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Table of contents

Part X. Impact and Compaction

1. A study of particle ejection by high-speed impacts
M. Anyoji, D. Numata, M. Sun, K. Takayama

2. An experimental and numerical study of steel tower response to blast loading
J.D. Baum, O.A. Soto, C. Charman

3. DEM simulation of wave propagation in two-dimensional ordered array of particles
M. Nishida, K. Tanaka, T. Ishida

4. Experiment study of ejecta composition in impact phenomenon
D. Numata, T. Kikuchi, M. Sun, K. Kaiho, K. Takayama

5. Numerical simulation of the propagation of stress disturbance in shock-loaded granular media using the discrete element method
Y. Sakamura, H. Komaki

6. Strain characteristics of aluminum honeycombs under the static and impact compressions
K. Tanaka, M. Nishida, K. Tomita, T. Hayakawa

Part XI. Medical, Biological, Industrial Applications

7. Acceleration of cell growth rate by plane shock wave using shock tube
M. Tamagawa, N. Ishimatsu, S. Iwakura, I. Yamanoi

8. Application of shock waves in pencil manufacturing industry
G. Jagadeesh

9. Comparison of methods for generating shock waves in liquids
S. Dion, C. Hebert, M. Brouillette

10. Gas-phase synthesis of non-agglomerated nanoparticles by fast gasdynamic heating and cooling
A. Grzona, A. Wei?, H. Olivier, T. Gawehn, A. Gülhan, N. Al-Hasan, G.H. Schnerr, A. Abdali, M. Luong, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz, J. Chun, B. Weigand, T. Winnemöller, W. Schröder, T. Rakel, K. Schaber, V. Goertz, H. Nirschl, A. Maisels, W. Leibold, M. Dannehl

11. Large-scale simulation for HIFU treatment to brain
Y. Nakajima, J. Uebayashi, Y. Tamura, Y. Matsumoto

12. Study on application of shock waves generated by micro bubbles to the treatment of ships’ ballast water
A. Abe, H. Kanai, H. Mimura, S. Nishio, H. Ishida

13. Study of mechanical and chemical effects induced by shock waves on the inactivation of a marine bacterium
A. Abe, Y. Miyachi, H. Mimura

14. The effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on the repair of articular cartilage
C.Y. Wen, C.H. Chu, K.T. Yeh, P.L. Chen

15. The generation of high particle velocities by shock tunnel technology for coating application
X. Luo, H. Olivier, I. Fenercioglu

Part XII. Multiphase Flow

16. Cavitation induced by low-speed underwater impact
H. Kleine, S. Tepper, K. Takehara, T.G. Etoh, K. Hiraki

17. Experimental study of shock wave and bubble generation by pulsed CO2 laser beam irradiation into muddy water
K. Ohtani, D. Numata, K. Takayama, T. Kobayashi, K. Okatsu

18. Nonequilibrium ionization of iron nanoparticles in shock front
A. Drakon, A. Emelianov, A. Eremin

19. Non-uniform flow structure behind a dusty gas shock wave with unsteady drag force
T. Saito, M. Saba, M. Sun, K. Takayama

20. Numerical study of shock-driven deformation of interfaces
M.-S. Liou, C.-H. Chang, H. Chen, J.-J. Hu

21. Shock and wave dynamics in fuel injection systems
I.H. Sezal, S.J. Schmidt, G.H. Schnerr, M. Thalhamer, M. Förster

22. Shock-induced collapse of bubbles in liquid
X.Y. Hu, N.A. Adams

23. Soot formation, structure and yield at pyrolysis of gaseous hydrocabons behind reflected shock waves
O.G. Penyazkov, K.A. Ragotner

24. Two dimensional structure and onset Mach number of condensation induced shock wave in condensing nozzle flows
M. Yu, M.L. Wang, B. Huang, H. Xu, Y.J. Zhu, X. Luo, J.M. Yang

Part XIII. Nozzle Flow

25. Design and analysis of a rectangular cross-section hypersonic nozzle
R.S.M. Chue, D. Cresci, P. Montgomery

26. Effect of nozzle inlet geometry on underexpanded supersonic jet characteristics
N. Menon, B.W. Skews

27. Experimental investigation of shock stand-off distance on spheres in hypersonic nozzle flows
T. Hashimoto, T. Komuro, K. Sato, K. Itoh

