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Observing our Changing Earth

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Table of contents

1. Reference Systems, Reference Frames, and the Geodetic Datum
Hermann Drewes

2. Investigations into a Dynamic Geocentric Datum
Jian Wang, Jinling Wang, Craig Roberts

3. On the Strength of SLR Observations to Realize the Scale and Origin of the Terrestrial Reference System
D Angermann, H Müller

4. Impact of the Network Effect on the Origin and Scale: Case Study of Satellite Laser Ranging
X Collilieux, Z Altamimi

5. Satellite Laser Ranging Biases and Terrestrial Reference Frame Scale Factor
D Coulot, P Berio, P Bonnefond, P Exertier, D Féraudy, O Laurain, F Deleflie

6. Status of the European Reference Frame (EUREF)
João Agria Torres, Zuheir Altamimi, Claude Boucher, Elmar Brockmann, Carine Bruyninx, Alessandro Caporali, Werner Gurtner, Heinz Habrich, Helmut Hornik, Johannes Ihde, Ambrus Kenyeres, Jaakko Mäkinen, Hans v d Marel, Hermann Seeger, Jaroslav Simek, Guenter Stangl, Georg Weber

7. Reprocessing of a Regional GPS Network in Europe
C Völksen

8. Latest Enhancements in the Brazilian Active Control Network
Luiz P.S Fortes, Sonia M.A Costa, Mario A Abreu, Alberto L Silva, Newton J.M Júnior, João G Monico, Marcelo C Santos, Pierre Tétreault

9. Searching for the Optimal Relationships Between SIRGAS2000, South American Datum of 1969 and Córrego Alegre in Brazil
Leonardo C Oliveria, Marcelo C Santos, Felipe G Nievinski, Rodrigo F Leandro, Sonia M.A Costa, Marcos F Santos, João Magna, Mauricio Galo, Paulo O Camargo, João G Monico, Carlos U Silva, Tule B Maia

10. The Permanent Tide In Height Systems
Jaako Mäkinen, Johannes Ihde

11. Combined Adjustment of National Astro-Geodetic Network and National GPS2000 Geodetic Network
Cheng Pengfei, Cheng Yingyan, Mi Jinzhong

12. Improved Resolution of a GRACE Gravity Field Model by Regional Refinements
A Eicker, T Mayer-Guerr, K.H Ilk

13. The Role of the Atmosphere for Satellite Gravity Field Missions
Th Gruber, Th Peters, L Zenner

14. Assessment of GPS-only Observables for Gravity Field Recovery from GRACE
A Jäggi, G Beutler, L Prange, R Dach, L Mervart

15. Detecting the Baltic Sea Level Surface with GPS-Measurements and Comparing it with the Local Geoid Model
Aive Liibusk, Harli Jürgenson

16. Strengthening the Vertical Reference in the Southern Baltic Sea by Airborne Gravimetry
Henriette Skourup, Rene Forsberg, Sofie Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Christian Jermin Andersen, Uwe Schäfer, Gunter Liebsch, Johannes Ihde, Uwe Schirmer

17. Downward Continuation of Airborne Gravimetry and Gradiometry Data Using Space Localizing Spline Functions
F Mueller, T Mayer-Gürr, A.A Makhloof

18. The Earth’s Gravity Field Components of the Differences Between Gravity Disturbances and Gravity Anomalies
R Tenzer, A Ellmann, P Novák, P Vajda

19. Research on the Calibration of Onboard Accelerometer by Dynamic Method
Zou Xiancai, Li Jiancheng, Jiang Weiping, Xu Xinyu, Chu Yonghai

20. Current Status of Gravity Measurements in the Republic of Croatia with the Fundamental Gravity Network Finalization Project
I Grgić, M Lučić, M Liker, T Bašić, B Barišić, M Repanić

21. The Development of the European Gravimetric Geoid Model EGG07
H Denker, J.-P Barriot, R Barzaghi, D Fairhead, R Forsberg, J Ihde, A Kenyeres, U Marti, M Sarrailh, I.N Tziavos

22. An Attempt for an Amazon Geoid Model Using Helmert Gravity Anomaly
D Blitzkow, A.C.O.C de Matos, I.O Campos, A Ellmann, P Vaníček, M.C Santos

