Luysberg, Martina

EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany

Luysberg, Martina - EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Instrumentation and Methods

1. Aberration corrected STEM and EELS: Atomic scale chemical mapping
A. L. Bleloch, M. Gass, L. Jiang, B. Mendis, K. Sader, P. Wang

2. An update on the TEAM project — first results from the TEAM 0.5 microscope, and its future development
U. Dahmen, R. Erni, C. Kisielowki, V. Radmilovic, Q. Ramasse, A. Schmid, T. Duden, M. Watanabe, A. Minor, P. Denes

3. Synchrotron based X-ray Microscopy: state of the art and applications
J. Susini

4. High-resolution spectro-microscopy with low-voltage electrons and double aberration correction
Thomas Schmidt, Helder Marchetto, Rainer Fink, Eberhard Umbach

I1. TEM and STEM instrumentation and Electron Optics

5. Developments of aberration correction systems for current and future requirements
M. Haider, H. Müller, S. Uhlemann, P. Hartel, J. Zach

6. STEM Aberration Correction: an Integrated Approach
Ondrej Krivanek, Niklas Dellby, Matt Murfitt, Christopher Own, Zoltan Szilagyi

7. Applications of aberration-corrected TEM-STEM and high-resolution EELS for the study of functional materials
G. A. Botton, C. Maunders, L. Gunawan, K. Cui, L. Y. Chang, S. Lazar

8. Aberration corrected TEM and STEM for dynamic in situ experiments
Pratibha L. Gai, Edward D. Boyes

9. HREM study of the SrTiO3 Σ3 (112) grain boundary
K. J. Dudeck, N. Benedek, D. J. H. Cockayne

10. A Method to Measure Source Size in Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopes
C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge, R. Erni

11. Determining resolution in the transmission electron microscope: object-defined resolution below 0.5Å
B. Freitag, C. Kisielowski

12. Direct measurement of aberrations by convergent-beam electron holography (CHEF)
C. Gatel, F. Houdellier, M. J. Hÿtch

13. Atomic Structure of BiFeO3-BiCrO3 film on (111) SrTiO3 Grown by Dual Cross Beam Pulsed Laser Deposition
L. Gunawan, R. Nechache, C. Harnagea, A. Pignolet, G. A. Botton

14. Demonstration of CC/CS-correction in HRTEM
P. Hartel, H. Müller, S. Uhlemann, J. Zach, U. Löbau, R. Höschen, M. Haider

15. New electron diffraction technique using Cs-corrected annular LACDIF: comparison with electron precession
Florent Houdellier, Sara Bals

16. The newly installed aberration corrected dedicated STEM (Hitachi HD2700C) at Brookhaven National Laboratory
H. Inada, Y. Zhu, J. Wall, V. Volkov, K. Nakamura, M. Konno, K. Kaji, K. Jarausch, R. D. Twesten

17. Uranium single atom imaging and EELS mapping using aberration corrected STEM and LN2 cold stage
H. Inada, J. Wall, Y. Zhu, V. Volkov, K. Nakamura, M. Konno, K. Kaji, K. Jarausch

18. Sub-Ångstrøm Low-Voltage Electron Microscopy — future reality for deciphering the structure of beam-sensitive nanoobjects?
U. Kaiser, A. Chuvilin, R. R. Schröder, M. Haider, H. Rose

19. Detecting and resolving individual adatoms, vacancies, and their dynamics on graphene membranes
J. C. Meyer, C. Kisielowski, R. Erni, A. Zettl

20. Scanning confocal electron microscopy in a double aberration corrected transmission electron microscope
P. D. Nellist, E. C. Cosgriff, G. Behan, A. I. Kirkland, A. J. D’Alfonso, S. D. Findlay, L. J. Allen

21. Design of apochromatic TEM composed of usual round lenses
S. Nomura

22. Back-Scattered Electron microscopy in Aberration corrected Electron microscope
E. Okunishi, Y. Kondo, H. Sawada, N. Endo, A. Yasuhara, H. Endo, M. Terao, T. Shinpo

23. Structure determination of H-encapsulating clathrate compounds in aberration-corrected STEM
Q. M. Ramasse, N. L. Okamoto, D. Morgan, D. Neiner, C. L. Condron, J. Wang, P. Yu, N. D. Browning, S. Kauzlarich

24. Performance of R005 Microscope and Aberration Correction System
H. Sawada, F. Hosokawa, T. Kaneyama, T. Tomita, Y. Kondo, T. Tanaka, Y. Oshima, Y. Tanishiro, N. Yamamoto, K. Takayanagi

25. Optimum operation of Schottky electron sources: brightness, energy spread and stability
P. Kruit, M. S. Bronsgeest, G. A. Schwind

26. The MANDOLINE filter and its performance
E. Essers, D. Mittmann, T. Mandler, G. Benner

27. Using a monochromator to improve the resolution in focal-series reconstructed TEM down to 0.5Å
P. C. Tiemeijer, M. Bischoff, B. Freitag, C. Kisielowski

28. First performance measurements and application results of a new high brightness Schottky field emitter for HR-S/TEM at 80-300kV acceleration voltage
B. Freitag, G Knippels, S. Kujawa, P. C. Tiemeijer, M. Stam, D. Hubert, C. Kisielowski, P. Denes, A. Minor, U. Dahmen

29. Image Information transfer through a post-column energy filter detected by a lens-coupled CCD camera
U. Luecken, P. Tiemeijer, M. Barfels, P. Mooney, B. Bailey, D. Agard

30. Third-rank computation of electron and ion optical systems with several and rotated Wien filters
Karin Marianowski, Erich Plies

31. Wavelength dispersive soft X-ray emission spectroscopy attached to TEM using multi-capirary X-ray lens
S. Muto, K. Tatsumi, H. Takahashi

