Richter, Silvia

EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany

Richter, Silvia - EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

M. Materials Science

1. Direct observation of atomic defects in carbon nanotubes and fullerenes
K. Suenaga

2. Atomic studies on ferroelectric oxides by aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy
K. Urban, C. L. Jia

M1. Materials for Information Technology

3. Dark-field electron holography for the measurement of strain in nanostructures and devices
M. J. Hÿtch, F. Houdellier, F. Hüe, E. Snoeck

4. Some device challenges towards the 22nm CMOS technology
F. Andrieu, T. Ernst, O. Faynot, V. Delaye, D. Lafond, S. Deleonibus

5. Off-axis electron holography for the analysis of nm-scale semiconductor devices
D. Cooper, R. Truche, L. Clement, S. Pokrant, A. Chabli

6. Influence of the oxide thickness on the SiO2/Si interface structure
P. Donnadieu, V. Chamard, M. Maret, J. P. Simon, P. Mur

7. Challenges to TEM in high performance microprocessor manufacturing
H. J. Engelmann, H. Geisler, R. Huebner, P. Potapov, D. Utess, E. Zschech

8. Strain study in transistors with SiC and SiGe source and drain by STEM nano beam diffraction
P. Favia, D. Klenov, G. Eneman, P. Verheyen, M. Bauer, D. Weeks, S. G. Thomas, H. Bender

9. Cluster growth and luminescence in ion-implanted silica
H. -J. Fitting, Roushdey Salh, L. Kourkoutis, B. Schmidt

10. Coherence Measurements of Bulk and Surface Plasmons in Semiconductors by Diffracted Beam Holography
R. A. Herring

11. Comparison of 3D potential structures at different pn-junctions in FIB-prepared silicon and germanium samples measured by electron-holographic tomography
A. Lenk, D. Wolf, H. Lichte, U. Mühle

12. EELS analyses of metal-inserted high-k dielectric stacks
M. MacKenzie, A. J. Craven, D. W. McComb, C. M. McGilvery, S. McFadzean, S. Gendt

13. Low voltage SEM observations of the dopant contrast in semiconductors
K. Masenelli-Varlot, S. Luca, G. Thollet, P. H. Jouneau, D. Mariolle

14. NiSi2/Si interface chemistry and epitaxial growth mode
S. B. Mi, C. L. Jia, K. Urban, Q. T. Zhao, S. Mantl

15. Detailed investigation of a tunnel oxide defect in a flash memory cell using TEM-tomography
U. Muehle, M. Krause, F. Goetze, D. Wolf, U. Gaebler

16. Overgrowth of the Mn4Si7 phase on/around the hexagonal SiC and cubic MnSi impurity phases in the Mn4Si7/Si films
A. Orekhov, T. Kamilov, E. I. Suvorova

17. HR-STEM EELS analysis of silicon 32 nm technology using a TITAN with a probe Cs corrector
R. Pantel, J. L Rouvière, E. Gautier, S. Denorme, C. Fenouiller-Beranger, F. Boeuf, G. Bidal, M. Cheynet

18. Tomographic analysis of a FinFET structure
O. Richard, P. Marcke, H. Bender

19. STEM EELS/EDX dopant analysis of nm-scale Si devices
G. Servanton, R. Pantel, M. Juhel, F. Bertin

20. Electron beam induced damage: An atom-by-atom investigation with TEAM0.5
C. Kisielowski, R. Erni, J. Meyer

21. The atomic structure of GaN-based quantum wells and interfaces
C. J. Humphreys, M. J. Galtrey, R. A. Oliver, M. J. Kappers, D. Zhu, C. McAleese, N. K. Laak, D. M. Graham, P. Dawson, A Cerezo, P. H. Clifton

22. Using TEM to investigate antiphase disorder in GaP films grown on Si(001)
T. B. Adams, I. Nemeth, G. Lukin, B. Kunert, W. Stolz, K. Volz

23. TEM characterization of InAs/GaAs quantum dots capped by a GaSb/GaAs layer
A. M. Beltrán, T. Ben, A. M. Sánchez, D. L. Sales, M. F. Chisholm, M. Varela, S. J. Pennycook, P. L. Galindo, J. M. Ripalda, S. I. Molina

24. The microstructure of (0001)GaN films grown by molecular beam epitaxy from a nanocolumn precursor layer
D. Cherns, L. Meshi, I. Griffiths, S. Khongphetsak, S. V. Novikov, N. Farley, R. P. Campion, C. T. Foxon

25. Compositional and Morphological Variation in GaN/AlN/AlGaN Heterostructures
P. D. Cherns, C. McAleese, M. J. Kappers, C. J. Humphreys

26. TEM/STEM/EFTEM imaging and Valence Electrons Spectroscopy analysis of Ultra Low-K dielectrics
M. Cheynet, S. Pokrant, M. Aimadeddine, V. Arnal, F. Volpi

27. Epitaxial Orientations of GaN Grown on R-plane Sapphire
J. Smalc-Koziorowska, G. P. Dimitrakopulos, Ph. Komninou, Th. Kehagias, S. -L. Sahonta, G. Tsiakatouras, A. Georgakilas

28. Microstructure and growth model of MBE-grown InAlN thin films
S. -L. Sahonta, A. Adikimenakis, G. P. Dimitrakopulos, Ph. Komninou, H. Kirmse, E. Pavlidou, E. Iliopoulos, A. Georgakilas, W. Neumann, Th. Karakostas

29. Silicon carbide modulated structures as a result of the introduction of 8H bands in a 4H matrix
N. Frangis, M. Marinova, I. Tsiaoussis, E. K. Polychroniadis, T. Robert, S. Juillaguet, J. Camassel

30. HRTEM study of AlN/3C-SiC heterointerfaces grown on Si(001) and Si(211) substrates
T. Isshiki, K. Nishio, Y. Abe, J. Komiyama, S. Suzuki, H. Nakanishi

31. Electron microscopy of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade laser
A. Łaszcz, J. Ratajczak, A. Czerwinski, K. Kosiel, J. Kubacka-Traczyk, J. Muszalski, M. Bugajski, J. Kątcki

32. Solving the crystal structure of highly disordered Sn3P4 by HRTEM
O. I. Lebedev, A. V. Olenev, G. Tendeloo

33. Determination of In-distribution in InGaAs quantum dots
D. Litvinov, H. Blank, R. Schneider, D. Gerthsen, M. Hetterich

34. Nanoanalytical investigation of the dielectric gate stack for the realisation of III–V MOSFET devices
P. Longo, A. J. Craven, M. C. Holland, I. G. Thayne

35. Phase mapping of uncapped InN quantum dots
J. G. Lozano, M. Herrera, R. García, N. D. Browning, S. Ruffenach, O. Briot, D. González