28. Mach disk shape in truncated ideal contour nozzles
R. Stark, B. Wagner

29. Numerical simulation of separated flow in nozzle with slots
I.E. Ivanov, I.A. Kryukov, V.V. Semenov

30. Numerical simulation of transient supersonic nozzle flows
A. Hadjadj, Y. Perrot

31. Numerical studies of shock vector control for deflecting nozzle exhaust flows
T. Saito, T. Fujimoto

32. Rectangular underexpanded gas jets: Effect of pressure ratio, aspect ratio and Mach number
N. Menon, B.W. Skews

Part XIV. Numerical Methods

33. A cartesian grid finite-volume method for the simulation of gasdynamic flows about geometrically complex objects
A. Klomfass

34. A discontinuous Galerkin method using Taylor basis for computing shock waves on arbitrary grids
H. Luo, J.D. Baum, R. Löhner

35. A front tracking approach for finite-volume methods
D. Hänel, F. Völker, R. Vilsmeier, I. Wlokas

36. Behaviour of a bucky-ball under extreme internal and external pressures
N. Kaur, S. Gupta, K. Dharamvir, V.K. Jindal

37. Investigation of interaction between shock waves and flow disturbances with different shock-capturing schemes
A.N. Kudryavtsev, D.V. Khotyanovsky, D.B. Epshtein

38. Novel LBM Scheme for Euler Equations
A. Agarwal, A. Agrawal, B. Puranik, C. Shu

39. Numerical simulation of flows with shocks through an unstructured shock-fitting solver
R. Paciorri, A. Bonfiglioli

40. Molecular dynamics study of vibrational nonequilibrium and chemical reactions in shock waves
A.L. Smirnov, A.N. Dremin

41. Parallel algorithm for detonation wave simulation
P. Ravindran, F.K. Lu

42. Shock detection and limiting strategies for high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes
C. Altmann, A. Taube, G. Gassner, F. Lörcher, C.-D. Munz

43. The modified ghost fluid method for shock-structure interaction in the presence of cavitation
T.G. Liu, W.F. Xie, C. Turangan, B.C. Khoo

44. Transient aerodynamic forces experienced by aerofoils in accelerated motion
H. Roohani, B.W. Skews

Part XV. Plasmas

45. Relaxation dynamics of porous matter under intense pulsed irradiation
V.P. Efremov, B.A. Demidov, A.N. Mescheryakov, A.I. Potapenko, V.E. Fortov

46. Shock wave interaction with nanosecond transversal discharges in shock tube channel
I.A. Znamenskaya, D.A. Koroteev, D.M. Orlov, A.E. Lutsky, I.E. Ivanov

47. Temperature measurements in the arc heated region of a Huels type arc heater
K. Kitagawa, Y. Miyagawa, K. Inaba, M. Yasuhara, N. Yoshikawa

Part XVI. Propulsion

48. A model to predict the Mach reflection of the separation shock in rocket nozzles
F. Nasuti, M. Onofri

49. Computation of hypersonic double wedge shock / boundary layer interaction
B. Reinartz, J. Ballmann

50. Disintegration of hydrocarbon jets behind reflected shock waves
I. Stotz, G. Lamanna, B. Weigand, J. Steelant

51. Experimental and numerical investigation on the supersonic inlet buzz with angle of attack
H.-J. Lee, I.-S. Jeung

52. Experimental investigation of inlet injection in a scramjet with rectangular to elliptical shape transition
J.C. Turner, M.K. Smart

53. Experimental investigation on staged injection in a dual-mode combustor
S. Rocci Denis, D. Maier, H.-P. Kau

54. Performance of a scramjet engine model in Mach 6 flight condition
S. Ueda, T. Kouchi, M. Takegoshi, S. Tomioka, K. Tani

55. Radiatively cooled scramjet combustor
R.G. Morgan, F. Zander

56. Thrust vectoring through fluid injection in an axisymmetrical supersonic nozzle: Theoretical and computational study
N. Maarouf, M. Sellam, M. Grignon, A. Chpoun

Part XVII. Rarefied Flow

57. On shock wave solution of the Boltmann equation with a modified collision term
S. Takahashi, A. Sakurai

58. Rotational-translational relaxation effects in diatomic-gas flows
V.V. Riabov

59. Shock wave solution of molecular kinetic equation for source flow problem
M. Tsukamoto, A. Sakurai

Part XVIII. Richtmyer-Meshkov

60. Computations in 3D for shock-induced distortion of a light spherical gas inhomogeneity
J.H.J. Niederhaus, D. Ranjan, J.G. Oakley, M.H. Anderson, J.A. Greenough, R. Bonazza

61. Experimental investigation of shock-induced distortion of a light spherical gas inhomogeneity
D. Ranjan, J.H.J. Niederhaus, J.G. Oakley, M.H. Anderson, R. Bonazza