32. Miniature electrostatic-magnetostatic column for electrons
C. Rochow, T. Ohnweiler, E. Plies

33. Comparison of monochromated electron energy-loss with X-ray absorption near-edge spectra: ELNES vs. XANES
T. Walther, H. Stegmann

34. A hybrid electron energy loss spectrometer with simultaneous serial and parallel detection
Jun Yuan, Zhiway Wang, Shu Hu, Ling Xie

35. In-focus phase contrast: Present state and future developments
R. R. Schröder, B. Barton, K. Schultheiß, B. Gamm, D. Gerthsen

36. The Detective Quantum Efficiency of Electron Area Detectors
R. Henderson, G. McMullan, S. Chen, A. R. Faruqi

37. Experimental observation of the improvement in MTF from backthinning a CMOS direct electron detector
G. McMullan, A. R. Faruqi, R. Henderson, N. Guerrini, R. Turchetta, A. Jacobs, G. Hoften

38. High speed simultaneous X-ray and electron imaging and spectroscopy at synchrotrons and TEMs
Lothar Strüder

39. The image intensity in Zernike mode with electrons
M. Beleggia

40. Application of a Hilbert phase plate in transmission electron microscopy of materials science samples
M. Dries, K. Schultheiß, B. Gamm, H. Störmer, D. Gerthsen, B. Barton, R. R. Schröder

41. Optimal Imaging Parameters in Cs-Corrected Transmission Electron Microscopy with a Physical Phase Plate
B. Gamm, K. Schultheiss, D. Gerthsen, R. R. Schröder

42. Electron optical design of the Phase Aberration Corrected Electron Microscope
M. Matijevic, S. Lengweiler, D. Preikszas, H. Müller, R. R. Schröder, G. Benner

43. Direct electron detectors for TEM
G. Moldovan, X. Li, P. Wilshaw, A. I. Kirkland

44. A Newly Developed 64 MegaPixel camera for Transmission Electron Microscopy
H. R. Tietz

45. Characterization of a fiber-optically coupled 8k CCD/CMOS device
D. Tietz, H. Tietz, S. Nickell, W. Baumeister, J. M. Plitzko

46. Direct Single-Electron Imaging using a pnCCD Detector
Alexander Ziegler, Robert Hartmann, Robert Andritschke, Florian Schopper, Lothar Strüder, Heike Soltau, Jürgen M. Plitzko

I2. TEM and STEM methods

47. Quantitative TEM and STEM Simulations
C. T. Koch

48. Quantitative determination of the chemical composition of an alloy by High Angle Annular Dark Field imaging
V. Grillo, F. Glas, E. Carlino

49. The benefits of statistical parameter estimation theory for quantitative interpretation of electron microscopy data
S. Aert, S. Bals, L. Y. Chang, A. J. Dekker, A. I. Kirkland, D. Dyck, G. Tendeloo

50. First time quantification of the HRTEM information-limit reveals insufficiency of the Young’s-fringe test
J. Barthel, A. Thust

51. Quantitative Investigations of the Depth of Field in a Corrected High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope
J. Biskupek, A. Chuvilin, J. R. Jinschek, U. Kaiser

52. Quantitative characterisation of surfaces on bi-metallic Pt nanoparticles using combined exit wave restoration and aberration-corrected TEM
L. Y. Chang, C. Maunders, E. A. Baranova, C. Bock, G. Botton

53. An HAADF investigation of AlAs-GaAs interfaces using SuperSTEM
A. J. Craven, P. Robb, M. Finnie

54. Spatial Coherence and the Quantitative Interpretation of Atomic Resolution Images
C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge

55. Analysis of HRTEM diffractograms from amorphous materials: a simple and minor (but not explained so far?) question revisited
T. Epicier

56. HAADF-STEM image simulation of large scale nanostructures
P. Galindo, J. Pizarro, A. Rosenauer, A. Yáñez, E. Guerrero, S. I. Molina

57. Aberration-corrected HRTEM study of incommensurate misfit layer compound interfaces
M. Garbrecht, E. Spiecker, W. Jäger, K. Tillmann

58. Influence of atomic displacements due to elastic strain in HAADF-STEM simulated images
E. Guerrero, A. Yáñez, P. Galindo, J. Pizarro, S. I. Molina

59. Effects of electron channeling in HAADF intensity
M. Haruta, H. Komatsu, H. Kurata, M. Azuma, Y. Shimakawa, S. Isoda

60. Analysis of the mechanism of N incorporation in N-doped GaAs quantum wells
M. Herrera, Q. M. Ramasse, N. D. Browning, J. Pizarro, P. Galindo, D. Gonzalez, R. Garcia, M. W. Du, S. B. Zhang, M. Hopkinson

61. Coherence of high-angle scattered phonon loss electrons and their relevance to TEM and STEM ADF Stobbs Factors
R. A. Herring

62. Strain measurements in electronic devices by aberration-corrected HRTEM and dark-field holography
F. Hüe, F. Houdellier, E. Snoeck, V. Destefanis, J. M. Hartmann, H. Bender, A. Claverie, M. J. Hÿtch

63. PPA: An Improved Implementation of Peak Pairs procedure as a DM plug-in for Strain Mapping
K. Ishizuka, P. Galindo, J. Pizarro, S. I. Molina

64. Domain structure in Delithiated LiFePO4, a cathode material for Li ion Battery Applications
M. Kinyanjui, A. Chuvilin, U. Kaiser, P. Axmann, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens

65. New Approach to Quantitative ADF STEM
J. M. LeBeau, S. D. Findlay, L. J. Allen, S. Stemmer

66. Reconstruction of the projected crystal potential in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
M. Lentzen, K. Urban