36. STEM investigations of (In,Ga)N/GaN quantum wells
P. Manolaki, I. Häusler, H. Kirmse, W. Neumann, P. Vennéguès, P. Mierry, P. Demolon

37. Defects in m-plane GaN layers grown on (100) γ-LiAlO2

A. Mogilatenko, W. Neumann, T. Wernicke, E. Richter, M. Weyers, B. Velickov, R. Uecker

38. Improvements on InP epilayers by the use of monoatomic hydrogen during epitaxial growth and successive annealing
F. M. Morales, A. Aouni, R. García, P. A. Postigo, C. G. Fonstad, S. I. Molina

39. Study of microstructure and strain relaxation on thin InXGa1−xN epilayers with medium and high In contents
F. M. Morales, J. G. Lozano, R. García, V. Lebedev, S. Hauguth-Frank, V. Cimalla, O. Ambacher, D. González

40. Convergence of microscopy techniques for nanoscale structural characterization: an illustration with the study of AlInN
A. Mouti, S. Hasanovic, M. Cantoni, E. Feltin, N. Grandjean, P. Stadelmann

41. TEM analyses of microstructure and composition of AlxGa1−xN/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors
A. Pretorius, A. Rosenauer, T. Aschenbrenner, H. Dartsch, S. Figge, D. Hommel

42. TEM study of quaternary InGaAsN/GaAs quantum well structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
T. Remmele, M. Albrecht, I. Häusler, L. Geelhaar, H. Riechert, H. Abu-Farsakh, J. Neugebauer

43. Lattice polarity and capping of GaN dots studied by Z-contrast imaging
J. L. Rouviere, C. Bougerol, J. Coraux, B. Amstatt, E. Bellet-Amalric, B. Daudin

44. Investigation of swift ions damage in wide band gap wurtzite semiconductors
S. Mansouri, I. Monnet, H. Lebius, G. Nouet, P. Ruterana

45. A TEM analysis of the damage formation in thin GaN and AlN layers during rare earth ion implantation at medium range energy
F. Gloux, M. P Chauvat, P. Ruterana

46. Characterization and modelling of semiconductor quantum nanostructures grown by droplet epitaxy
D. L. Sales, J. C. Hernandez, P. A. Midgley, A. M. Beltran, A. M. Sanchez, T. Ben, P. Alonso-González, Y. Gonzalez, L. Gonzalez, S. I. Molina

47. Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Self-Organized InN Nano-columns
H. Schuhmann, C. Denker, T. Niermann, J. Malindretos, A. Rizzi, M. Seibt

48. Investigations on a dilute magnetic semicondutor (Ga1−xMnxAs) by conventional TEM and EELS
M. Soda, U. Wurstbauer, M. Hirmer, W. Wegscheider, J. Zweck

49. About the determination of optical properties using fast electrons
M. Stöger-Pollach

50. Mapping uncompensated spins in exchange-biased systems by high resolution and quantitative magnetic force microscopy
H. J. Hug, M. Marioni, S. Romer, I. Schmid, S. Romer

51. Ferroelectric materials and structures suitable for data storage: The role of microscopies in establishing preparation-microstructure-property relations
D. Hesse, M. Alexe, K. Boldyreva, H. Han, W. Lee, A. Lotnyk, B. J. Rodriguez, S. Senz, I. Vrejoiu, N.D. Zakharov

52. Electronic structures at Magnetic Tunnel Junction interfaces: EELS experiments and FEFF calculations
K. March, D. Imhoff, G. Krill, C. Colliex

53. Stability and reaction of magnetic sensor materials studied by atom probe tomography
G. Schmitz, C. Ene, H. Galinski, V. Vovk

54. Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Tunnel Magneto Resistance Elements with Amorphous CoFeB Electrodes and MgO Barrier
Michael Seibt, Gerrit Eilers, Marvin Walter, Kai Ubben, Karsten Thiel, Volker Drewello, Andy Thomas, Günter Reiss, Markus Münzenberg

55. Study of the intermixing of Fe-Pt multilayers by analytical and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
W. Sigle, T. Kaiser, D. Goll, N. H. Goo, V. Srot, P. A. Aken, E. Detemple, W. Jäger

56. Exploring structural dependence of magnetic properties in FePt nanoparticle by Cs-corrected HRTEM
Z. L. Zhang, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser, U. Wiedwald, L. Han, P. Ziemann

57. Understanding the Chemistry of Molecules in Nanotubes by Transmission Electron Microscopy
A. N. Khlobystov, M. W. Fay, P. D. Brown

58. Electrical and mechanical property studies on individual low-dimensional inorganic nanostructures in HRTEM
D. Golberg, P. M. F. J. Costa, M. Mitome, Y. Bando, X. D. Bai

59. Atomic structure of SW-CNTs: correlation with their growth mechanism and other electron diffraction studies
R. Arenal, M. F. Fiawoo, R. Fleurier, M. Picher, V. Jourdain, A. M. Bonnot, A. Loiseau

60. TEM investigation ofSe nanostructures in/on Acetobacter xylinum cellulose gel-film
N. Arkharova, V. V. Klechkovskaya, E. Suvorova

61. In-situ electron irradiation studies of metal-carbon nanostructures
L. Sun, Y. Gan, J. A. Rodriguez-Manzo, M. Terrones, A. V. Krasheninnikov, F. Banhart

62. Application of 80kV Cs-corrected TEM for nanocarbon materials
A. Chuvilin, U. Kaiser, D. Obergfell, A. Khlobystov, S. Roth

63. Control of gold surface diffusion on Si nanowires
Martien I. Hertog, Jean-Luc. Rouviere, Florian Dhalluin, Pierre J. Desré, Pascal Gentile, Pierre Ferret, Fabrice Oehler, Thiery Baron

64. Nanowires of Semiconducting Metal-oxides and their Functional Properties
M. Ferroni, C. Baratto, E. Comini, G. Faglia, L. Ortolani, V. Morandi, S. Todros, A. Vomiero, G. Sberveglieri

65. Phase relations in the Fe-Bi-O system under hydrothermal conditions
A. Gajović, S. Šturm, B. Jančar, M. Čeh

66. Dose dependent crystallographic structure of InAs nanowires
F. Gramm, E. Müller, I. Shorubalko, R. Leturcq, A. Pfund, R. Wepf, K. Ensslin

67. HRTEM simulations of planar defects in ZnTe nanowires
I. Häusler, H. Kirmse, W. Neumann, S. Kret, P. Dłużewski, E. Janik, G. Kraczewski, T. Wojtowicz

68. A universal method for determination of helicities present in unidirectional groupings of graphitic or graphitic-like tubular structures
H. Jiang, D. P. Brown, A. G. Nasibulin, E. I. Kauppinen