23. Combination of Gravimetry, Altimetry and GOCE Data for Geoid Determination in the Mediterranean: Evaluation by Simulation
R Barzaghi, A Maggi, N Tselfes, D Tsoulis, I.N Tziavos, G.S Vergos

24. An Attempt Towards an Optimum Combination of Gravity Field Wavelengths in Geoid Computation
Hussein A Abd-Elmotaal, Nobert Kühtreiber

25. BVP, Global Models and Residual Terrain Correction
M Elhabiby, D Sampietro, F Sansò, M.G Sideris

26. Domain Transformation, Boundary Problems and Optimization Concepts in the Combination of Terrestrial and Satellite Gravity Field Data
P Holota, O Nesvadba

27. Numerical Solution of the Fixed Altimetry-Gravimetry BVP Using the Direct BEM Formulation
R Čunderlík, K Mikula

28. On the Combination of Gravimetric Quasi-Geoids and GPS-Levelling Data
R Klees, I Prutkin

29. An Alternative Approach for the Determination of Orthometric Heights Using a Circular-Arc Approximation for the Plumbline
G Manoussakis, D Delikaraoglou, G Ferentinos

30. On Evaluation of the Mean Gravity Gradient Within the Topography
R Tenzer, A Ellmann

31. Comparison of Techniques for the Computation of a Height Reference Surface from Gravity and GPS-Levelling Data
R Tenzer, R Klees, I Prutkin, T Wittwer, B Alberts, U Schirmer, J Ihde, G Liebsch, U Schäfer

32. The Inversion of Poisson’s Integral in the Wavelet Domain
M Elhabiby, M.G Sideris

33. On the Principal Difficulties and Ways to Their Solution in the Theory of Gravitational Condensation of Infinitely Distributed Dust Substance
A M Krot

34. Representation of Regional Gravity Fields by Radial Base Functions
M Antoni, W Keller, M Weigelt

35. Precise Gravity Time Series and Instrumental Properties from Combination of Superconducting and Absolute Gravity Measurements
H Wziontek, R Falk, H Wilmes, P Wolf

36. On a Feasibility of Modeling Temporal Gravity Field Variations from Orbits of Non-dedicated Satellites
P Ditmar, A Bezdek, X Liu, Q Zhao

37. EOF Analysis on the Variations of Continental Water Storage from GRACE in China
W Hanjiang, Z Guangbin, C Pengfei, C Xiaotao

38. Influence of Hydrology-Related Temporal Aliasing on the Quality of Monthly Models Derived from GRACE Satellite Gravimetric Data
J Encarnação, R Klees, E Zapreeva, P Ditmar, J Kusche

39. Image Super-Resolution via Filtered Scales Integral Reconstruction Applied to GOCE Geoid Data
Ciro Caramiello, Guido Vigione, Alessandra Tassa, Alessandra Buongiorno, Eric Monjoux, Rune Floberghagen

40. An Error Model for the GOCE Space-Wise Solution by Monte Carlo Methods
F Migliaccio, M Reguzzoni, F Sansö, N Tselfes

41. Accuracy Analysis of External Reference Data for GOCE Evaluation in Space and Frequency Domain
K.I Wolf, J Müller

42. Gravity Field Determination at the AIUB – The Celestial Mechanics Approach
L Prange, A Jäggi, G Beutler, R Dach, L Mervart

43. Robust Trend Estimation from GOCE SGG Satellite Track Cross-Over Differences
F Jarecki, J Müller

44. Reference Frame Consistency in CHAMP and GRACE Earth Gravity Models
Christopher Kotsakis

45. The Fast Analysis of the GOCE Gravity Field
Xu Xinyu, Li Jiancheng, Jiang Weiping, Zou Xiancai, Chu Yonghai

46. GRACE Application to the Receding Lake Victoria Water Level and Australian Drought
J.L Awange, M.A Sharifi, W Keller, M Kuhn

47. Updated OCTAS Geoid in the Northern North Atlantic – OCTAS07
O.C.D Omang, A Hunegnaw, D Solheim, D.I Lysaker, K Ghazavi, H Nahavandchi

