Hafner, Wolfgang

Vinzenz Bronzin’s Option Pricing Models

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Table of contents

1. Vinzenz Bronzin — Personal Life and Work
Wolfgang Hafner, Heinz Zimmermann

2. Stefan Zweig: A Representative Voice of the Time

3. How I Discovered Bronzin’s Book
Wolfgang Hafner

Part A. Theorie der Prämiengeschäfte

4. Facsimile of Bronzin’s Original Treatise
Vinenz Bronzin

Part B. Theory of Premium Contracts

5. Translation of Bronzin’s Treatise

Part C. Background and Appraisal of Bronzin’s Work

6. Introduction

7. A Review and Evaluation of Bronzin’s Contribution from a Financial Economics Perspective
Heinz Zimmermann

8. Probabilistic Roots of Financial Modelling: A Historical Perspective
Heinz Zimmermann

9. The Contribution of the Social-Economic Environment to the Creation of Bronzin’s “Theory of Premium Contracts”
Wolfgang Hafner

Part D. Cultural and Socio-Historical Background

10. Introduction

11. The Late Habsburg Monarchy — Economic Spurt or Delayed Modernization?
Josef Schiffer

12. A Change in the Paradigm for Teaching Mathematics
Wolfgang Hafner

13. Review of Bronzin’s Book in the “Monatshefte für Mathematik und Physik”

Monatshefte für Mathematik und Physik — A Showcase of the Culture of Mathematicians in the Habsburgian-Hungarian Empire During the Period from 1890 until 1914
Wolfgang Hafner

15. The Certainty of Risk in the Markets of Uncertainty
Elena Esposito

Part E. Trieste

16. Introduction

17. Speculation and Security. The Financial World in Trieste in the Early Years of the Twentieth Century
Anna Millo

18. The Cultural Landscape of Trieste at the Beginning of the 20th Century — an Essay
Giorgio Gilibert, Francesco Magris

19. Trieste: A Node of the Actuarial Network in the Early 1900s
Ermanno Pitacco

Part F. Finance, Economics and Actuarial Science

20. Introduction

21. A Short History of Derivative Security Markets
Ernst Juerg Weber

22. Retrospective Book Review on James Moser: “Die Lehre von den Zeitgeschäften und deren Combinationen” (1875)
Hartmut Schmidt

23. The History of Option Pricing and Hedging
Espen Gaarder Haug

24. The Early History of Option Contracts
Geoffrey Poitras

25. Bruno de Finetti, Actuarial Sciences and the Theory of Finance in the 20th Century
Flavio Pressacco

26. The Origins of Expected Utility Theory
Yvan Lengwiler

27. An Early Structured Product: Illustrative Pricing of Repeat Contracts
Heinz Zimmermann

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Finance /Banking, Methodology and the History of Economic Thought, History

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