69. Microstructure of (112) GaAs nanorods grown by MBE
E. Johnson, S. A. Jensen, L. P. Hansen, C. B. Sørensen, J. Nygård

70. Structural characterization of ZnO nanorods grown on sapphire substrate by MOCVD
P. -H. Jouneau, M. Rosina, G. Perillat, P. Ferret, G. Feuillet

71. Nucleation of Metal Clusters on Carbon Nanotubes
X. Ke, A. Felten, D. Liang, S. Bals, J. J. Pireaux, J. Ghijsen, W. Drube, M. Hecq, C. Bittencourt, G. Tendeloo

72. EDX and linescan modelling for core/shell GaN/AlGaN nanowire analysis
L. Lari, R. T. Murray, T. Bullough, P. R. Chalker, C. Chèze, L. Geelhaar, H. Riechert

73. Mo6S9−xIx nanowires: structure studies by aberration corrected high resolution TEM and STEM
V. Nicolosi, J. N. Coleman, D. Mihailovic, P. Nellist

74. Discrete Atom Imaging in Carbon Nanotubes and Peapods Using Cs-Corrected TEM Operated at 100keV
Luca Ortolani, Florent Houdellier, Marc Monthioux

75. Extended Defects in Semiconductor Nanowires
Peter Pongratz, Youn-Joo Hyun, Alois Lugstein, Aaron Andrews, Emmerich Bertagnolli

76. Surface chemistry along a single silicon nanowire: Quantitative x-ray photoelectron emission microscopy (XPEEM) of the metal catalyst diffusion
O. Renault, A. Bailly, P. Gentile, N. Pauc, T. Baron, L. -F. Zagonel, N. Barrett

77. TEM characterization of metallic Ni nanoshells grown on gold nanorods and on carbon nanotubes
J. B. Rodríguez-González, M. Grzelczak, M. A. Correa-Duarte, J. Pérez-Juste, L. M. Liz-Marzán

78. Electron Irradiation Effects in Carbon Nanostructures: Surface Reconstruction, Extreme Compression, Nanotube Growth and Morphology Manipulation
M. Terrones, L. Sun, J. A. Rodriguez-Manzo, H. Terrones, F. Banhart

79. Crystallographic phase and orientation analysis of GaAs nanowires by ESEM, EDS, TEM, HRTEM and SAED
A. M. Tonejc, S. Gradečak, A. Tonejc, M. Bijelić, H. Posilović, V. Bermanec, M. Tambe

80. 3-Dimensional Morphology of GaP-GaAs nanowires
M. A. Verheijen, R. Algra, M. T. Borgström, G. Immink, E. Sourty, L. F. Feiner, W. J. P. Enckevort, E. Vlieg, E. P. A. M. Bakkers

81. Characteristics of Indium-Catalyzed Si Nanowires
Z. W. Wang, Z. Y. Li, F. Iacopi

M2. Nanomaterials and Catalysts

82. HRTEM contribution to the study of extraterrestrial nanocarbons and some earth materials analogues
J. N. Rouzaud, C. Guillou

83. Time resolved in-situ TEM observations of Carbon Nanotube growth
J. Robertson, S. Hofmann, R. Sharma, C. Ducati, R. Dunin-Borkowski

84. Insulator-Metal transition: formation of Diamond Nanowires in n-type Conductive UNCD films
R. Arenal, O. Stephan, P. Bruno, D. M. Gruen

85. Field emission from iron-filled carbon nanotubes observed in-situ in the scanning electron microscope
K. J. Briston, Y. Peng, N. Grobert, A. G. Cullis, B. J. Inkson

86. Templated ordering of fullerenes on nanostructured oxide surfaces
D. S. Deak, B. C. Russell, D. T. Newell, K. Porfyrakis, F. Silly, M. R. Castell

87. Carbon nanostructures produced by chlorination of Cr3C2 and Cr(acac)3

A. Gómez-Herrero, E. Urones-Garrote, D. Ávila-Brande, N. A. Katcho, E. Lomba, A. R. Landa-Cánovas, L. C. Otero-Díaz

88. Structural peculiarities of carbon onions, formed by different methods
B. A. Kulnitskiy, I. A. Perezhogin, V. D. Blank

89. Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of La@C82 peapods
R. J. Nicholls, D. A. Eustace, D. McComb, G. A. D. Briggs, D. J. H. Cockayne, D. G. Pettifor

90. HRTEM studies of Y-junction bamboo-like CN-nanotubes
I. A. Perezhogin, B. A. Kulnitskiy, V. D. Blank, D. V. Batov, E. V. Polyakov

91. EF-TEM observation of biological tissue for risk assessment of fullerene nanoparticles
K. Yamamoto, M. Makino, E. Kobayashi, Y. Morimoto

92. Looking at the surface of catalysts nanopowders
J. C. Hernandez, A. B. Hungria, M. Lopez-Haro, J. A. Perez-Omil, S. Trasobares, S. Bernal, P. Midgley, O. Stephan, J. J. Calvino

93. Gathering structural and analytical information on catalysts at sub-nanometer level with TEM
F. J. Cadete Santos Aires, M. Aouine

94. Size effect and influence of nanoparticles thickness on order/disorder phenomena in CoPt nanoparticles
D. Alloyeau, C. Ricolleau, T. Oikawa, C. Langlois, Y. Bouar, A. Loiseau

In situ L10 ordering of FePt nanoparticles
P. Bayle-Guillemaud, M. Delalande, V. Monnier, Y. Samson, P. Reiss

96. Characterization of indium doped zinc oxide nanorods
H. Burghardt, H. Schmid, W. Mader

97. Adsorbate-induced restructuring on Pt nanoparticles studied by environmental transmission electron microscopy
M. Cabié, S. Giorgio, C. R. Henry

98. EELS in monochromated and Cs probe corrected TEM: a relevant alternative to soft-XAS in synchrotron to investigate nanostructures
M. Cheynet, S. Pokrant, S. Ersen

99. Atomic-resolution Electron Microscopy at Ambient Pressure
J. F. Creemer, S. Helveg, A. M. Molenbroek, P. M. Sarro, H. W. Zandbergen

100. Development of a system for TEM/STEM investigation of air-sensitive materials: Preliminary results on CeO2 reduction behaviour
J. J. Delgado, M. López-Haro, J. D. López-Castro, J. A. Pérez-Omil, S. Trasobares, J. J. Calvino

101. Characterization of two new zeolites by combining Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Powder Diffraction analyses
E. Paola, E. Montanari, S. Zanardi, A. Carati

102. Electron beam-induced effects on copper nanoparticles: coarsening and generation of twins
D. Díaz-Droguett, V. Fuenzalida, G. Solórzano

103. Role of the catalyst and substrate in nucleation and growth of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in HFCVD
M. -F. Fiawoo, N. Brun, A. -M Bonnot, O. Stephan, J. Thibault, A. Loiseau

