Landau, D. P.

Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed-Matter Physics XIX

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Table of contents

I. Materials Properties

1. Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics: An Introduction
D. P. Landau, S. P. Lewis, H. B. Schüttler

2. Accelerated Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of Thin Film Growth
K. A. Fichthorn, R. A. Miron

3. Simulating the Interaction of High Intensity Optical Pulses with Nanostructured Optical Devices
W. M. Dennis, C. M. Liebig

4. Crack Motion Revisited
F. F. Abraham

5. Deconstructing the Structural Convergence of the (110) Surface of Rutile TiO2

S. J. Thompson, S. P. Lewis

II. New Models, Methods and Perspectives

6. Ensemble Optimization Techniques for the Simulation of Slowly Equilibrating Systems
S. Trebst, D. A. Huse, E. Gull, H. G. Katzgraber, U. H. E. Hansmann, M. Troyer

7. The Avogadro Challenge
N. Ito

8. Visualizing Nanodiamond and Nanotubes with AViz
J. Adler, Y. Gershon, T. Mutat, A. Sorkin, E. Warszawski, R. Kalish, Y. Yaish

9. Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Anisotropic Systems
K. M. Aoki

10. Event-by-event Simulation of EPR-Bohm Experiments
K. Raedt, K. Keimpema, H. Raedt, K. Michielsen, S. Miyashita

III. Non-Equilibrium and Dynamic Behavior

11. Fisher Waves and the Velocity of Front Propagation in a Two-Species Invasion Model with Preemptive Competition
L. O'Malley, B. Kozma, G. Korniss, Z. Racz, T. Caraco

12. Dynamics and Thermal Structure of Gas-Liquid Phase Interface
F. Ogushi, S. Yukawa, N. Ito

13. Rate Constant in Far-from-Equilibrium Open Systems
A. Kamimura, S. Yukawa, N. Ito

14. First-order Reversal Curve Analysis of Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of First- and Second-order Phase Transitions
I. A. Hamad, D. Robb, P. A. Rikvold

IV. Magnetic Systems

15. Vortex Fluctuation and Magnetic Friction
B. V. Costa, M. Rapini, R. A. Dias, P. Z. Coura

16. Simulational Study on the Linear Response for Huge Hamiltonians: Temperature Dependence of the ESR of a Nanomagnet
M. Machida, T. Iitaka, S. Miyashita

17. Attraction-limited Cluster–Cluster Aggregation of Ising Dipolar Particles
N. Yoshioka, I. Varga, F. Kun, S. Yukawa, N. Ito

V. Biological and Soft Condensed Matter

18. Simulational Study of the Multiple States in Hippocampal Slices
T. Shimada

19. Dissipative Particle Dynamics of Self-Assembled Multi-Component Lipid Membranes
M. Laradji, P. B. Sunil Kumar

20. Solvent-Free Lipid-Bilayer Simulations: From Physics to Biology
M. Deserno

21. Computer Simulation of Models for Confined Two-Dimensional Colloidal Crystals: Evidence for the Lack of Positional Long Range Order
A. Ricci, P. Nielaba, S. Sengupta, K. Binder

Keywords: SCIENCE / Physics SCI055000

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Natural Sciences

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