62. Hot wire, laser Doppler measurements and visualization of shock induced turbulent mixing zones
C. Mariani, G. Jourdan, L. Houas, L. Schwaederlé

63. Investigation on the acceleration of sinusoidal gaseous interfaces by a plane shock wave
C. Mariani, G. Jourdan, L. Houas, M. Vandenboomgaerde, D. Souffland

64. Particle image velocimetry study of shock-induced single mode Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
R. Aure, J.W. Jacobs

65. Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in laser plasma-shock wave interaction
A. Sasoh, K. Mori, T. Ohtani

66. Shock tube experiments and numerical simulation of the single mode three-dimensional Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
V.V. Krivets, C.C. Long, J.W. Jacobs, J.A. Greenough

67. Shock wave induced instability at a rectangular gas/liquid interface
H.-H. Shi, Q.-W. Zhuo

Part XIX. Shock Boundary Layer Interaction

68. An investigation into supersonic swept cavity flows
B. Reim, S.L. Gai, J. Milthorpe, H. Kleine

69. Axisymmetric separated shock-wave boundary-layer interaction
N. Murray, R. Hillier

70. Computational studies of the effect of wall temperature on hypersonic shock-induced boundary layer separation
L. Brown, C. Fischer, R.R. Boyce, B. Reinartz, H. Olivier

71. Dynamics of unsteady shock wave motion
P.J.K. Bruce, H. Babinsky

72. Experimental investigation of heat transfer characteristic in supersonic flow field on a sharp fin shape
J.W. Song, J.J. Yi, M.S. Yu, H.H. Cho, K.Y. Hwnag, J.C. Bae

73. Experimental investigation of the sliding electric frequency mode arc discharge in the subsonic and supersonic flow
V.S. Aksenov, S.A. Gubin, K.V. Efremov, V.V. Golub

74. Experimental study of two-dimensional shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interactions
A.G. Dann, R.G. Morgan, M. McGilvray

75. Flow simulation of inlet components using URANS approach
N.N. Fedorova, I.A. Fedorchenko, Y.V. Semenova

76. Fluidic control of cavity configurations at transonic and supersonic speeds
C. Lada, K. Kontis

77. Front separation regions for blunt and streamlined bodies initiated by temperature wake – bow shock wave interaction
P.Y. Georgievskiy, V.A. Levin

78. Pressure waves interference under supersonic flow in flat channel with relief walls
M.-C. Kwon, V.V. Semenov, V.A. Volkov

79. Progress in time resolved flow visualisation of shock boundary layer interaction in shock tunnels
N. Mudford, S. Wittig, S. Kirstein, R. Boyce, R. Hruschka

80. Study on convective heat transfer coefficient around a circular jet ejected into a supersonic flow
J.J. Yi, J.W. Song, M.S. Yu, H.H. Cho

81. The effect of boundary layer transition on jet interactions
G.S. Freebairn, N.R. Deepak, R.R. Boyce, N.R. Mudford, A.J. Neely

82. The influence of wall temperature on shock-induced separation
C.A. Edelmann, G.T. Roberts, L. Krishnan, N.D. Sandham, Y. Yao

83. Wave drag reduction by means of aerospikes on transonic wings
M. Rein, H. Rosemann, E. Schülein

84. Wave drag reduction concept for blunt bodies at high angles of attack
E. Schülein

85. Wave processes on a supercritical airfoil
A. Alshabu, H. Olivier, V. Herms, I. Klioutchnikov

Part XX. Shock Propagation/Reflection

86. ?1, ?1, ?2 - root characteristics of multiply possible theoretical solutions of steady Mach reflections in perfect diatomic gases
J.-J. Liu, T.-I. Tseng

87. A calculator for shock wave reflection phenomenon
M. Sun

88. A parametric study of shock wave enhancement
D. Igra, O. Igra

89. A secondary small-scale turbulent mixing phenomenon induced by shock-wave Mach-reflection slip-stream instability
A. Rikanati, O. Sadot, G. Ben-Dor, D. Shvarts, T. Kuribayashi, K. Takayama

90. Analytical reconsideration of the so-called von Neumann paradox in the reflection of a shock wave over a wedge
Eugene I. Vasilev, Tov Elperin, Gabi Ben-Dor

