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Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming

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Table of contents

I. Multiobjective Programming and Goal-Programming

1. A Constraint Method in Nonlinear Multi-Objective Optimization
Gabriele Eichfelder

2. The Attainment of the Solution of the Dual Program in Vertices for Vectorial Linear Programs
Frank Heyde, Andreas Löhne, Christiane Tammer

3. Optimality of the Methods for Approximating the Feasible Criterion Set in the Convex Case
Roman Efremov, Georgy Kamenev

4. Introducing Nonpolyhedral Cones to Multiobjective Programming
Alexander Engau, Margaret M. Wiecek

5. A GP Formulation for Aggregating Preferences with Interval Assessments
Esther Dopazo, Mauricio Ruiz-Tagle

II. Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization

6. Bicriterion Shortest Paths in Stochastic Time-Dependent Networks
Lars Relund Nielsen, Daniele Pretolani, Kim Allan Andersen

7. Clusters of Non-dominated Solutions in Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization: An Experimental Analysis
Luís Paquete, Thomas Stützle

8. Computational Results for Four Exact Methods to Solve the Three-Objective Assignment Problem
Przybylski Anthony, Gandibleux Xavier, Matthias Ehrgott

9. Constraint Optimization Techniques for Exact Multi-Objective Optimization
Rollon Emma, Larrosa Javier

10. Outer Branching: How to Optimize under Partial Orders?
Junker Ulrich

III. Multiobjective Metheuristics

11. On Utilizing Infeasibility in Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
Thomas Hanne

12. The Effect of Initial Population Sampling on the Convergence of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
Silvia Poles, Yan Fu, Enrico Rigoni

13. Pattern Mining for Historical Data Analysis by Using MOEA
Hiroyuki Morita, Takanobu Nakahara

14. Multiple-Objective Genetic Algorithm Using the Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method TOPSIS
Máximo Méndez, Blas Galván, Daniel Salazar, David Greiner

IV. Multiobjective Games and Uncertainty

15. Multi-Criteria Simple Games
Luisa Monroy, Francisco R. Fernández

16. Multiobjective Cooperative Games with Restrictions on Coalitions
Tetsuzo Tanino

17. An Experimental Investigation of the Optimal Selection Problem with Two Decision Makers
Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, Saoussen Krichen

18. Solving a Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming Problem Through the Value and the Ambiguity of Fuzzy Numbers
Mariano Jiménez, Mar Arenas, Amelia Bilbao, Ma Victoria Rodíguez

19. A Robust-Solution-Based Methodology to Solve Multiple-Objective Problems with Uncertainty
Daniel Salazar, Xavier Gandibleux, Julien Jorge, Marc Sevaux

V. Interactive Methods and Applications

20. On the Use of Preferential Weights in Interactive Reference Point Based Methods
Kaisa Miettinen, Petri Eskelinen, Mariano Luque, Francisco Ruiz

21. Interactive Multiobjective Optimization of Superstructure SMB Processes
Jussi Hakanen, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Lorenz T. Biegler, Kaisa Miettinen

22. Scheduling of Water Distribution Systems using a Multiobjective Approach
Amir Nafi, Caty Werey, Patrick Llerena

23. On Conditional Value-at-Risk Based Goal Programming Portfolio Selection Procedure
Bogumil Kaminski, Marcin Czupryna, Tomasz Szapiro

24. Optimal Bed Allocation in Hospitals
Xiaodong Li, Patrick Beullens, Dylan Jones, Mehrdad Tamiz

25. Multiobjective (Combinatorial) Optimisation—Some Thoughts on Applications
Matthias Ehrgott

26. Multi-scenario Multi-objective Optimization with Applications in Engineering Design
Margaret M. Wiecek, Vincent Y. Blouin, Georges M. Fadel, Alexander Engau, Brian J. Hunt, Vijay Singh

Keywords: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management Science BUS042000

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