Bouvry, Pascal

Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences

Bouvry, Pascal - Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Optimal Flight Paths Reducing the Aircraft Noise during Landing
2. Scalability Analysis of a Novel Integer Programming Model to Deal with Energy Consumption in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
3. Single Straddle Carrier Routing Problem in Port Container Terminals: Mathematical Model and Solving Approaches
4. Employing “Particle Swarm Optimization” and “Fuzzy Ranking Functions” for Direct Solution of EOQ Problem
5. Linear Reformulations of Integer Quadratic Programs
6. Control of Some Graph Invariants in Dynamic Routing
7. A Simulation Tool for Analyzing and Improving the Maternity Block Management
8. Solving the Multiple Objective Integer Linear Programming Problem
9. Generalized Polychotomic Encoding: A Very Short Bit-Vector Encoding of Tree Hierarchies
10. Mathematical Programming Formulations for the Bottleneck Hyperplane Clustering Problem
11. Constraint Propagation with Tabu List for Min-Span Frequency Assignment Problem
12. Evolutionary Optimisation of Kernel and Hyper-Parameters for SVM
13. Lot-Sizing and Sequencing on a Single Imperfect Machine
14. Best and Worst Optimum for Linear Programs with Interval Right Hand Sides
15. Transit Network Re-timetabling and Vehicle Scheduling
16. Traveling Salesman Problem and Membership in Pedigree Polytope - A Numerical Illustration
17. The Minimum Weight In-Tree Cover Problem
18. On Importance of a Special Sorting in the Maximum-Weight Clique Algorithm Based on Colour Classes
19. An Extended Comparison of the Best Known Algorithms for Finding the Unweighted Maximum Clique
20. An Adapted Branch and Bound Algorithm for Approximating Real Root of a Ploynomial
21. Portfolio Selection under Piecewise Affine Transaction Costs: An Integer Quadratic Formulation
22. An Exact Method for a Discrete Quadratic Fractional Maximum Problem
23. Disaggregation of Bipolar-Valued Outranking Relations
24. A Performance Study of Task Scheduling Heuristics in HC Environment
25. Performance Evaluation in a Queueing System M 2/G/1
26. Outcome-Space Polyblock Approximation Algorithm for Optimizing over Efficient Sets
27. A DC Programming Approach for Mixed-Integer Linear Programs
28. Simulation-Based Optimization for Steel Stacking
29. Robust Hedging of Electricity Retail Portfolios with CVaR Constraints
30. Value Functions and Transversality Conditions for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
31. Modeling the Mobile Oil Recovery Problem as a Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problem
32. Empirical Analysis of an Online Algorithm for Multiple Trading Problems
33. A Novel Approach for the Nurse Scheduling Problem
34. Postoptimal Analysis in Nonserial Dynamic Programming
35. A Novel Optimization in Guillotine Cut Applied Reel of Steel
36. Robust Production Planning: An Alternative to Scenario-Based Optimization Models
37. Challenging the Incomparability Problem: An Approach Methodology Based on ZAPROS
38. DC Programming Approach for a Class of Nonconvex Programs Involving l 0 Norm
39. Finding Maximum Common Connected Subgraphs Using Clique Detection or Constraint Satisfaction Algorithms
40. Analysis and Solution Developement of the Single-Vehicle Inventory Routing Problem
41. A Methodology for the Automatic Regulation of Intersections in Real Time Using Soft-Computing Techniques
42. Composite Dispatching Rule Generation through Data Mining in a Simulated Job Shop
43. Co-author Network Analysis in DBLP: Classifying Personal Names
44. On Clustering the Criteria in an Outranking Based Decision Aid Approach
45. A Fast Parallel SVM Algorithm for Massive Classification Tasks
46. A Wavelet Based Multi Scale VaR Model for Agricultural Market
47. Using Formal Concept Analysis for the Extraction of Groups of Co-expressed Genes
48. Join on Closure Systems Using Direct Implicational Basis Representation
49. G 1 Blending B-Spline Surfaces and Optimization
50. A Delineation Algorithm for Particle Images Online
51. Improving Inter-cluster Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Networks by Delayed Flooding
52. Improved Time Complexities of Algorithms for the Directional Minimum Energy Broadcast Problem
53. Optimised Recovery with a Coordinated Checkpoint/Rollback Protocol for Domain Decomposition Applications
54. A Context-Aware Broadcast Protocol for Mobile Wireless Networks
55. Stability of Two-Stage Queues with Blocking
56. A Competitive Neural Network for Intrusion Detection Systems
57. Transfer Graph Approach for Multimodal Transport Problems
58. Wireless Traffic Service Communication Platform for Cars
59. System Architecture for C2C Communications Based on Mobile WiMAX
60. Accuracy and Efficiency in Simulating VANETs
61. Design of Highly Nonlinear Balanced Boolean Functions Using an Hybridation of DCA and Simulated Annealing Algorithm
62. Non-standard Attacks against Cryptographic Protocols, with an Example over a Simplified Mutual Authentication Protocol
63. Provable Security against Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis Application to CS-Cipher
64. VNSOptClust: A Variable Neighborhood Search Based Approach for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection


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