104. PEMFC degradation phenomena studied by electron microscopy
L. Guetaz, B. Vion-Dury, S. Escribano

105. TEM investigation of magnetite nanoparticles for biomedical applications
S. Gustafsson, A. Fornara, F. Ye, K. Petersson, C. Johansson, M. Muhammed, E. Olsson

106. Catalytic soot oxidation studied by Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy
S. B. Simonsen, S. Dahl, E. Johnson, S. Helveg

107. Surface and interface structure of ceria supported ruthenium
J. C. Hernandez, S. Trasobares, J. M. Gatica, D. M. Vidal, M. A. Cauqui, J. J. Calvino, A. B. Hungria, J. A. Perez-Omil

108. Characterisation of materials with applications in the photocatalytic activation of water
N. S. Hondow, R. Brydson, Y. H. Chou, R. E. Douthwaite

109. Complementary EM study on highly active nanodendritic Raney-type Ni catalysts with hierarchical build-up
U. Hörmann, U. Kaiser, N. Adkins, R. Wunderlich, A. Minkow, H. Fecht, H. Schils, T. Scherer, H. Blumtritt

110. Structural properties of sol-gel synthesized Li+-doped titania nanowhisker arrays
U. Hörmann, J. Geserick, S. Selve, U. Kaiser, N. Hüsing

111. Quantitative strain determination in nanoparticles using aberration-corrected HREM
C. L. Johnson, E. Snoeck, M. Ezcurdia, B. Rodríguez-González, I. Pastoriza-Santos, L. M. Liz-Marzán, M. J. Hÿtch

112. Morphological characterization by HRTEM and STEM of Fe3O4 hollow nano-spheres
Alfonso Ibarra, Gerardo F. Goya, Jordi Arbiol, Enio Lima, Hercílio Rechenberg, Jose Vargas, Roberto Zysler, M. R. Ibarra

113. Direct observation of surface oxidation of Rh nanoparticles on (001) MgO
N. Y. Jin-Phillipp, P. Nolte, A. Stierle, P. A. Aken, H. Dosch

114. Characterization of catalyst poisoning in biodiesel and conventional diesel fuelled vehicles
T. Kanerva, K. Kallinen, Toni Kinnunen, M. Vippola, T. Lepistö

115. TEM Characterisation of Highly Luminescent CdS Nanocrystals
Hadas Katz, Alexey Izgorodin, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Joanne Etheridge

116. Structure and composition of dilute Co-doped BaTiO3 nanoparticles
O. I. Lebedev, R. Erni, G. Tendeloo

117. CoxFe3−xO4 catalytic materials for gaz sensors
L. Ajroudi, A. Essoumhi, S. Villain, V. Madigou, N. Mliki, Ch. Leroux

118. (S)TEM investigation on the role of alumina dopants to prevent redox activity decay at high temperature in CePrOx /doped-Al2O3 catalysts
M. López-Haro, K. Aboussaid, J. M. Pintado, J. J. Calvino, S. Trasobares

119. Sulfated Zirconia Catalysts: Structure and Performance Relationship, a TEM Study
C. Meyer, D. Su, N. Hensel, F. C. Jentoft, R. Schlögl

120. A novel procedure for an accurate estimation of the lattice parameter of supported metal nanoparticles from the analysis of plan view HREM images
C. Mira, J. A. Perez-Omil, J. J. Calvino, S. Bernal

121. Microstructure of Pt particles and aggregates deposited on different carbon materials for fuel cells application
D. Mirabile Gattia, E. Piscopiello, M. Vittori Antisari, S. Bellitto, S. Licoccia, E. Traversa, L. Giorgi, R. Marazzi, A. Montone

122. Low-loss-energy EFTEM imaging of triangular silver nanoparticles
J. Nelayah, L. Gu, W. Sigle, C. T. Koch, L. Pastoriza-Santos, L. M. Liz-Marzan, P. A. Aken

123. Microstructure of cobalt nanocluster arrays fabricated by solid-state dewetting
Yong-Jun Oh, Junghwan Kim, Sukhun Hwang, Caroline A. Ross, Carl V. Thompson

124. Size Effect in Gold Nanoparticles Investigated by Electron Holography and STEM
L. Ortolani, V. Morandi, M. Ferroni

125. Post-Mortem investigation of Fischer Tropsch catalysts using cryo- transmission electron microscopy
Dogan Ozkaya, Martin Lok, John Casci, Peter Ash

126. TEM Investigations on Cu-impregnated Zeolite Y catalysts via chloride free preparation
M. -M. Pohl, M. Richter, M. Schneider

127. Coarsening of mass-selected Au clusters on amorphous carbon at room temperature
R. Popescu, R. Schneider, D. Gerthsen, A. Böttcher, D. Löffler, P. Weiss

128. TEM investigations on Ni clusters electrodeposited on Carbon substrate
M. Re, M. F. Riccardis, D. Carbone, D. Wall, M. Vittori Antisari

129. Near-surface structure of FePt nanoparticles
B. Rellinghaus, D. Pohl, E. Mohn, L. Schultz

130. Overgrowth of gold nanorods: From rods to octahedrons
J. B. Rodríguez-González, E. Carbó-Argibay, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Pérez-Juste, L. M. Liz-Marzán

131. Reactive Diffusion under Laplace Tension in Spherical Nanostructures
C. Ene, C. Nowak, G. Schmitz

132. Preparation and characterization of palladium nanoparticles with various size distributions
M. Slouf, H. Vlkova, D. Kralova

133. Electron microscopy for the characterization of nanoparticles
D. Sommer, U. Golla-Schindler

134. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles prepared from TiOSO4 aqueous solutions
J. Šubrt, J. Boháček, N. Murafa, L. Szatmáry

135. Exploring nanoscale ferroelectricity in isolated and interacting colloidal ferroelectric nanocrystals using electron holography
Daniel Szwarcman, Yossi Lereah, Gil Markovich, Martin Linck, Hannes Lichte

136. STEM investigation on the one-pot synthesis of nanostructured CexZr1−xO2-BaO·nAl2O3 catalytic materials
J. C. Hernandez, J. A. Perez-Omil, J. J. Calvino, S. Bernal, R. Monte, S. Desinan, J. Kašpar, S. Trasobares

137. Enhanced stability against oxidation due to 2D self-organisation of hcp cobalt nanocrystals
Isabelle Lisiecki, S. Turner, S. Bals, M. P. Pileni, G. Tendeloo

138. Loaded porous Zn4O(bdc)3 (metal@MOF-5) frameworks characterised by TEM
S. Turner, O. I. Lebedev, F. Schröder, R. A. Fischer, G. Tendeloo

