karl J. Friston

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurology, Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Imaging / Radiology

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21 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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