67. Three-dimensional atomic-scale structure of size-selected nanoclusters on surfaces
Z. Y. Li, N. P. Young, M. Vece, S. Palomba, R. E. Palmer, A. L. Bleloch, B. C. Curley, R. L. Johnston, J. Jiang, J. Yuan

68. Direct retrieval of a complex wave from its diffraction pattern
A. V. Martin, L. J. Allen

69. HRTEM evaluation of iron in acid treated ground vermiculite from Santa Olalla (Huelva, Spain)
N. Murafa, C. Maqueda, J. L. Perez-Rodriguez, J. Šubrt

70. Bloch wave analysis of depth dependent strain effects in high resolution electron microscopy
P. D. Nellist, E. C. Cosgriff, P. B. Hirsch, D. J. H. Cockayne

71. Quantitative local strain analysis of Si/SiGe heterostructures using HRTEM
V. Burak Özdöl, F. Phillipp, E. Kasper, P. A. Aken

72. Displacement field analysis around hydrogen implantation induced platelets (HIPs) in semi-conductors
F. Pailloux, M.-L. David, L. Pizzagalli, J.-F. Barbot

73. Thickness effects in Tilted Sample Annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
A. Parisini, V. Morandi, S. A. Mezzotero

74. A novel emission potential multislice method to calculate intensity contributions for thermal diffuse scattering in plane wave illumination TEM
A. Rosenauer, M. Schowalter, J. T. Titantah, D. Lamoen

75. Three-dimensional HREM Structure Retrieval
Z. Saghi, X. Xu, G. Möbus

76. Description of electron microscope image details based on structure relaxations with enhanced interaction potentials
K. Scheerschmidt

77. Computation and parametrization of Debye-Waller temperature factors for sphalerite type II-VI, III-V and group IV semiconductors
M. Schowalter, A. Rosenauer, J. T. Titantah, D. Lamoen

78. Structural Investigation of Amorphous/Crystalline Interfaces by Iterative Digital Image Series Matching
K. Thiel, N. I. Borgardt, T. Niermann, M. Seibt

79. Novel carbon nanosheets as support foils for ultrahigh resolution TEM studies of nanoobjects
A. S. Sologubenko, A. Beyer, C. Nottbohm, J. Mayer, A. Gölzhäuser

80. Quantitative HRTEM studies of reconstructed exit-plane waves retrieved from C
S-corrected electron microscopes
M. Svete, W. Mader

81. Geometrical phase analysis of the 1:1 cation ordered domains in complex perovskite ferroelectrics
C. W. Tai, Y. Lereah

82. The Stobbs factor in HRTEM: Hunt for a phantom?
A. Thust

83. Measuring coherence in an electron beam for imaging
T. Walther, K. Atkinson, F. Sweeney, J. M. Rodenburg

84. Argand plot: a sensitive fingerprint for electron channelling
A. Wang, S. Aert, D. Dyck

85. Atomic-resolution studies of In2O3-ZnO compounds on aberration-corrected electron microscopes
Wentao Yu, Lothar Houben, Karsten Tillmann, Werner Mader

86. Advances in automated diffraction tomography
U. Kolb, T. Gorelik, E. Mugnaioli, G. Matveeva, M. Otten

87. Identification/ fingerprinting of nanocrystals by precession electron diffraction
S. Nicolopoulos, P. Moeck, Y. Maniette, P. Oleynikov

88. On the Origin and Asymmetry of High Order Laue Zone Lines Splitting in Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
A. Béché, L. Clément, J. L. Rouvière

89. Precession electron diffraction: application to organic crystals and hybrid inorganic-organic materials
E. G. Bithell, M. D. Eddleston, C. A. Merrill, W. Jones, P. A. Midgley

90. Structural studies of amorphous materials using RDF, RMC and DFT refinement
K. Borisensko, Y. Chen, G. Li, D. J. H. Cockayne, S. A. Song

91. A Nanoprobe Electron Diffraction Study of Surface Phases in LiCoO2

F. Cosandey, J. F. Al-Sharab, N. Pereira, F. Badway, G. G. Amatucci

92. Structural features of RF magnetron sputter deposited Al-Fe and Al-Cu thin films
S. Lallouche, M. Y. Debili

93. Structural Investigation of a Layered Carbon Nitride Polymer by Electron Diffraction
M. Döblinger, B. V. Lotsch, L. Seyfarth, J. Senker, W. Schnick

94. Measuring the particle density of a nanocrystal deposit using DF images and a reciprocal space analysis
P. Donnadieu

95. Towards a quantitative understanding of precession electron diffraction
A. S. Eggeman, T. A. White, P. A. Midgley

96. Electron crystallography by quantitative CHEF
F. Houdellier, M. J. Hÿtch

97. Precession Electron Diffraction for the characterization of twinning in pseudo-symmetrical crystals: case of coesite
D. Jacob, P. Cordier, J. P. Morniroli, H. P. Schertl

98. Electron precession characterization of pseudo-merohedral twins in the LaGaO3 perovskite
G. Ji, J. P. Morniroli, G. J. Auchterlonie, D. Jacob

99. Kikuchi electron double diffraction
R. K. Karakhanyan, K. R. Karakhanyan

100. The structure of the complex oxide PbMnO2.75 solved by precession electron diffraction
H. Klein

101. Software Precession Electron Diffraction
C. T. Koch, P. Bellina, P. A. Aken

102. A new method for electron diffraction based analysis of phase fractions and texture in thin films of metallic nano-crystals
J. L. Lábár, P. B. Barna, O. Geszti, R. Grasin, G. Lestyán, F. Misják, G. Radnóczi, G. Sáfrán, L. Székely

103. Local structures of metallic glasses studied by experimental RDF and model refinement
G. Li, K. B. Borisenko, Y. Chen, E. Ma, D. J. H. Cockayne