91. Blast loads and propagation around and over a building
C.E. Needham

92. Blast propagation through windows and doors
C.E. Needham

93. Blast wave discharge into a shelter with inlet chevron
A. Britan, Y. Kivity, G. Ben-Dor

94. Computational and experimental investigation of dynamic shock reflection phenomena
K. Naidoo*, B.W. Skews

95. Computations of shock wave propagation with local mesh adaptation
B. Reimann, V. Hannemann, K. Hannemann

96. Diffraction of two-shock configuration over different surfaces
M.K. Berezkina, I.V. Krassovskaya, D.H. Ofengeim

97. Drainage and attenuation capacity of particulate aqueous foams
A. Britan, M. Liverts, G. Ben-Dor

98. Effect of acceleration on shock-wave dynamics of aerofoils during transonic flight
H. Roohani, B.W. Skews

99. Effects of precursory stress waves along a wall of a container of liquid on intermittent jet formation
A. Matthujak, K. Pianthong, M. Sun, K. Takayama, B.E. Milton

100. Experimental investigation of tripping between regular and Mach reflection in the dual-solution domain
C.A. Mouton, H.G. Hornung

101. Interferometric signal measurement of shock waves and contact surfaces in small scale shock tube
S. Udagawa, K. Maeno, I. Golubeva, W. Garen

102. Investigation of a planar shock on a body loaded with low temperature plasmas
F.-M. Yu, M.-S. Lin

103. Numerical, theoretical and experimental study of shock wave reflection from a layer of spherical particles
E. Timofeev, G. Noble, S. Goroshin, J. Lee, S. Murray

104. Numerical simulation of interactions between dissociating gases and catalytic materials in shock tubes
V.V. Riabov

105. Numerical simulation of shock waves at microscales using continuum and kinetic approaches
D.E. Zeitoun, Y. Burtschell, I. Graur, A. Hadjadj, A. Chinnayya, M.S. Ivanov, A.N. Kudryavtsev, Y.A. Bondar

106. Numerical simulation of weak steady shock reflections
M. Ivanov, D. Khotyanovsky, R. Paciorri, F. Nasuti, A. Bonfiglioli

107. On the ongoing quest to pinpoint the location of RR-MR transition in blast wave reflections
H. Kleine, E. Timofeev, A. Gojani, M. Tetreault-Friend, K. Takayama

108. Shock over spheres in unsteady near-sonic free flight
J. Falcovitz, T. Kikuchi, K. Takayama

109. Shock wave diffraction over complex convex walls
C. Law, B.W. Skews, K.H. Ching

110. Shock waves in mini-tubes: influence of the scaling parameter S

W. Garen, B. Meyerer, S. Udagawa, K. Maeno

111. Shock wave interactions inside a complex geometry
H. Zare-Behtash, D. Kounadis, K. Kontis

112. Shock wave interactions with concave cavities
B.W. Skews, H. Kleine

113. Shock waves dynamics investigations for surface discharge energy analysis
D.F. Latfullin, I.V. Mursenkova, I.A. Znamenskaya, T.V. Bazhenova, A.E. Lutsky

114. Shock-on-shock interactions over double-wedges: comparison between inviscid, viscous and nonequilibrium hypersonic flow
G. Tchuen, M. Fogue, Y. Burtschell, D.E. Zeitoun, G. Ben-Dor

115. Simulation of forming a shock wave in the shock tube on the molecular level and behavior of the end of a shock-heated gas
S.V. Kulikov

116. Some special features of the flow in compressed layer downstream the incident shock in overexpanded jet
V.N. Uskov, M.V. Chernyshov

117. Studies on micro explosive driven blast wave propagation in confined domains using NONEL tubes
C. Oommen, G. Jagadeesh, B.N. Raghunandan

118. The aerodynamics of a supersonic projectile in ground effect
G. Doig, H. Kleine, A.J. Neely, T.J. Barber, E. Leonardi, J.P. Purdon, E.M. Appleby, N.R. Mudford

119. The interaction of supersonic and hypersonic flows with a double cone: comparison between inviscid, viscous, perfect and real gas model simulations
M.-C. Druguet, G. Ben-Dor, D. Zeitoun

120. The two distinct configurations of 3-shock reflections in the domain beset by the von Neumann paradox
A. Siegenthaler

121. The von Neumann paradox for strong shock waves
S. Kobayashi, T. Adachi, T. Suzuki

122. Unsteady Navier-Stokes simulations of regular-to-Mach reflection transition on an ideal surface
E. Timofeev, A. Merlen

123. Underwater shock and bubble interactions from twin explosive charges
J.J. Lee, J. Gregson, G. Rude, G.T. Paulgaard

124. Viscosity effects on weak shock wave reflection
D. Khotyanovsky, A. Kudryavtsev, Y. Bondar, G. Shoev, M. Ivanov

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluids, Acoustics, Automotive Engineering

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