139. Growth behaviour of sub-nm sized focused electron beam induced deposits
W. F. Dorp, C. W. Hagen, P. A. Crozier, P. Kruit, S. Zalkind, B. Yakshinskiy, T. E. Madey

140. Ruthenium deposition on CO2-treated and untreated carbon black investigated by electron tomography
M. Wollgarten, R. Grothausmann, P. Bogdanoff, G. Zehl, I. Dorbandt, S. Fiechter, J. Banhart

141. Size-dependent crystallinity and relative orientations of nano-Pt/γ-Al2O3
J. C. Yang, L. Li, S. Sanchez, J. H. Kong, Q. Wang, L. L. Wang, Z. Zhang, D. D. Johnson, A. I. Frenkel, R. J. Nuzzo

142. Formation of nanometer-sized porous GaSb particles by vacancy clustering induced by electronic excitation
H. Yasuda, A. Tanaka, N. Nitta, K. Matsumoto, H. Mori

143. Structural investigations of membrane electrode assemblies in fuel cells via environmental scanning electron microscopy
S. Zils, N. Benker, C. Roth

In situ TEM nanocompression testing
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188. Simple method to improve quantification accuracy of energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in an analytical transmission electron microscope by specimen tilting
T. Walther

189. Comparison of transmission electron microscopy methods to measure layer thicknesses to sub-monolayer precision
T. Walther

190. Determination of interface structure of YBCO/LCMO by a spherical aberration- corrected HRTEM
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191. HREM characterization of BST-MgO interface
O. M. Zhigalina, A. N. Kuskova, A. L. Chuvilin, V. M. Mukhortov, Yu. I. Golovko, U. Kaiser

M3. Structural and Functional Materials

192. TEM investigations on novel shape memory systems with Ni-depletions
D. Schryvers, R. Delville, B. Bartova, H. Tian

193. Crystalline-to-amorphous transformation in intermetallic compounds by severe plastic deformation
K. Tsuchiya, T. Waitz, T. Hara, H. P. Karnthaler, Y. Todaka, M. Umemoto

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M. Albu, F. Méndez Martin, G. Kothleitner

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F. Misják, P. B. Barna, G. Radnóczi

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B. Bartova, D. Schryvers, N. Wiese, J. N. Chapman

197. On the gallium accumulation at the boundaries of Al layers in FIB prepared TEM specimens
P. Favia, H. Bender

198. Precipitation in an Al-Mg-Ge Alloy
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199. Interaction between dislocations and oxide precipitates in an aluminium containing ferritic stainless steel
L. Boulanger, S. Poissonnet, F. Legendre

200. Voids Associated with Nano-Particles of Tin in Aluminium
Laure Bourgeois, Matthew Weyland, Barry C. Muddle

201. Influence of thermal treatments in microstructure and recrystallization peak energy of P/M Al-Mg-X alloys
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202. Analytical TEM of Nb3Sn Multifilament Superconductor Wires
M. Cantoni, V. Abächerli, D. Uglietti, B. Seeber, R. Flükiger

203. 3D Reconstruction of Ni4Ti3 Precipitates in Ni-Ti by FIB/SEM Slice-and-View
S. Cao, W. Tirry, W. Broek, D. Schryvers

204. Electron microscopy study of Mg78.5Pd21.5: a phase with nanothin 120° rotational twin domains
W. Carrillo-Cabrera, J. P. A. Makongo, Yu. Prots, G. Kreiner

205. Analysing small precipitates in a ferritic steel matrix
A. J. Craven, M. MacKenzie

206. Failure analysis of first stage land-based gas turbine blades
F. Delabrouille, F. Arnoldi, L. Legras, C. Cossange

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208. Evidence of silica layer at the interface between ferrite and the chromium oxide scale in oxidized Fe-Cr-Si alloys
G. Bamba, P. Donnadieu, Y. Wouters, A. Galerie

209. Applying a classical 2 beam diffraction contrast method for measuring nanoprecipitate misfit
L. Lae, P. Donnadieu

210. Microstructure and interface composition of γ-phase in Co38Ni33Al29 shape memory alloy
R. Espinoza, B. Bartova, D. Schryvers, S. Ignacova, P. Sittner

211. Microstructural characterization of the aluminum alloy 6063 after work hardening treatments
I. M. Espósito, S. J. Buso, W. A. Monteiro

212. Microstructure- mechanical property relationships in dual phase automotive strip steels
V. Tzormpatzdi, G. Fourlaris

213. Electron diffraction analysis of nanocrystalline Fe-Al
C. Gammer, C. Mangler, C. Rentenberger, H. P. Karnthaler

214. Dual Beam and TEM characterisation of deformation structures in fatigued austenitic stainless steel
A. Garcia, L. Legras, M. Akamatsu, Y. Bréchet

215. Microstructural characterisation of steel heat-treated by the novel quenching and partitioning process
K. He, D. V. Edmonds, J. G. Speer, D. K. Matlock, F. C. Rizzo

216. Martensite tempering behaviour relevant to the quenching and partitioning process
K. He, D. V. Edmonds, J. G. Speer, D. K. Matlock, F. C. Rizzo

217. Chemical and structural analysis of NiAl-Al2O3 interface by FETEM and STEM
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218. TEM investigations of aluminum precipitate in eutectic Si of A356 based alloys
Z. H. Jia, L. Arnberg, P. Åsholt, B. Barlas, T. Iveland

219. Microstructure of slow-cooled wedge-cast Cu58Co42 alloy with a metastable liquid miscibility gap
E. Johnson, S. Curiotto, N. Pryds, L. Battezzati

220. TEM investigations of Elektron 21 magnesium alloy after long-term annealing
A. Kielbus

221. Microstructure of AJ62 magnesium alloy after long-term annealing
A. Kielbus, J. Mizera

222. EELS characterisation of the interface between nanoscaled ODS particles and matrix in advanced fusion steels
M. Klimenkov, R. Lindau, A. Möslang

223. Microstructure-mechanical property relationships in a maraging 250 steel
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230. Microstructural analysis of plastically deformed complex metallic alloy κ-AlMnNi
M. Lipińska-Chwałek, M. Heggen, M. Feuerbacher, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz

231. Electron microscopy analysis of Mn partitioning in retained austenite- martensite- bainite islands
A. Lis, J. Lis, P. Wieczorek

232. TEM characterization of microstructures in a Ni2MnGa alloy
H. Maeda, E. Taguchi, K. Inoue, A. Sugiyama

233. Nanocrystalline FeAl produced by high pressure torsion studied by TEM in 3D
C. Mangler, C. Rentenberger, H. P. Karnthaler

234. HRTEM study of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-(Ag, Cu) alloys
K. Matsuda, J. Nakamura, T. Kawabata, T. Sato, S. Ikeno

235. Martensite structure of non-stoichiometric Co2NiGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy
K. Prusik, M. Morawiec