104. Three groups of hexagonal phases and their relation to the i-phase in Zn-Mg-RE alloy
M. R. Li, S. Hovmöller, X. D. Zou

105. Diffraction analysis of incommensurate modulation in “chain-ladder” composite crystal (Sr/Ca)14Cu24O41

O. Milat, K. Salamon, S. Tomić, T. Vuletić, T. Ivek

106. Contribution of electron precession to the study of crystals displaying small symmetry departures
J. P. Morniroli, G. Ji, D. Jacob, G. J. Auchterlonie

107. The symmetry of microdiffraction electron precession patterns
J. P. Morniroli, P. Stadelmann

108. Measurement of GaAs structure factors from the diffraction of parallel and convergent electron nanoprobes
Knut Müller, Marco Schowalter, Andreas Rosenauer, Dirk Lamoen, John Titantah, Jacob Jansen, Kenji Tsuda

109. Differential Electron Diffraction
P. N. H. Nakashima

110. Atomic Structure Determination by “Observing” Structural Phase in 3-Beam CBED Patterns
P. N. H. Nakashima, A. F. Moodie, J. Etheridge

111. Automatic space group determination using precession electron diffraction patterns
P. Oleynikov, S. Hovmöller, X. D. Zou

112. Compositional dependence of the (200) electron diffraction in dilute III–V semiconductor solid solutions
O. Rubel, I. Nemeth, W. Stolz, K. Volz

113. Investigation of the local crystal lattice parameters in SiGe nanostructures by convergent-beam electron diffraction analysis
E. Ruh, E. Mueller, G. Mussler, D. Gruetzmacher

114. Computer simulation of electron nanodiffraction from polycrystalline materials
K. Sugio, X. Huang

115. An analytical approach of the HOLZ lines splitting on relaxed samples
J. Thibault, C. Alfonso, L. Alexandre, G. Jurczak, C. Leroux, W. Saikaly, A. Charaï

116. ELDISCA C# — a new version of the program for identifying electron diffraction patterns
J. Thomas, T. Gemming

117. Mixing Real and Reciprocal Space
R. D. Twesten, P. J. Thomas, H. Inada, Y. Zhu

118. Structure solution of intermediate tin oxide, SnO2−x, by electron precession
T. A. White, S. Moreno, P. A. Midgley

119. “Phase-scrambling” multislice simulations of precession electron diffraction
T. A. White, A. S. Eggeman, P. A. Midgley

120. High-Resolution Electron Holography on Ferroelectrics
M. Linck, H. Lichte, A. Rother, F. Röder, K. Honda

121. Imaging parameters for optimized noise properties in high-resolution off-axis holograms in a Cs-corrected TEM
M. Linck

122. Partial coherence in inelastic holography
J. Verbeeck, G. Bertoni, D. Dyck, H. Lichte, P. Schattschneider

123. FIB prepared and Tripod polished prepared p-n junction specimens examined by off-axis electron holography
C. Ailliot, J. P. Barnes, F. Bertin, D. Cooper, J. M. Hartmann, P. Rivallin

124. Modelling kink vortices in high-T
c superconductors
M. Beleggia, G. Pozzi, A. Tonomura

125. Off-axis electron holography of FIB-prepared semiconductor specimens with mV sensitivity
D. Cooper, R. Truche, P. Rivallin, J. Hartmann, F. Laugier, F. Bertin, A. Chabli

126. Off-axis electron holography and the FIB, a systematic study of the artefacts observed in semiconductor specimens
D. Cooper, C. Ailliot, R. Truche, J. Hartmann, J. Barnes, F. Bertin

127. Analytical TEM and electron holography of magnetic field distribution in nanocrystalline Co layers deposited on Cu
B. Dubiel, D. Wolf, E. Stepniowska, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz

128. Electron Holography with Cs-corrected Tecnai F20 — elimination of the incoherent damping introduced by the biprism in conventional electron microscopes
D. Geiger, A. Rother, M. Linck, H. Lichte, M. Lehmann, M. Haider, B. Freitag

129. Can the discontinuity in the polarity of the oxide layers at the interface SrTiO3-LaAlO3 be resolved by using Electron Holography with Cs-corrected TEM?
D. Geiger, S. Thiel, J. Mannhart, H. Lichte

130. Energy-filtered DBI/H
R. A. Herring

131. Strain determination by dark-field electron holography
F. Houdellier, M. J. Hÿtch, F. Hüe, E. Snoeck

132. Nonlinear Electron Inline Holography
C. T. Koch, B. Rahmati, P. A. Aken

133. Electron Holography: Performance and performance limits
Hannes Lichte

134. Reconstruction methods for in-line electron holography of nanoparticles
L. Livadaru, M. Malac, R. A. Wolkow

135. Electron holography of soot nanoparticles
M. Pawlyta, C. W. Tai, J. -N. Rouzaud, Y. Lereah

136. Holographic tomography of electrostatic potentials in semiconductor devices
P. D. Robb, A. C. Twitchett-Harrison

137. Electron Holography on the charge modulated structure In2O3(ZnO)m in comparison with DFT-calculations
Falk Röder, Axel Rother, Werner Mader, Thomas Bredow, Hannes Lichte

138. Correction of the object wave using iteratively reconstructed local object tilt and thickness
K. Scheerschmidt

139. Extended field of view for medium resolution electron holography at Philips CM 200 Microscope
J. Sickmann, P. Formánek, M. Linck, H. Lichte

140. Electron holography of biological and organic objects
P. Simon

141. Magnetic configurations of isolated and assemblies of iron 30 nm nanocubes studied by electron holography
E. Snoeck, C. Gatel, L. M. Lacroix, T. Blon, J. Carrey, M. Respaud, S. Lachaize, B. Chaudret

