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New Technologies for Archaeology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction – New Methods and Technologies of Natural Sciences for Archaeological Investigations in Nasca and Palpa, Peru
Markus Reindel, Günther A. Wagner

Part I. Geoarchaeology

2. Man and Environment in the Eastern Atacama Desert (Southern Peru): Holocene Climate Changes and Their Impact on Pre-Columbian Cultures
Bernhard Eitel, Bertil Mächtle

3. Built on Sand: Climatic Oscillation and Water Harvesting During the Late Intermediate Period
Bertil Mächtle, Bernhard Eitel, Gerd Schukraft, Katharina Ross

Part II. Geophysics

4. Beneath the Desert Soil – Archaeological Prospecting with a Caesium Magnetometer
Jörg W. E. Fassbinder, Tomasz H. Gorka

5. Quantum Detection Meets Archaeology – Magnetic Prospection with SQUIDs, Highly Sensitive and Fast
Sven Linzen, Volkmar Schultze, Andreas Chwala, Tim Schüler, Marco Schulz, Ronny Stolz, Hans-Georg Meyer

6. Viewing the Subsurface in 3D: Sediment Tomography for (Geo-)Archaeological Prospection in Palpa, Southern Peru
Stefan Hecht

7. The Field of Sherds: Reconstructing Geomagnetic Field Variations from Peruvian Potsherds
Florian Stark, Roman Leonhardt, Jörg W.E. Fassbinder, Markus Reindel

Part III. Bioarchaeology

8. From Hunters to Regional Lords: Funerary Practices in Palpa, Peru
Johny Isla Cuadrado

9. Talking Bones: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Individuals from Palpa
Elsa Tomasto Cagigao

10. Who Were the Nasca? Population Dynamics in Pre-Columbian Southern Peru Revealed by Ancient DNA Analyses
Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Susanne Hummel, Bernd Herrmann

11. Humans and Camelids in River Oases of the Ica–Palpa–Nazca Region in Pre-Hispanic Times – Insights from H-C-N-O-S-Sr Isotope Signatures
Peter Horn, Stefan Hölzl, Susanne Rummel, Göran Åberg, Solveig Schiegl, Daniela Biermann, Ulrich Struck, Andreas Rossmann

12. The Nasca and Their Dear Creatures – Molecular Genetic Analysis of Pre-Columbian Camelid Bones and Textiles
Rebecca Renneberg, Susanne Hummel, Bernd Herrmann

Part IV. Archaeochronometry

13. Of Layers and Sherds: A Context-Based Relative Chronology of the Nasca Style Pottery from Palpa
Niels Hecht

14. The Clock in the Corn Cob: On the Development of a Chronology of the Paracas and Nasca Period Based on Radiocarbon Dating
Ingmar Unkel, Bernd Kromer

15. Cold Light from the Sediments of a Hot Desert: How Luminescence Dating Sheds Light on the Landscape Development of the Northeastern Atacama
Annette Kadereit, Steffen Greilich, Clemens Woda, Günther A. Wagner

16. Light Thrown on History – The Dating of Stone Surfaces at the Geoglyphs of Palpa Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence
Steffen Greilich, Günther A. Wagner

Part V. Geomatics

17. Virtual Archaeology – New Methods of Image-Based 3D Modeling
Armin Gruen

18. Virtual Flight Over the Nasca Lines – Automated Generation of a Photorealistically Textured 3D Model of the Pampa de Nasca
Martin Sauerbier

19. Context Matters: GIS-Based Spatial Analysis of the Nasca Geoglyphs of Palpa
Karsten Lambers, Martin Sauerbier

20. A Model Helicopter Over Pinchango Alto – Comparison of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Aerial Photogrammetry
Henri Eisenbeiss

21. Perspectives and Contrasts: Documentation and Interpretation of the Petroglyphs of Chichictara, Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Image-Based 3D Modeling
Peter Fux, Martin Sauerbier, Thomas Kersten, Maren Lindstaedt, Henri Eisenbeiss

22. Pottery Plotted by Laser – 3D Acquisition for Documentation and Analysis of Symmetry of Ancient Ceramics
Hubert Mara

Part VI. Archaeometallurgy

23. Gold in Southern Peru? Perspectives of Research into Mining Archaeology
Thomas Stöllner

24. Fingerprints in Gold
Sandra Schlosser, Robert Kovacs, Ernst Pernicka, Detlef Günther, Michael Tellenbach

Part VII. Summary

25. Life at the Edge of the Desert – Archaeological Reconstruction of the Settlement History in the Valleys of Palpa, Peru
Markus Reindel

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Archaeology, Applied Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Anthropology, Geophysics/Geodesy

Publication year
Natural Science in Archaeology
Page amount
529 pages

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