236. Electron microscopy of Fe and FeB atomic clusters in the Fe-based amorphous alloys structure
E. V. Pustovalov, V. S. Plotnikov, B. N. Grudin, S. V. Dolzhikov, E. B. Modin, O. V. Voitenko, E. S. Slabzhennikov

237. Core/Shell Precipitates in Al-Li-Sc-Zr Alloys
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238. Analysis of basic mechanisms of hardening in ODS EUROFER97 steel using in-situ TEM
A. Ramar, R. Schäublin

239. TEM investigation on the acicular ferrite precipitation in γ’-Fe4N nitride
X. -C. Xiong, A. Redjaïmia, M. Gouné

240. Orientation Relationships between the δ-ferrite Matrix in a Duplex Stainless Steel and its Decomposition Products: the Austenite and the χ and R Frank-Kasper Phases
A. Redjaïmia, T. Otarola, A. Mateo

241. TEM study of localized deformation-induced disorder in intermetallic alloys of L12 structure
C. Rentenberger, C. Mangler, H. P. Karnthaler

242. SEM and TEM study of dynamic recrystallisation of zirconium alloy
L. Saintoyant, L. Legras, Y. Brechet

243. Effects of solution treatment and test temperature on tensile properties of high strength high Mn austenitic steels
K. Phiu-on, W. Bleck, A. Schwedt, J. Mayer

244. Microstructure evolution during Ni/Al multilayer reactions
S. Simões, F. Viana, A. S. Ramos, M. T. Vieira, M. F. Vieira

245. TEM investigation of severely deformed NiTi and NiTiHf shape memory alloys
G. Steiner, M. Peterlechner, T. Waitz, H. P. Karnthaler

246. TEM studies of nanostructured NiTiCo shape memory alloy for medical applications
D. Stróż, Z. Lekston

247. TEM investigations of microalloyed steels with Nb, V and Ti after different treatments
G. Szalay, R. Grill, K. Spiradek-Hahn, M. Brabetz

248. Initial Stages of the ω Phase Transformation
R. Tewari, K. V. Manikrishna, G. K. Dey, S. Banerjee

249. TEM study of the Ni-Ti shape memory micro-wire
H. Tian, D. Schryvers, J. Humbeeck

250. Multi-scale observations of deformation twins in Ti6Al4V
W. Tirry, F. Coghe, L. Rabet, D. Schryvers

251. Nd:YAG laser joining between stainless steel and nickel-titanium shape memory alloys
J. Vannod, A. Hessler-Wyser, M. Rappaz

252. Focused Ion Beam application on the investigation of tungsten-based materials for fusion application
L. Veleva, R. Schäublin, A. Ramar, Z. Oksiuta, N. Baluc

253. HRTEM of NiTi shape memory alloys made amorphous by high pressure torsion
T. Waitz, K. Tsuchiya, M. Peterlechner, H. P. Karnthaler

254. Is the lattice structure of the martensite in nanocrystalline NiTi base centred orthorhombic?
T. Waitz

255. TEM study of the NiTi shape memory thin film
B. Wang, A. Safi, T. Pardoen, A. Boe, J. P. Raskin, X. Wang, J. J. Vlassak, D. Schryvers

256. Sub-nano analysis of fine complex carbide in high strength steel with probe Cs (S)TEM
K. Yamada, E. Hamada, K. Sato, K. Inoke

257. Characterization of morphology and microstructure of different kinds of materials at NTNU Mater Sci EM Lab
Y. D. Yu, T. Nilsen, M. P. Raanes, J. Hjelen, J. K. Solberg

258. Characterization of a Ti64Ni20Pd16 thin film by transmission electron microscopy
R. Zarnetta, E. Zelaya, G. Eggeler, A. Ludwig

259. Analytical electron microscopy investigations of a microstructure of single and polycrystalline β-Mg2Al3 Samson phase
A. Zielińska-Lipiec, B. Dubiel, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz

260. Grain boundary interfaces in ceramics
D. J. H. Cockayne, S. -J. Shih, K. Dudeck, N. Young

261. Structure and chemistry of nanometer-thick intergranular films at metal-ceramic interfaces
W. D. Kaplan, M. Baram

262. Studying nanocrystallization behaviour of different inorganic glasses using Transmission Electron Microscopy
Somnath Bhattacharyya, Th. Höche, C. Bocker, C. Rüssel, A. Duran, N. Hémono, F. Muñoz, M. J. Pascual, K. Hahn, P.A. Aken

263. HRTEM and Diffraction Analysis of Surface Phases in Nanostructured LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 Spinel
F. Cosandey, N. Marandian Hagh, G. G. Amatucci

264. The structural origin of the antiferroelectric properties and relaxor behavior of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3
V. Dorcet, G. Trolliard, P. Boullay

265. Electron beam probing of insulators
H. -J. Fitting, N. Cornet, M. Touzin, D. Goeuriot, C. Guerret-Piécourt, D. Juvé, D. Tréheux

266. Characterization of Ge-based clathrates oxidized in air by means of TEM and SEM
C. Hébert, B. Bartova, M. Cantoni, U. Aydemir, M. Baitinger

267. Microstructure analysis of thin Cr2AlC films deposited at low temperature by magnetron sputtering
Riza Iskandar, Darwin P. Sigumonrong, Jochen M. Schneider, Joachim Mayer

268. Study of structural variation in YBaCo4O7+δ by electron diffraction
Y. Jia, H. Jiang, M. Valkeapää, M. Karppinen, E. I. Kauppinen

269. Exsolution phenomena in glass-ceramic systems
I. Tsilika, Ph. Komninou, G. P. Dimitrakopulos, Th. Kehagias, Th. Karakostas

270. Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Lead-Free Ferroelectrics in the System BNT-BT-KNN
H. -J. Kleebe, J. Kling, L. Schmitt, S. Lauterbach, H. Fuess

271. ReO3-related aluminum tungsten oxides showing a novel type of crystallographic shear structure
F. Krumeich, G. R. Patzke

272. Structural Characterisation by TEM of a New Homologous Series Bi2n+4MonO6(n+1); n=3,4,5 and 6
A. R. Landa-Canovas, J. Hernández-Velasco, E. Vila, J. Galy, A. Castro

273. Structural characterisation of a new rich iron layered oxide TlɛSr25−ɛFe30O76−x

C. Lepoittevin, S. Malo, S. Hebert, M. Hervieu, G. Tendeloo

274. EBSD studies of stress concentrations in ferroelectrics
I. MacLaren, M. U. Farooq, R. Villaurrutia, T. L. Burnett, T. P. Comyn, A. J. Bell, H. Kungl, M. J. Hoffmann