142. Electron holography study of ferroelectric solid solutions
C. W. Tai, Y. Lereah

143. Digital holographic interference microscopy of phase microscopic objects investigation
T. V. Tishko, D. N. Tishko, V. P. Titar

144. Reconstruction of 3D (Ge,Si) islands by 2D phase mapping
C. L. Zheng, H. Kirmse, I. Häusler, K. Scheerschmidt, W. Neumann

145. Quantitative electron tomography of biological structures using elastic and inelastic scattering
R. D. Leapman, M. A. Aronova, A. A. Sousa, G. Zhang, M. F. Hohmann-Marriott

146. Discrete tomography in materials science: less is more?
S. Bals, K. J. Batenburg, G. Tendeloo

147. Towards atomic-scale bright-field electron tomography for the study of fullerene-like nanostructures
M. Bar Sadan, L. Houben, S. G. Wolf, A. Enyashin, G. Seifert, R. Tenne, K. Urban

148. DART explained: how to carry out a discrete tomography reconstruction
K. J. Batenburg, S. Bals, J. Sijbers, G. Tendeloo

149. Optical depth sectioning of metallic nanoparticles in the aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope
G. Behan, A. I. Kirkland, P. D. Nellist

150. 3D-Geometrical and chemical quantification of Au@SiOx nano-composites in HAADF-STEM imaging mode
S. Benlekbir, T. Epicier, M. Martini, P. Perriat

151. Electron tomography of mesostructured cellular foam silica
E. Biermans, S. Bals, E. Beyers, D. Wolf, J. Verbeeck, P. Cool, G. Tendeloo

152. A Study of Stacked Si Nanowire Devices by Electron Tomography
P. D. Cherns, C. Dupré, D. Cooper, F. Aussenac, A. Chabli, T. Ernst

153. Simulation of the electron radiation damage in an amorphous Ge sample
M. D. Croitoru, D. Dyck, S. Roux, P. Jund

154. Observation of Three-dimensional Elemental Distribution by using EF-TEM Tomography
N. Endo, C. Hamamoto, H. Nishioka, T. Oikawa

155. HAADF-TEM Tomography of the precipitation state in an Al-Zn-Mg alloy
T. Epicier, S. Benlekbir, F. Danoix

156. STEM electron tomography of gold nanostructures
J. C. Hernandez, M. S. Moreno, E. A. Coronado, P. A. Midgley

157. Three-dimensional imaging of semiconductor nanostructures by compositional-sensitive diffraction contrast electron tomography studies
J. C. Hernandez, A. M. Sanchez, R. Beanland, P. A. Midgley

158. A full tilt range goniometer inside a TEM goniometer
X. J. Xu, A. Lockwood, R. Gay, J. J. Wang, Y. Peng, B. J. Inkson, G. Möbus

159. Four-dimensional STEM-EELS Tomography
K. Jarausch, D. Leonard, R. Twesten, P. Thomas

160. Embedment-free section electron microscopy (EM): a highly potential advantage in application to EM tomography
Hisatake Kondo, Tetsuo Oikawa

161. Quantification and Segmentation of Electron Tomography Data- Exemplified at ErSi2 Nanocrystals in SiC
J. Leschner, J. Biskupek, A. Chuvilin, U. Kaiser

162. 3-D TEM observation of xenon nano-precipitates in aluminium crystals
M. Song, H. Matsumoto, M. Shimojo, K. Furuya

163. Dark-field TEM tomography of ordered domain morphology in a Ni4Mo alloy
K. Kimura, K. Matsuyama, S. Hata, S. Matsumura

164. Optimum optical condition of Tomography for thick samples
S. Motoki, C. Hamamoto, H. Nishioka, Y. Okura, Y. Kondo, H. Jinnai

165. 3-dimensional nanoparticle analysis using electron tomography
T. Oikawa, D. Alloyeau, C. Ricolleau, C. Langlois, Y. Bouar, A. Loiseau

166. Electron Tomography of ZnO Nanocones with Secondary Signals in TEM
V. Ortalan, Y. Li, E. J. Lavernia, N. D. Browning

167. Quantification of Nanoparticle Tomograms
Z. Saghi, X. Xu, G. Möbus

168. Tomographic imaging ultra-thick specimens with nanometer resolution
E. Sourty, B. Freitag, D. Wall, D. Tang, K. Lu, J. Loos

169. Three-dimensional imaging at the mesoscopic scale using STEM-in-SEM
P. Jornsanoh, G. Thollet, C. Gauthier, K. Masenelli-Varlot

170. Three-dimensional potential mapping of nanostructures with electron-holographic tomography
Daniel Wolf, Andreas Lenk, Hannes Lichte

171. Design of high-speed tomography with the 3MV ultrahigh voltage electron microscope
Kiyokazu Yoshida, Ryuji Nishi, Hirotaro Mori

172. The point spread function assessment of MeV electron imaging quality for thick specimens
Fang Wang, Hai-Bo Zhang, Meng Cao, Ryuji Nishi, Kiyokazu Yoshida, Akio Takaoka

173. Relevance of the minimum projection number to specimen structures for high-quality electron tomography
Hai-Bo Zhang, Meng Cao, Yong Lu, Chao Li, Ryuji Nishi, Akio Takaoka

174. Atomic-Scale Chemical Imaging of Composition and Bonding by Aberration-Corrected Microscopy
D. A. Muller, L. Fitting Kourkoutis, M. Murfitt, J. H. Song, H. Y. Hwang, J. Silcox, N. Dellby, O. L. Krivanek

175. EMCD with nm Resolution and Below: Experiments, Proposals, and a Paradox
P. Schattschneider, M. Stöger-Pollach, F. Tian, J. Verbeeck