48. New Combined Geoid Solution HGTUB2007 for Hungary
Gy Tóth

49. Regional Astrogeodetic Validation of GPS/Levelling Data and Quasigeoid Models
Christian Voigt, Heiner Denker, Christian Hirt

50. Insights into the Mexican Gravimetric Geoid (GGM05)
D Avalos, M.C Santos, P Vanícek, A Hernández

51. An Improved Geoid in North Eastern Italy
P Sterzai, F Coren, N Creati, I Marson, M Maso

52. Towards a New Global Digital Elevation Model
P.A.M Berry, R.G Smith, J.A Freeman, J Benveniste

53. Contribution of Non-Tidal Oceanic Mass Variations to Polar Motion Determined from Space Geodesy and Ocean Data
F Göttl, F Seitz

54. Simulation of Historic and Future Atmospheric Angular Momentum Effects on Length-of-day Variations with GCMs
Timo Winkelnkemper, Florian Seitz, Seung-Ki Min, Andreas Hense

55. Contributions of Tidal Poisson Terms in the Theory of the Nutation of a Nonrigid Earth
V Dehant, M Folgueira, N Rambaux, S.B Lambert

56. Consistency of Earth Rotation, Gravity, and Shape Measurements
Richard S Gross, David A Lavallée, Geoffrey Blewitt, Peter J Clarke

57. Current Estimation of the Earth’s Mechanical and Geometrical Parameters
A.N Marchenko

58. The Earth’s Global Density Distribution and Gravitational Potential Energy
A.N Marchenko

59. Analysis of Geophysical Variations of the C20 Coefficient of the Geopotential
L.I Fernández

60. Analysis of Mass Variations in Northern Glacial Rebound Areas from GRACE Data
Holger Steffen, Jürgen Müller, Heiner Denker

61. Report of GGP Activities to Commission 3, Completing 10 Years for the Worldwide Network of Superconducting Gravimeters
David Crossley, Jacques Hinderer

62. European Tidal Gravity Observations: Comparison With Earth Tide Models And Estimation Of The Free Core Nutation (Fcn) Parameters
B Ducarme, S Rosat, L Vandercoilden, Xu Jian-Qiao, Sun Heping

63. Physical Modelling To Remove Hydrological Effects At Local And Regional Scale: Application To The 100-M Hydrostatic Inclinometer In Sainte-Croix-Aux-Mines (France)
L Longuevergne, L Oudin, N Florsch, F Boudin, J.P Boy

64. Monitoring Crustal Movement in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Using GPS Measurements from 1993 to 2002
Weiping Jiang, Xiaohui Zhou, Caijun Xu, Jingnan Liu

65. Impact of Local GNSS Permanent Networks in the Study of Geodynamics in Central Italy
G Fastellini, F Radicioni, A Stoppini

66. New Results Based on Reprocessing of 13 years Continuous GPS Observations of the Fennoscandia GIA Process from BIFROST
M Lidberg, J.M Johansson, H.-G Scherneck, G.A Milne, J.L Davis

67. Analysis of GPS Data from An Antarctic Ice Stream
R Dach, G Beutler, G.H Gudmundsson

68. Dynamic Analysis of Crustal Movements Along the Dead-Sea Rift
L Shahar, G Even-Tzur

69. GPS-Based Monitoring of Surface Displacements in the Mud Volcano Area, Sidoarjo, East Java
H.Z Abidin, M.A Kusuma, H Andreas, M Gamal, P Sumintadireja

70. Differential and Precise Point Positioning in the South American Region with lonosphere Maps
S.M Alves Costa, Alberto Luis da Silva, Newton José de Moura Jr, Mauricio Alfredo Gende, Claudio Antonio Brunini

71. Current State of Precise Point Positioning and Future Prospects and Limitations
S Bisnath, Y Gao

72. Nonstationary Tropospheric Processes in Geodetic Precipitable Water Vapor Time Series
O.J Botai, W.L Combrinck, C.J deW Rautenbanch

73. Combination of Multiple Repeat Orbits of ENVISAT for Mining Deformation Monitoring
H.C Chang, L Ge, A.H Ng, C Rizos, H Wang, M Omura