275. High-resolution pictures of nucleation growth triangle of 180° ferroelectric domain wall in a thin film of LiTaO3 obtained by Lorentz DPC-STEM
Takao Matsumoto, Masanari Koguchi, Yoshio Takahashi

276. Size and structure of barium halide nano-crystals in optically active fluorozirconate-based glasses
P. T. Miclea, B. Ahrens, C. Eisenschmidt, S. Schweizer

277. Domain Structure And Microstructure Development of BaTiO3 Doped With Rare-Earth Dopants
V. Mitic, V. B. Pavlovic, V. Paunovic, M. Miljkovic, B. Jordovic, Lj. Zivkovic

278. SEM and EDS Analysis of BaTiO3 Doped With Yb2O3 and Ho2O3

V. Mitic, V. B. Pavlovic, V. Paunovic, M. Miljkovic, B. Jordovic, Lj. Zivkovic

279. Structure and superconductivity of Pr-Ba-Cu-O crystals prepared by ambient pressure synthesis using citrate pyrolysis method
K. Nishio, T. Isshiki, T. Shima, M. Hagiwara

280. Electron Diffuse Scattering in epitaxially grown SrTiO3 thin film
F. Pailloux, J. Pacaud

281. Investigation of the hydration of calciumsulfate hemihydrates with different microscopic methods
C. Pritzel, R. Trettin

282. Investigation of holes in calciumsulfate-hemihydrate crystals by different microscopic methods
C. Pritzel, R. Trettin

283. Analytical and high-resolution TEM investigation of Boron-doped CeO2

B. Rahmati, G. Gregori, W. Sigle, C. T. Koch, P. A. Aken, J. Maier

284. Accommodation of the compositional variations in the Ca1−xSrxMnO3−δ (0≤x≤1, 0≤δ≤0.5) system
S. Dios, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, A. Varela, M. Parras, J. M. González Calbet

285. Evidence of SrO(SrTiO3)n Ruddlesden-Popper Phases by High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Holography
M. Reibold, E. Gutmann, A. A. Levin, A. Rother, D. C. Meyer, H. Lichte

286. New Barium Antimony Aluminates evidenced by TEM techniques
R. Retoux, A. Letrouit, M. Hervieu, S. Boudin

287. (Multi-)ferroic domain walls- a combined ab-initio and microscopical investigation
A. Rother, S. Gemming, D. Geiger, N. Spaldin

288. Diagnostic of Li battery cathode by EELS, first principles calculation and spectrum-imaging with multi-variate analysis
K. Tatsumi, Y. Sasano, S. Muto, T. Sasaki, Y. Takeuchi, K. Horibuchi, Y. Ukyo

289. Local electronic structure analysis on Ce3+-containing materials by TEM-EELS and first principles calculations
K. Tatsumi, I. Nishida, S. Muto

290. Local chemical inhomogeneities in NaNb1−xTaxO3 as observed by HRTEM and HAADF-STEM
A. Torres-Pardo, E. García-González, J. M. González-Calbet, F. Krumeich, R. Nesper

291. The influence of lanthanum doping on the structure of PbZr0.9Ti0.1O3 ceramics
R. Villaurrutia, I. MacLaren, A. Peláiz-Barranco

292. Anomalous absorption of electrons during electron diffraction on BaTiO3 single crystals near phase transition at 120°C
A. Wall

293. Template-assisted synthesis and characterization of SrTiO3 nanostructures
K. Žagar, S. Šturm, M. Čeh

294. (S)TEM/EELS characterisation of a multilayer C/Cr PVD coating
Z. Zhou, W. M. Rainforth, M. Gass, A. Bleloch, P. Eh. Hovsepian

295. High resolution imaging of magnetic structures in a TEM — what is possible?
J. Zweck

296. Phase segregation leading to spontaneous outcropping of (Sr,La)Ox dots in La1−xSrxMnO3 films
P. Abellan, F. Sandiumenge, C. Moreno, M. J. Casanove, T. Puig, X. Obradors

297. Microstructure of epitaxially strained LaCoO3 thin films
L. Dieterle, D. Gerthsen, D. Fuchs

298. Are the samples really flat? Influence of the supporting membrane on the magnetization of patterned micromagnets
C. Dietrich, J. Zweck

299. HRTEM characterization of core-shell Fe@C and Fe@SiO2 magnetic nanoparticles prepared by the arc-discharge plasma method
Rodrigo Fernández-Pacheco, Manuel Arruebo, Jordi Arbiol, Clara Marquina, Jesús Santamaría, M. R. Ibarra

300. Nanofabrication of ferromagnetic nanotips and nanobridges by 2D and 3D electron-beam cutting
T. Gnanavel, Z. Saghi, Y. Peng, B. J. Inkson, M. R. J. Gibbs, G. Möbus

301. An investigation into the crystallization of the MgO barrier layer of a magnetic tunnel junction
V. Harnchana, A. P. Brown, R. M. Brydson, A. T. Hindmarch, C. H. Marrows

302. FeCoAlN films with induced magnetic anisotropy
A. Lančok, M. Klementová, M. Miglierini, F. Fendrych, K. Postava, J. Kohout, O. Životský

303. The martensitic microstructure of 5M and NM martensites in off-stoichiometric Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
Pallavi Sontakke, Amita Gupta, Madangopal Krishnan

304. TEM characterization of nanometer-sized Fe/MgO granular multilayer thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
C. Magén, E. Snoeck, A. García-García, J. A. Pardo, P. A. Algarabel, P. Štrichovanec, A. Vovk, L. Morellón, J. M. Teresa, M. R. Ibarra

305. Structural modification and self-assembly of nanoscale magnetite synthesised in the presence of an anionic surfactant
S. Malik, I. J. Hewitt, A. K. Powell

306. Electron microscopy phase retrieval of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) FePd alloys
A. Masseboeuf, C. Gatel, A. Marty, E. Snoek, P. Bayle-Guillemaud

307. Magnetic domain wall propagation in nanostructures of alloys with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
A. Masseboeuf, A. Mihaï, J. P. Attané, J. C. Pillet, P. Warin, A. L. Vila, G. Gaudin, M. Miron, B. Rodmacq, E. Gautier, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud

308. The effect of annealing in the microstructure and magnetic properties of NiCuZn ferrites
D. Sakellari, V. Tsakaloudi, V. Zaspalis, E. K. Polychroniadis

309. Microstructural and compositional analyses of nano-structured Co-Pt thin films
Z. Samardžija, K. Žužek Rožman, S. Kobe

310. L10-type ordered structure of FePd nanoparticles studied by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
K. Sato, T. J. Konno, Y. Hirotsu

311. Structural and chemical characterization of Co-doped ZnO layers grown on Si and sapphire
R. Schneider, L. D. Yao, D. Gerthsen, G. Mayer, M. Fonin, U. Rüdiger