176. Combining electronic and optical spectroscopy at the nanometer scale in a STEM
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177. Deconvolution of core loss electron energy loss spectra
G. Bertoni, J. Verbeeck

178. Obtaining the loss function from angle resolved electron energy loss spectra
G. Bertoni, J. Verbeeck, F. Brosens

179. Revisiting the determination of carbon sp2/sp3 ratios via analysis of the EELS carbon K-edge
R. Brydson, Z. Zhili, A. Brown

180. Orbital and spin sum rules for electron energy loss magnetic chiral dichroism: Application to metals and oxides
L. Calmels, B. Warot, F. Houdellier, P. Schattschneider, C. Gatel, V. Serin, E. Snoeck

181. Probing bright and dark surface plasmon modes in individual and coupled Au nanoparticles using a fast electron beam
Ming-Wen Chu, Viktor Myroshnychenko, F. Javier García de Abajo, Cheng Hsuan Chen

182. Dual energy range EELS spectrum imaging using a fast beam switch
A. J. Craven, M. MacKenzie, S. McFadzean

183. Determination of local composition of Li-Si alloys by Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
J. Danet, D. Guyomard, T. Brousse, P. Moreau

184. Elemental and bond mapping of complex nanostructures by MLS analysis of EELS spectrum-imaging data
F. Peña, R. Arenal, O. Stephan, M. Walls, A. Loiseau, C. Colliex

185. EELS analysis of plasmon resonance in the UV-vis energy range of metal alloy nanoparticles
J. W. L. Eccles, U. Bangert, P. Christian

186. Anisotropic effects in ELNES of the O-K edge in rutile: a case of trichroism
V. Mauchamp, T. Epicier, J.C. Bossé

187. Dissimilar cation migration in (001) and (110) La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films
S. Estrade, I.C. Infante, F. Sanchez, J. Fontcuberta, F. Peña, M. Walls, C. Colliex, J. Arbiol, F. Peiró

188. Energy-loss near edge structures of Cr2O3, CrO2 and YCrO4 phases
M. S. Moreno, E. Urones-Garrote, L. C. Otero-Díaz

189. Distortion corrections of ESI data cubes for magnetic studies
C. Gatel, B. Warot-Fonrose, F. Houdellier, P. Schattschneider

190. Optimisation of the Positions and the Width of the Energy Windows for the Recording of EFTEM Elemental Maps
Benedikt Gralla, Helmut Kohl

191. Band gap mapping using monochromated electrons
L. Gu, W. Sigle, C. T. Koch, V. Srot, J. Nelayah, P. A. Aken

192. StripeSTEM, a new method for the isochronous acquisition of HAADF images and monolayer resolved EELS
M. Heidelmann, L. Houben, J. Barthel, K. Urban

193. Comparing Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP) through Measurements of Thin Multilayers
Tobias Heil, Patrick Stender, Guido Schmitz, Helmut Kohl

194. Development of a Process for Cleaning a TEM Column by Chemical Etching of Oxygen Radicals
Shin Horiuchi, Takeshi Hanada, Masaharu Ebisawa

195. Low loss EELS study of gold nanoparticles using a monochromated TEM
S. Irsen, N. P. Pasoz, M. Giersigr

196. Analytical RPA response of Carbon and BN single-walled nanotubes: Application to EELS and wave loss spectra
P. Joyes, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, A. Zobelli, C. Colliex

197. Improvement of energy resolution of VEELS spectra with deconvolution method for electronic and optical properties analysis on ferroelectric oxides in nano-scale
T. Kiguchi, N. Wakiya, K. Shinozaki, T. J. Konno

198. Low Loss Electron Energy Spectroscopy on LiFePO4 for Li ion Battery Applications
M. Kinyanjui, U. Kaiser, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, J. Li, D. Vainkin

199. Atomic-resolution studies of complex oxide materials using in-situ scanning transmission electron microscopy
G. Yang, Y. Zhao, R. F. Klie

200. Low-loss EELS measurements on an oxide multilayer system using monochrome electrons
G. Kothleitner, B. Schaffer, M. Dienstleder

201. White noise subtraction for calculating the two-particle-structure factor from inelastic diffractograms
C. Kreyenschulte, H. Kohl

202. Local Analysis of BaTiO3/SrTiO3 interfaces by STEM-EELS
H. Kurata, R. Kozawa, M. Kawai, Y. Shimakawa, S. Isoda

203. Experimental conditions and data evaluation for quantitative EMCD measurements in the TEM
H. Lidbaum, J. Rusz, A. Liebig, B. Hjörvarsson, P. M. Oppeneer, E. Coronel, O. Eriksson, K. Leifer

204. Investigation of the valency distribution in Cu1.2Mn1.8O4 using quantitative EELS near-edge structures analysis
C. Maunders, B. E. Martin, P. Wei, A. Petric, G. A. Botton

205. EELS mapping of surface plasmons in star-shaped gold nanoparticles: morphological behaviour of optical properties from star to sphere
S. Mazzucco, O. Stéphan, M. Kociak, C. Colliex

206. Fast local determination of phases in LixFePO4

P. Moreau, V. Mauchamp, F. Boucher

207. EELS/EFTEM in life science: proof of the presence of H2O2 in human skin by Ce deposition in melanosomes
Elisabeth Müller, Miriam Droste, Katja Gläser, Roger Wepf

208. Phase separation study of annealed SiOx films through energy filtered scanning transmission electron microscope
G. Nicotra, C. Bongiorno, C. Spinella, E. Rimini

209. Phase Identification of Aluminium Oxide Phases by Analysis of the Electron Energy-loss Near Edge Structure
Daesung Park, Thomas E. Weirich, Joachim Mayer

