Huang, De-Shuang

Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Contemporary Intelligent Computing Techniques

Huang, De-Shuang - Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Contemporary Intelligent Computing Techniques, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Adaptive Routing Algorithm in Wireless Communication Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithm
Xuesong Yan, Qinghua Wu, Zhihua Cai

2. A New GA – Based and Graph Theory Supported Distribution System Planning
Sajad Najafi Ravadanegh

3. Sequencing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Limited Intermediate Buffers by a GA/SA-Based Algorithm
Binggang Wang, Yunqing Rao, Xinyu Shao, Mengchang Wang

4. Solving Vehicle Routing Problem Using Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithm
Wen Peng, Chang-Yu Zhou

5. A Research on the Association of Pavement Surface Damages Using Data Mining
Ching-Tsung Hung, Jia-Ray Chang, Jian-Da Chen, Chien-Cheng Chou, Shih-Huang Chen

6. An Integrated Method for GML Application Schema Match
Chao Li, Xiao Zeng, Zhang Xiong

7. Application of Classification Methods for Forecasting Mid-Term Power Load Patterns
Minghao Piao, Heon Gyu Lee, Jin Hyoung Park, Keun Ho Ryu

8. Design of Fuzzy Entropy for Non Convex Membership Function
Sanghyuk Lee, Sangjin Kim, Nam-Young Jang

9. Higher-Accuracy for Identifying Frequent Items over Real-Time Packet Streams
Ling Wang, Yang Koo Lee, Keun Ho Ryu

10. Privacy Preserving Sequential Pattern Mining in Data Stream
Qin-Hua Huang

11. A General k-Level Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem
Rongheng Li, Huei-Chuen Huang

12. Fourier Series Chaotic Neural Networks
Yao-qun Xu, Shao-ping He

13. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of Liquid-Solid Two-Phase Flow in Nozzle of DIA Jet
Guihua Hu, Wenhua Zhu, Tao Yu, Jin Yuan

14. Shape Matching Based on Ant Colony Optimization
Xiangbin Zhu

15. A Simulation Study on Fuzzy Markov Chains
Juan C. Figueroa García, Dusko Kalenatic, Cesar Amilcar Lopez Bello

16. A Tentative Approach to Minimal Reducts by Combining Several Algorithms
Ning Xu, Yunxiang Liu, Ruqi Zhou

17. Ameliorating GM (1, 1) Model Based on the Structure of the Area under Trapezium
Cuifeng Li

18. Comparative Study with Fuzzy Entropy and Similarity Measure: One-to-One Correspondence
Sanghyuk Lee, Sangjin Kim, DongYoup Lee

19. Low Circle Fatigue Life Model Based on ANFIS
Changhong Liu, Xintian Liu, Hu Huang, Lihui Zhao

20. New Structures of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Groups
Chuanyu Xu

21. An Illumination Independent Face Verification Based on Gabor Wavelet and Supported Vector Machine
Xingming Zhang, Dian Liu, Jianfu Chen

22. Hardware Deblocking Filter and Impact
Hao Lian, Mohammed Ghanbari

23. Medical Image Segmentation Using Anisotropic Filter, User Interaction and Fuzzy C-Mean (FCM)
M. A. Balafar, Abd. Rahman Ramli, M. Iqbal Saripan, Rozi Mahmud, Syamsiah Mashohor

24. Medical Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy C-Mean (FCM), Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) and User Interaction
M. A. Balafar, Abd. Rahman Ramli, M. Iqbal Saripan, Rozi Mahmud, Syamsiah Mashohor

25. New Data Pre-processing on Assessing of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: Line Based Normalization Method (LBNM)
Bayram Akdemir, Salih Güne?, ?ebnem Yosunkaya

26. Recognition of Plant Leaves Using Support Vector Machine
Qing-Kui Man, Chun-Hou Zheng, Xiao-Feng Wang, Feng-Yan Lin

27. Region Segmentation of Outdoor Scene Using Multiple Features and Context Information
Dae-Nyeon Kim, Hoang-Hon Trinh, Kang-Hyun Jo

28. Two-Dimensional Partial Least Squares and Its Application in Image Recognition
Mao-Long Yang, Quan-Sen Sun, De-Shen Xia

29. A Novel Method of Creating Models for Finite Element Analysis Based on CT Scanning Images
Liulan Lin, Jiafeng Zhang, Shaohua Ju, Aili Tong, Minglun Fang

30. Accelerating Computation of DNA Sequence Alignment in Distributed Environment
Tao Guo, Guiyang Li, Russel Deaton

31. Predicting Protein Function by Genomic Data-Mining
Changxin Song, Ke Ma

32. Tumor Classification Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Ping Zhang, Chun-Hou Zheng, Bo Li, Chang-Gang Wen

33. A Visual Humanoid Teleoperation Control for Approaching Target Object
Muhammad Usman Keerio, Altaf Hussain Rajpar, Attaullah Khawaja, Yuepin Lu

34. An Intelligent Monitor System for Gearbox Test
Guangbin Zhang, Yunjian Ge, Kai Fang, Qiaokang Liang

35. Development of Simulation Software for Coal-Fired Power Units Based on Matlab/Simulink
Chang-liang Liu, Lin Chen, Xiao-mei Wang