74. An Investigation into Robust Estimation Applied to Correlated GPS Networks
R.C Erenoglu, S Hekimoglu

75. Geometry-Based TCAR Models and Performance Analysis
Yanming Feng, Chris Rizos

76. Real-Time Kinematic OTF Positioning Using a Single GPS Receiver
Y Gao, M Wang

77. Concept of a Multi-Scale Monitoring and Evaluation System for Landslide Disaster Prediction
M Haberler-Weber, A Eichhorn, H Kahmen, B Theilen-Willige

78. Ionospheric Modelling in the North of Algeria
H Dekkiche, S Kahlouche, C.B Kadri, R Mir

79. Kinematic Precise Point Positioning During Marginal Satellite Availability
N.S Kjørsvik, O Øvstedal, J.G.O Gjevestad

80. Establishing A Gnss Receiver Antenna Calibration Field in the Framework Of Probral
C.P Krueger, J Freiberger, B Heck, M Mayer, A Knöpfler, B Schäfer

81. Trimble’s Rtk And Dgps Solutions In Comparison With Precise Point Positioning
Herbert Landau, Xiaoming Chen, Sören Klose, Rodrigo Leandro, Ulrich Vollath

82. The Precision And Accuracy Of Shanghai Vrs Network
Lizhi Lou, Yi Chen

83. Improving the Stochastic Model of GNSS Observations by Means of SNR-based Weighting
X Luo, M Mayer, B Heck

84. Evaluating the Brazilian Vertical Datum Through Improved Coastal Satellite Altimetry Data
Roberts Teixeira Luz, Wolfgang Bosch, Silvio Rogéris Correia de Freitas, Bernhard Heck, Regiane Dalazoana

85. Land Subsidence Monitoring in Australia and China using Satellite Interferometry
Alex Hay-Man Ng, Hsing-Chung Chang, Kui Zhang, Linlin Ge, Chris Rizos

86. Analysis on Temporal-Spatial Variations of Australian TEC
Gary Ouyang, Jian Wang, Jinling Wang, David Cole

87. Use of Global and Regional Ionosphere Maps for Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning
A.Q Le, C.C.J.M Tiberius, H Marel, N Jakowski

88. Quality Control for Building Industry by Means of a New Optical 3D Measurement and Analysis System
A Reiterer, M Lehmann, J Fabiankowitsch, H Kahmen

89. New Solutions to Classical Geodetic Problems on the Ellipsoid
Lars E Sjöberg

90. GNSS Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution: Challenges and Open Problems
P.J.G Teunissen, S Verhagen

91. Static Stress Change from the 8 November, 1997 Ms 7.9 Manyi, Tibet Earthquake as Inferred from InSAR Observation
Wen Yangmao, Xu Caijun

92. Application of Computer Algebra System to Geodesy
P Zaletnyik, B Paláncz, J.L Awange, E.W Grafarend

93. Crustal Velocity Field Modelling with Neural Network and Polynomials
Khosro Moghtased-Azar, Piroska Zaletnyik

94. Next-Generation Algorithms for Navigation, Geodesy and~Earth Sciences Under Modernized Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
Marcelo C Santos, Richard B Langley, Rodrigo F Leandro, Spiros Pagiatakis, Sunil Bisnath, Rock Santerre, Marc Cocard, Ahmed El-Rabbany, René Landry, Herb Dragert, Pierre Héroux, Paul Collins

95. Linear Combinations for Differential Radar Interferometry
L Ge, H Wang, H.C Chang, C Rizos

96. Recent Progress in the VLBI2010 Development
D Behrend, J Böhm, P Charlot, T Clark, B Corey, J Gipson, R Haas, Y Koyama, D MacMillan, Z Malkin, A Niell, T Nilsson, B Petrachenko, A Rogers, G Tuccari, J Wresnik

97. The Contribution of GGP Superconducting Gravimeters to GGOS
David Crossley, Jacques Hinderer

98. Combine Analysis of Earth Orientation Parameters and~Gravity Field Coefficients for Mutual Validation
A Heiker, H Kutterer, J Müller

Keywords: Geosciences, Geosciences, general, Geophysics/Geodesy, Applied Geosciences, Math. Applications in Geosciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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International Association of Geodesy Symposia
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882 pages
Natural Sciences

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