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Table of contents

I. Inelastic Material Behaviour of Polycrystals

1. Normal Grain Growth: Monte Carlo Potts Model Simulation and Mean-Field Theory
D. Zöllner, P. Streitenberger

2. Microstructural Influences on Tensile Properties of hpdc AZ91 Mg Alloy
D. G. L. Prakash, D. Regener

3. On Different Strategies for Micro-Macro Simulations of Metal Forming
A. Bertram, G. Risy, T. Böhlke

4. Simulation of Texture Development in a Deep Drawing Process
V. Schulze, A. Bertram, T. Böhlke, A. Krawietz

5. Modelling and Simulation of the Portevin-Le Chatelier Effect
C. Brüggemann, T. Böhlke, A. Bertram

6. Plastic Deformation Behaviour of Fe-Cu Composites
Y. Schneider, A. Bertram, T. Böhlke, C. Hartig

7. Regularisation of the Schmid Law in Crystal Plasticity
S. Borsch, M. Schurig

8. A Lower Bound Estimation of a Twinning Stress for Mg by a Stress Jump Analysis at the Twin-Parent Interface
R. Glüge, J. Kalisch

II. Fibre and Particle Reinforced Solids

9. Numerical Evaluation of Effective Material Properties of Piezoelectric Fibre Composites
S. Kari, H. Berger, U. Gabbert

10. Evolutionary Optimisation of Composite Structures
N. Bohn, U. Gabbert

11. Fibre Rotation Motion in Homogeneous Flows
H. Altenbach, K. Naumenko, S. Pylypenko, B. Renner

III. Solids under Thermal Stressing

12. Distortion and Residual Stresses during Metal Quenching Process
A. K. Nallathambi, Y. Kaymak, E. Specht, A. Bertram

13. Micro Model for the Analysis of Spray Cooling Heat Transfer – Influence of Droplet Parameters
M. Nacheva, J. Schmidt

14. Finite Element Simulation of an Impinging Liquid Droplet
S. Ganesan, L. Tobiska

15. Pore-Scale Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Drying
T. Metzger, T. H. Vu, A. Irawan, V. K. Surasani, E. Tsotsas

IV. Dynamics of Particles and Particle Systems

16. Micro and Macro Aspects of the Elastoplastic Behaviour of Sand Piles
P. Roul, A. Schinner, K. Kassner

17. Micro-Macro Deformation and Breakage Behaviour of Spherical Granules
S. Antonyuk, J. Tomas, S. Heinrich

18. Investigations of the Restitution Coefficient of Granules
P. Müller, S. Antonyuk, J. Tomas, S. Heinrich

19. Oblique Impact Simulations of High Strength Agglomerates
M. Khanal, W. Schubert, J. Tomas

20. Shear Dynamics of Ultrafine Cohesive Powders
R. Tykhoniuk, J. Tomas

21. CFD-Modelling of the Fluid Dynamics in Spouted Beds
O. Gryczka, S. Heinrich, J. Tomas

22. Numerical Study of the Influence of Diffusion of Magnetic Particles on Equilibrium Shapes of a Free Magnetic Fluid Surface
S. Beresnev, V. Polevikov, L. Tobiska

23. A Note on Sectional and Finite Volume Methods for Solving Population Balance Equations
J. Kumar, G. Warnecke, M. Peglow, E. Tsotsas

24. Population Balance Modelling for Agglomeration and Disintegration of Nanoparticles
Y. P. Gokhale, J. Kumar, W. Hintz, G. Warnecke, J. Tomas

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Materials Science, Condensed Matter

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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