210. Valence sensitivity of Fe-L2,3 white-line ratios extracted from EELS
T. Riedl, R. Serra, L. Calmels, V. Serin

211. Calculation of inelastic scattering events within second order QED — Implications of fully relativistic scattering
A. Rother

212. Role of asymmetries for EMCD sum rules
J. Rusz, H. Lidbaum, A. Liebig, P. Novák, P. M. Oppeneer, O. Eriksson, K. Leifer, B. Hjörvarsson

213. Smart acquisition EELS
K. Sader, P. Wang, A. L. Bleloch, A. Brown, R. Brydson

214. EELS fine structure tomography using spectrum imaging
Z. Saghi, X. Xu, G. Möbus

215. Shift in electron energy loss compared for different nickel silicides in a Pt alloyed thin film
M. Falke, T. Schaarschmidt, H. Schletter, R. Jelitzki, S. Schulze, G. Beddies, M. Hietschold, M. MacKenzie, A. J. Craven, A. Bleloch

216. Distribution of Fe and In dopants in ZnO: A combined EELS/EDS analysis
H. Schmid, W. Mader

217. Changes in the Soot Microstructure during Combustion studied by SEM, TEM, Raman and EELS
M. E. Schuster, M. Knauer, N. P. Ivleva, R. Niessner, D. S. Su, R. Schlögl

218. EELS and EFTEM-investigations of aluminum alloy 6016 concerning the elements Al, Si and Mg
S. Schwarz, M. Stöger-Pollach

219. EELS modelling using a pseudopotential DFT code
C. R. Seabourne, A. J. Scott, R. Brydson

220. The EELS spectrum database
Thierry Sikora, Virginie Serin

221. STEM-EELS analysis of interface magnetic moments in Fe(100)/Co(bcc) superlattices
R. Serra, L. Calmels, V. Serin, B. Warot-Fonrose, S. Andrieu

222. EMCD at high spatial resolution: comparison of STEM with EELS profiling
M. Stöger-Pollach, P. Schattschneider, J. Perkins, D. McComb

223. Elemental, Chemical and Physical State Mapping in Three-Dimensions using EELS-SI Tomography
P. J. Thomas, C. Booth, R. Harmon, S. Markovic, R. D. Twesten, K. Jarausch

224. Sub-0.5 eV EFTEM Mapping using the Zeiss SESAM
C. T. Koch, W. Sigle, J. Nelayah, L. Gu, V. Srot, P. A. Aken

225. Acquisition of the EELS data cube by tomographic spectroscopic imaging
W. Broek, J. Verbeeck, S. Backer, D. Schryvers, P. Scheunders

226. A low electron fluence EELS study of Fe-coordination within ferrihydrite and phosphorous doped ferrihydrite nanoparticles
G. Vaughan, A. P. Brown, R. Brydson, K. Sader

227. Optimal aperture sizes and positions for EMCD experiments
J. Verbeeck, C. Hébert, S. Rubino, P. Novák, J. Rusz, F. Houdellier, C. Gatel, P. Schattschneider

228. Chemical analysis of nickel silicides with high spatial resolution by combined EDS and EELS (ELNES)
E. Verleysen, O. Richard, H. Bender, D. Schryvers, W. Vandervorst

229. Retrieving dielectric function by VEELS
L. Zhang, J. Verbeeck, R. Erni, G. Tendeloo

230. Some Recent Materials Applications of In Situ High Resolution Electron Microscopy
R. Sinclair, S. K. Kang, K. H. Kim, J. S. Park

231. Melting and solidification of alloys embedded in a matrix at nanoscale
K. Chattopadhyay, V. Bhattacharya, K. Biswas

232. Advances in transmission electron microscopy: in situ nanoindentation and in situ straining experiments
Jeff Th. M. Hosson

233. Observing Nanosecond Phenomena at the Nanoscale with the Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope
G. H. Campbell, N. D. Browning, J. S. Kim, W. E. King, T. LaGrange, B. W. Reed, M. L. Taheri

234. TEM characterization of nanostructures formed from SiGeO films: effect of electron beam irradiation
C. Ballesteros, M. I. Ortiz, B. Morana, A. Rodríguez, T. Rodríguez

235. In situ Lorentz microscopy in an alternating current magnetic field
Z. Akase, H. Kakinuma, D. Shindo, M. Inoue

236. In-situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of TiO islands nucleating on SrTiO3 (100) and (110) surfaces at high temperature
P. J. Bellina, F. Phillipp, P. A. Aken

237. Probing integration strength of colloidal spheres self-assembled from TiO2 nanocrystals by in-situ TEM indentation
C. Q. Chen, Y. T. Pei, J. Th. M. Hosson

238. Installation and operation of an in situ electron microscopy facility
M. W. Fay, H. K. Edwards, M. Zong, K. J. Thurecht, S. M. Howdle, P. D. Brown

239. Bringing chemical reactions to life: environmental transmission electron microscopy (E-TEM)
B. Freitag, S. M. Kim, D. N. Zakharov, E. A. Stach, D. J. Stokes

240. Dynamic in situ experiments in a 1Å double aberration corrected environment
Pratibha L. Gai, Edward D. Boyes

241. A very high temperature (2000°C) stage for atomic resolution in situ ETEM
Pratibha L. Gai, Edward D. Boyes

242. Environmental High Resolution Electron Microscopy With a Closed Ecell: Application to Catalysts
S. Giorgio, M. Cabié, C. R. Henry

243. Pulsed-mode photon and electron microscopy surveyed
A. Howie

244. In-situ Observation of Nano-particulate Gold Catalysts during Reaction by Closed-type Environmental-cell Transmission Electron Microscope
T. Kawasaki, H. Hasegawa, K. Ueda, T. Tanji

In situ transmission electron microscopy on leadzirconate-titanate under electrical field
J. Kling, L. Schmitt, H. -J. Kleebe, H. Fuess