312. TEM studies of cobalt-doped zinc oxide films
J. Simon, K. Nielsen, M. Opel, S. T. B. Goennenwein, R. Gross, W. Mader

313. Nanocrystallization of amorphous Fe40Ni38B18Mo4 alloy
D. Srivastava, A. P. Srivastava, G. K. Dey

314. Structural and compositional properties of Sm-Fe-Ta magnetic nanospheres prepared by pulsed-laser deposition at 157 nm in a N2 atmosphere
S. Šturm, K. Žužek Rožman, E. Sarantopoulou, S. Kobe

315. Characterization of Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys using electron holography and Lorentz microscopy
K. Vogel, M. Linck, Ch. Matzeck, A. Rother, D. Wolf, H. Lichte

316. Energy Loss Magnetic Chiral Dichroïsm (EMCD) for magnetic material
B. Warot-Fonrose, L. Calmels, C. Gatel, F. Houdellier, V. Serin, E. Snoeck

317. Determining the nanoscale chemistry and behavior of interfaces and phases in Al-Si(-Cu-Mg) nanoparticles using in-situ TEM
J. M. Howe, S. K. Eswaramoorthy, G. Muralidharan

318. Dislocations in AlPdMn quasicrystals: contrast in TEM and physical properties
D. Caillard, F. Mompiou

319. Characterization of a-plane GaN films grown on r-plane sapphire substrate by electron microscopy
Y. Arroyo Rojas Dasilva, T. Zhu, D. Martin, N. Grandjean, P. Stadelmann

320. A method for atomistic/continuum analysis of defects in large HRTEM images
A. Belkadi, G. P. Dimitrakopulos, J. Kioseoglou, G. Jurczak, T. D. Young, P. Dluzewski, Ph. Komninou

321. High resolution electron microscopy of interfaces in ultrafine microstructures of Zr and Ti based alloys
G. K. Dey, S. Neogy, R. T. Savalia, R. Tewari, D. Srivastava, S. Banerjee

322. Anisotropic strain relaxation in (110) La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films
S. Estrade, I. C. Infante, F. Sanchez, J. Fontcuberta, J. Arbiol, F. Peiró

323. Metadislocations in complex metallic alloys: core structures investigated by aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
M. Feuerbacher, L. Houben, M. Heggen

324. TEM of high pressure torsion processed intermetallic Zr3Al
D. Geist, C. Rentenberger, H. P. Karnthaler

325. Multiscale characterisation of the plasticity of Fe-Mn-C TWIP steels
H. Idrissi, L. Ryelandt, K. Renard, S. Ryelandt, F. Delannay, D. Schryvers, P. J. Jacques

326. Misfit analysis of the InN/GaN interface through HRTEM image simulations
J. Kioseoglou, G. P. Dimitrakopulos, Th. Kehagias, E. Kalessaki, Ph. Komninou, Th. Karakostas

327. Application of TEM for Real Structure Determination of Rare Earth Metal Compounds
L. Kienle, V. Duppel, Hj. Mattausch, M. C. Schaloske, A. Simon

328. Quantitative Dislocation Analysis of 2H AlN:Si grown on (0001) Sapphire
Oliver Klein, Johannes Biskupek, Ute Kaiser, Sarad Bahadur Thapa, Ferdinand Scholz

329. Transrotational crystals in crystallizing amorphous films: new solid state order or novel extended imperfection
V. Yu. Kolosov

330. Determination of precise orientation relationships between surface precipitates and matrix in a duplex stainless steel
Y. Meng, G. Nolze, W. Z. Zhang, L. Gu, P. A. Aken

331. Interfaces in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells
G. Östberg, E. Olsson

332. In-situ electron beam irradiation of nanopipes in GaN
F. Pailloux, J. -F. Barbot

333. The atomic structure of an incommensurate (001)-(110) Si grain boundary resolved thanks to a probe Cs-corrector
J. L. Rouviere, F. Lançon, K. Rousseau, D. Caliste, F. Fournel

334. Atomic structure and dopant segregation of [0001] tilt grain boundaries in ZnO bicrystals
Y. Sato, T. Mizoguchi, J. P. Buban, N. Shibata, T. Yamamoto, T. Hirayama, Y. Ikuhara

335. TEM study of strain and defect engineering with diluted nitride semiconductors
J. Schöne, E. Spiecker, F. Dimroth, A. W. Bett, W. Jäger

336. Investigation of the Co-Precipitation of Copper and Nickel in Silicon by Means of Transmission Electron Microscopy
C. Rudolf, L. Stolze, M. Seibt

337. Micro-structure analysis of a friction-stir welded 2024 aluminium alloy using electron microscopy
E. Sukedai, T. Maebara, T. Yokayama

338. Deformation defects in a metastable β titanium alloy
H. Xing, J. Sun

339. Defect generation and characterization in 4H-SiC
J. P. Ayoub, M. Texier, G. Regula, M. Lancin, B. Pichaud

340. Investigation of defects in polymorph B enriched zeolite Beta
Daliang Zhang, Junliang Sun, Sven Hovmöller, Xiaodong Zou

341. Optimizing electron diffraction and EDS for phase identification in complex structures: application to multilayered Ti-Ni-P coatings
P. A. Buffat, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz

342. Advanced analytical transmission electron microscopy to investigate the nano-graded materials properties
M. Cheynet, S. Pokrant, L. Joly-Pottuz, J. M. Martin

343. Characterisation of Nickel Nanocomposites by SEM, TEM and EBSD
D. Dietrich, Th. Lampke, B. Wielage, D. Thiemig, A. Bund

344. Characterisation of Gold Nanocomposites by SEM, TEM and EBSD
D. Dietrich, Th. Lampke, B. Wielage, P. Cojocaru, P. L. Cavallotti

345. Alumina Coatings as Protection against Corrosive Atmosphere
I. Dörfel, R. Sojref, M. Dressler, D. Hünert, M. Nofz

346. Advanced Multilayer Systems for X-ray Optics: Quality Assessment by TEM
D. Häussler, W. Jäger, E. Spiecker, B. Ögüt, U. Ross, J. Wiesmann, M. Störmer

347. Surface investigation of SU-8 by atomic force and scanning electron microscopy
Th. Kups, Chr. Kremin, M. Hoffmann, L. Spieß

348. SEM and TEM investigations of electrophoretical deposited Si3N4 and SiC particles in siloxane of steel substrate
Th. Kups, A. Knote, L. Spieß

349. Contribution of electron microscopy techniques to the chemical and structural characterization of TiC/a-C nanocomposite coatings
C. López-Cartes, D. Martínez-Martínez, J. C. Sánchez-López, A. Fernández

350. TEM investigations of the Ti/TiN multilayered coatings deposited on the Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy
T. Moskalewicz, H. J. Penkalla, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz

351. Microstructural e

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