36. Inconsistency Management
Sylvia Encheva, Sharil Tumin

37. Neural Network-Based Adaptive Optimal Controller – A Continuous-Time Formulation
Draguna Vrabie, Frank Lewis, Daniel Levine

38. On Improved Performance Index Function with Enhanced Generalization Ability and Simulation Research
Dongcai Qu, Rijie Yang, Yulin Mi

39. A Fault Diagnosis Approach for Rolling Bearings Based on EMD Method and Eigenvector Algorithm
Jinyu Zhang, Xianxiang Huang

40. An Adaptive Fault-Tolerance Agent Running on Situation-Aware Environment
SoonGohn Kim, EungNam Ko

41. Dynamic Neural Network-Based Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) Fault Detection and Isolation for Formation Flying of Satellites
A. Valdes, K. Khorasani

42. Model-Based Neural Network and Wavelet Packets Decomposition on Damage Detecting of Composites
Zhi Wei, Huisen Wang, Ying Qiu

43. A High Speed Mobile Courier Data Access System That Processes Database Queries in Real-Time
Barnabas Ndlovu Gatsheni, Zwelakhe Mabizela

44. A Scalable QoS-Aware VoD Resource Sharing Scheme for Next Generation Networks
Chenn-Jung Huang, Yun-Cheng Luo, Chun-Hua Chen, Kai-Wen Hu

45. Brain Mechanisms for Making, Breaking, and Changing Rules
Daniel S. Levine

46. Implementation of a Landscape Lighting System to Display Images
Gi-Ju Sun, Sung-Jae Cho, Chang-Beom Kim, Cheol-Hong Moon

47. Probability-Based Coverage Algorithm for 3D Wireless Sensor Networks
Feng Chen, Peng Jiang, Anke Xue

48. Simulating an Adaptive Fault Tolerance for Situation-Aware Ubiquitous Computing
EungNam Ko, SoonGohn Kim

49. A Hybrid CARV Architecture for Pervasive Computing Environments
SoonGohn Kim, Eung Nam Ko

50. Image and Its Semantic Role in Search Problem
Nasir Touheed, Muhammad Saeed, M. Atif Qureshi, Arjumand Younus

51. Color Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Efficient Preprocessing and Support Vector Machines
O?uz F?nd?k, Mehmet Bayrak, ?smail Babao?lu, Emre Çomak

52. Multiple Ranker Method in Document Retrieval
Dong Li, Maoqiang Xie, Yang Wang, Yalou Huang, Weijian Ni

53. An Elimination Method of Light Spot Based on Iris Image Fusion
Yuqing He, Hongying Yang, Yushi Hou, Huan He

54. An Improved Model of Producing Saliency Map for Visual Attention System
Jingang Huang, Bin Kong, Erkang Cheng, Fei Zheng

55. Multiple Classification of Plant Leaves Based on Gabor Transform and LBP Operator
Feng-Yan Lin, Chun-Hou Zheng, Xiao-Feng Wang, Qing-Kui Man

56. Research on License Plate Detection Based on Wavelet
Junshan Pan, Zhiyong Yuan

57. Stereo Correspondence Using Moment Invariants
Prashan Premaratne, Farzad Safaei

58. The Application of the Snake Model in Carcinoma Cell Image Segment
Zhen Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xiaobo Mao, Shanzhong Zhang

59. Data Clustering and Evolving Fuzzy Decision Tree for Data Base Classification Problems
Pei-Chann Chang, Chin-Yuan Fan, Yen-Wen Wang

60. Multivariate Polynomials Estimation Based on GradientBoost in Multimodal Biometrics
Mehdi Parviz, M. Shahram Moin

61. An Introduction to Volterra Series and Its Application on Mechanical Systems
C. Bharathy, Pratima Sachdeva, Harish Parthasarthy, Akash Tayal

62. Skin Detection from Different Color Spaces for Model-Based Face Detection
Dong Wang, Jinchang Ren, Jianmin Jiang, Stan S. Ipson

63. Applying Frequent Episode Algorithm to Masquerade Detection
Feng Yu, Min Wang

64. An Agent-Based Intelligent CAD Platform for Collaborative Design
Quan Liu, Xingran Cui, Xiuyin Hu

65. Design of a Reliable QoS Requirement Based on RCSM by Using MASQ Architecture
Eung Nam Ko, SoonGohn Kim

66. Minimization of the Disagreements in Clustering Aggregation
Safia Nait Bahloul, Baroudi Rouba, Youssef Amghar

67. Prediction of Network Traffic Using Multiscale-Bilinear Recurrent Neural Network with Adaptive Learning
Dong-Chul Park

68. Replay Attacks on Han et al.’s Chaotic Map Based Key Agreement Protocol Using Nonce
Eun-Jun Yoon, Kee-Young Yoo

69. The Short-Time Multifractal Formalism: Definition and Implement
Xiong Gang, Yang Xiaoniu, Zhao Huichang

70. Modified Filled Function Method for Resolving Nonlinear Integer Programming Problem
Yong Liu, You-lin Shang

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Simulation and Modeling, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Pattern Recognition, Information Storage and Retrieval

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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