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3D Geo-Information Sciences

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynotes

1. A Virtual Geographic Environment for a Simulation of Air Pollution Dispersion in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region
Hui Lin, Jun Zhu, Bingli Xu, Wenshi Lin, Ya Hu

2. Representing and Exchanging 3D City Models with CityGML
Thomas H. Kolbe

3. Research and Development Program for the Third National Geographic Information System Project in Korea: Korean Land Spatialization Program
Byung-Guk Kim, Hoon-Sung Choi, Yeun J. Jung

Part II. Papers

4. Construction Operators for Modelling 3D Objects and Dual Navigation Structures
Pawel Boguslawski, Christopher Gold

5. A Multilayered Space-Event Model for Navigation in Indoor Spaces
Thomas Becker, Claus Nagel, Thomas H. Kolbe

6. Towards Defining a Framework for Automatic Generation of Buildings in CityGML Using Building Information Models
Umit Isikdag, Sisi Zlatanova

7. Managed Objects for Infrastructure Data
Erik Kjems, Lars Bodum, Jan Kolar

8. Integrating Terrain Surface and Street Network for 3D Routing
Arne Schilling, Sandra Lanig, Pascal Neis, Alexander Zipf

9. Using a B-Rep Structure to Query 9-Intersection Topological Relationships in 3D GIS – Reviewing the Approach and Improving Performance
Claire Ellul, Mordechai Muki Haklay

10. Query Processing in 3D Spatial Databases: Experiences with Oracle Spatial 11g
Siva Ravada, Baris M. Kazar, Ravi Kothuri

11. Making Interoperability Persistent: A 3D Geo Database Based on CityGML
Alexandra Stadler, Claus Nagel, Gerhard König, Thomas H. Kolbe

12. Use of Finite Arithmetic in 3D Spatial Databases
Rodney James Thompson

13. Automatic Digital Aerial Image Resection Controlled by LIDAR Data
Roosevelt De Lara, Edson A. Mitishita, Thomas Vögtle, Hans-Peter Bähr

14. Automatic Surface Patch Generation from a Video Image Sequence
Yixiang Tian, Markus Gerke, George Vosselman, Qing Zhu

15. Indoor 3D Modeling and Visualization with a 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Jia Dongzhen, Tor Yam Khoon, Zhong Zheng, Zhou Qi

16. Automatic Image Mosaic-Building Algorithm for Generating Facade Textures
Yunsheng Zhang, Qing Zhu, Jie Yu, Yeting Zhang

17. 3D Continuous K-NN Query for a Landmark-based Wayfinding Location-based Service
Najmeh Samany, Mohmoud Reza Delavar, Sara Saeedi, Reza Aghataher

18. 3D Geo-Network for Agent-based Building Evacuation Simulation
Jinmu Choi, Jiyeong Lee

19. Hierarchical Modelling of Multi-Geospatial Databases as Basis for Geo-Oriented 3D Analysis Capabilities
Sagi Dalyot, Yerach Doytsher

20. Solar Radiation over the Urban Texture: LIDAR Data and Image Processing Techniques
for Environmental Analysis at City Scale
Jiyeong Lee, Sisi Zlatanova

21. Creation and Error Analysis of High Resolution DEM Based on Source Data Sets of Various Accuracy
Jari Pohjola, Jari Turunen, Tarmo Lipping, Ari Ikonen

22. A Topological Analysis Method for 3D Geo-Entities Structured as Hexahedron Tessellations
GUO Jiateng, WU Lixin

23. Constraint-based Generation and Visualization of 3D City Models
Volker Coors, Karina Hünlich, Giwon On

24. GeoVEs as Tools to Communicate in Urban Projects: Requirements for Functionality and Visualization
Mahmud Shahrear Kibria, Sisi Zlatanova, Laure Itard, Machiel Dorst

25. Producing 3D Applications for Urban Planning by Integrating 3D Scanned Building Data with Geo-spatial Data
Yonghui Song, Hongxia Wang, Andy Hamilton, Yusuf Arayici

26. 3D Dynamic Simulation and Visualization for GIS-based Infiltration Excess Overland Flow Modelling
Izham Mohamad Yusoff, Muhamad Uznir Ujang, Alias Abdul Rahman

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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