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The Growing Spine

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Table of contents

Section I. General

1. Embryology and Anatomy: Spine/Spinal Cord
Shay Bess, Vikas Varma

2. Normal Growth of the Spine and Thorax
Alain Dimeglio, François Bonnel, Federico Canavese

3. Biomechanics in the Growing Spine
Andrew T. Mahar

4. Genetics
Kenneth M. C. Cheung, Daniel W. H. Ho, You-Qiang Song

Section II. Evaluation of the Growing Child

5. Clinical Examination
Jeff Pawelek, Vikas V. Varma, Ramin Bagheri

6. Comorbidities Associated with Early Onset Scoliosis
Hazem B. Elsebaie

7. Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome (TIS)
Gregory J. Redding

8. Imaging of the Growing Spine
John T. Smith, Jean Dubousset

9. Back Pain in Children
Mikko Poussa

10. Pediatric Spinal Infections
Ahmet Alanay, ĺbrahim Akel

11. Management of Spine Tumors in Young Children
R. Emre Acaroglu, H. Gokhan Demirkiran

12. Pediatric Spine Trauma
John P. Dormans, Ejovi Ughwanogho, Jaimo Ahn

13. The Growing Spine and Sports
John M. Flynn, Ejovi Ughwanogho, Danielle B. Cameron

14. Spinal Deformity in Metabolic Diseases
James O. Sanders, Kerry Armet, Susan Bukata

15. Spinal Manifestations of the Skeletal Dysplasias
Michael C. Ain, Eric D. Shirley

16. Syndromic Spinal Deformities in the Growing Child
Paul D. Sponseller, Justin Yang

Section III. Spinal Deformities in the Growing Child

17. Idiopathic Scoliosis: Infantile and Juvenile
Gregory M. Mundis, Behrooz A. Akbarnia

18. Congenital Scoliosis
Muharrem Yazici, Guney Yilmaz

19. Treatment of Spinal Deformity in Cerebral Palsy
Suken A. Shah

20. Myelodysplasia
Lawrence I. Karlin

21. Spinal Dysraphism
Nejat Akalan

22. Other Neuromuscular Diseases
Burt Yaszay

23. Neurofibromatosis
Alvin H. Crawford, Viral V. Jain

24. Sagittal Plane Deformities in Growing Children
Acke Ohlin

25. Spondylolisthesis
Dietrich K. A. Schlenzka

Section IV. Management of Spinal Deformity in the Growing Child: Non-Surgical

26. Casting for Early Onset Scoliosis
James O. Sanders

27. Orthotic Management for Infantile and Juvenile Scoliosis
John B. Emans

28. Halo-Gravity Traction
Charles E. Johnston

29. Crankshaft Phenomena Following Spinal Fusion in the Growing Child
Nobumasa Suzuki, Kota Watanabe

30. Convex Growth Arrest for Congenital Scoliosis
Muharrem Yazici, Ozgur Dede

31. Kyphectomy in Myelomeningocele
John F. Sarwark, Ritesh R. Shah, Neel Jain

32. Hemivertebrectomy
Gérard Bollini, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Yann Glard, Franck Launay, Elke Viehweger, Jean-Luc Jouve

33. Vertebral Osteotomy
Francisco Sànchez Pérez-Grueso

34. Vertebral Resection
Dezsö Jeszenszky, Tamás Fülöp Fekete

35. Single Growing Rods
George H. Thompson, Jochen P. Son-Hing

36. Dual Growing Rods
Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Gregory M. Mundis, Pooria Salari

37. VEPTR Expansion Thoracoplasty
Robert M. Campbell

38. Revision Spine Surgery in the Growing Child
Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, Matthew E Cunningham

39. Anesthesia and Postoperative Management of Spinal Deformity Surgery in Growing Children
Ivan Florentino-Pineda

40. Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring During Corrective Spine Surgery in the Growing Child
Daniel M. Schwartz, Anthony K. Sestokas, John P. Dormans

41. Nursing Care
Patricia Kostial, Connie Poe-Kochert, Phyllis D’Ambra

42. Long-Term Effects of Instrumented Fusion in Growing Children
Lawrence G. Lenke

43. Outcomes in Children with Early Onset Scoliosis
Michael G Vitale, James Wright

44. Current Research in Growth Modulation and Future Outlook
Peter O. Newton, Vidyadhar V. Upasani

45. Non-Fusion Anterior Stapling
Randal R. Betz, Jahangir Asghar, Amer F. Samdani

46. Spinal External Fixation
Koki Uno

47. Magnetic Powered Extensible Rod for Thorax or Spine
Lotfi Miladi, Jean F. Dubousset

48. Growth Guided Instrumentation: Shilla Procedure
Richard E. McCarthy

49. Hybrid Distraction-Based Growing Rods
David L. Skaggs

50. Basic Science and Future Clinical Perspective
James W. Ogilvie

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Surgical Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Oncology

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