Benkert, Katharina

High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2008

Benkert, Katharina - High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2008, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Future Architectures

1. First Experiences with NEC SX-9
Hiroaki Kobayashi, Ryusuke Egawa, Hiroyuki Takizawa, Koki Okabe, Akihiko Musa, Takashi Soga, Yoichi Shimomura

2. Scalable Computing in a Hybrid System Architecture
Wilfried Oed

3. Prerequisites for the Productive Usage of Hybrid Systems
Danny Sternkopf, Martin Galle

II. Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulations

4. Complex Numerical Simulations in Production Techniques
A. Scheibe, E. Westkämper

5. Multi-scale and Multi-physics Applications — User Requirements for Future Applications
Sabine P. Roller

III. Grid Computing & Data Analysis

6. An Application of the NAREGI Grid Middleware to a Nationwide Joint-Use Environment for Computing
Eisaku Sakane, Manabu Higashida, Shinji Shimojo

7. Interoperation between Atomic Energy Grid Infrastructure (AEGIS) and Other Grids
Yoshio Suzuki, Noriyuki Kushida, Naoya Teshima, Kohei Nakajima, Akemi Nishida, Norihiro Nakajima

8. Parallel File Systems in European Grid Projects
Peter W. Haas, Michael M. Resch

9. Development of Cognitive Methodology based Data Analysis System
Chiaki Kino, Yoshio Suzuki, Noriyuki Kushida, Akemi Nishida, Sachiko Hayashi, Norihiro Nakajima

IV. Chemical Applications

10. 3D-Flame Modelling in Power Plant Applications
Benedetto Risio, Norbert Paßmann, Friedhelm Wessel, Egbert Reinartz

11. Hierarchical Modeling of Combustion Processes
Ulrich Maas, Viatcheslav Bykov, Andriy Rybakov, Rainer Stauch

12. Understanding Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly from Large-Scale Numerical Simulations
Stephan Blankenburg, Wolf Gero Schmidt

13. Large Scale Particle-in-cell Plasma Simulation
Seiji Ishiguro

14. Multi-scale Modeling of Crack Propagation
Mitsuhiro Itakura, Hideo Kaburaki, Masatake Yamaguchi, Ken-ichi Ebihara

V. Climate Modeling, Hydro- and Aerodynamics

15. The Climate Model ECHAM5 on NEC SX-8
Stefan Borowski

16. A Large Spectrum of Free Oceanic Oscillations
Malte Müller

17. Direct Numerical Simulation of Controlled Shear Flows
Markus J. Kloker, Tillmann A. Friederich, Jens Linn

18. Fluid-Structure Interaction in Turbine Simulation
Felix Lippold, Albert Ruprecht

19. Heterogeneous Parallel Aero-Acoustics Using PACX-MPI
Harald Klimach, Sabine Roller, Claus-Dieter Munz

20. Meandering of Wing-Tip Vortices Interacting with a Cold Jet in the Extended Wake
Frank T. Zurheide, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

Keywords: MATHEMATICS / General MAT000000

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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