246. Elongation of Atomic-size Wires: Atomistic Aspects and Quantum Conductance Studies
M. Lagos, V. Rodrigues, D. Ugarte

247. Atomic-size Silver Nanotube
M. Lagos, F. Sato, J. Bettini, V. Rdrigues, D. Galvão, D. Ugarte

248. In-situ TEM mechanical testing of a Si MEMS nanobridge
A. J. Lockwood, R. J. T. Bunyan, B. J. Inkson

249. In-situ TEM nanoindentation and deformation of Si-nanoparticle clusters
A. J. Lockwood, B. J. Inkson

250. Electron Holography of in-situ ferroelectric polarisation switching
Ch. Matzeck, B. Einenkel, H. Müller, H. Lichte

251. Development of fast CCD Cameras for in-situ Electron Microscopy
Bill Mollon, Lancy Tsung, Ming Pan, Yan Jia, Paul Mooney, Chengye Mao

In situ characterization of the mechanical properties of nanoparticles and nanoscale structures
J. Deneen Nowak, Z. W. Shan, O. L. Warren

253. In-situ engineering of nanostructures with near atomic precision and property measurements
L. -M. Peng, M. S. Wang, Y. Liu, Q. Chen

254. In-situ TEM investigation of the contrast of nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous matrix
M. Peterlechner, T. Waitz, H. P. Karnthaler

255. In situ HRTEM — Image corrected and monochromated Titan equipped with environmental cell
J. B. Wagner, J. R. Jinschek, T. W. Hansen, C. B. Boothroyd, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski

256. The surface dynamics of the transient oxidation stages of Cu and Cu binary alloys
J. C. Yang, Z. Li, L. Sun, G. W. Zhou, J. E. Pearson, J. A. Eastman, D. D. Fong, P. H. Fuoss, P. M. Baldo, L. E. Rehn

257. In-situ TEM for altering nanostructures and recording the changes at an atomic resolution
X. F. Zhang, T. Kamino

I3. SEM/FIB Instrumentation and Methods

258. Aberration correction in SEM: Relaunching an old project
J. Zach

259. Changes and reversals of contrasts in SEM
J. Cazaux

260. Surface potential and SE detection in the SEM
J. Cazaux

261. On the Spatial Resolution and Nanoscale Features Visibility in Scanning Electron Microscopy and Low-Energy Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
V. Morandi, A. Migliori, F. Corticelli, M. Ferroni

262. Scanning electron microscopy techniques for cross-sectional analyses of thin-film solar cells
D. Abou-Ras, U. Jahn, J. Bundesmann, R. Caballero, C. A. Kaufmann, J. Klaer, M. Nichterwitz, T. Unold, H. W. Schock

263. Maximising EBSD acquisition speed and indexing rate
Shunsuke Asahina, Franck Charles, Keith Dicks, Natasha Erdman

264. Helium ion microscope: advanced contrast mechanisms for imaging and analysis of nanomaterials
David C. Bell, L. A. Stern, L. Farkas, J. A. Notte

265. Hygroscopic properties of individual aerosol particles from aluminum smelter potrooms determined by environmental scanning electron microscopy
N. Benker, M. Ebert, P. A. Drabløs, D. G. Ellingsen, Y. Thomassen, S. Weinbruch

266. Analysis of individual aerosol particles by automated scanning electron microscopy
N. Benker, K. Kandler, M. Ebert, S. Weinbruch

267. A new quantitative height standard for the routine calibration of a 4-quadrant-large-angles-BSE-detector
D. Berger, M. Ritter, M. Hemmleb, G. Dai, T. Dziomba

268. SEM-EDS for effective surface science and as a next generation defect review tool for nanoparticle analysis?
Edward D. Boyes

269. Detection of Signal Electrons by Segmental Ionization Detector
P. Cernoch, J. Jirak

270. Low-voltage Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of InGaAs nanowires
L. Felisari, V. Grillo, F. Jabeen, S. Rubini, F. Martelli

271. Secondary Electrons Characterization of Hydrogenated Dilute Nitrides
L. Felisari, V. Grillo, S. Rubini, F. Martelli, R. Trotta, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, L. Mariucci

272. Mapping of the local density of states with very slow electrons in SEM
Z. Pokorná, L. Frank

273. Thickness and composition measurement of thin TEM samples with EPMA and the thin film analysis software STRATAGem
F. Galbert, D. Berger

274. Automatic acquisition of large amounts of 3D data at the ultrastructural level, using serial block face scanning electron microscopy
C. Genoud, J. Mancuso, S. Monteith, B. Kraus

275. MCSEM- a modular Monte Carlo simulation program for various applications in SEM metrology and SEM photogrammetry
D. Gnieser, C. G. Frase, H. Bosse, R. Tutsch

276. Wien filter electron optical characteristics determining using shadow projection method
I. Vlček, M. Horáček, M. Zobač

277. Strain related Contrast mechanisms in crystalline materials imaged with AsB detection
Heiner Jaksch

278. Low Loss BSE imaging with the EsB Detection system on the Gemini Ultra FE-SEM
Heiner Jaksch

279. Accurate calculations of thermionic electron gun properties
P. Jánský, B. Lencová, J. Zlámal

280. Scintillation SE Detector for Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
J. Jirak, P. Cernoch, V. Nedela, J. Spinka

281. The stability of retained austenite in supermartensitic stainless steel (SMSS) examined by means of SEM/EBSD
M. Karlsen, J. Hjelen, Ø. Grong, G. Rørvik, R. Chiron, U. Schubert

282. In-situ EBSD studies of hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC) in pipelines of super-duplex stainless steel
M. Karlsen, J. Wåsjø, J. Hjelen, Ø. Grong, G. Rørvik, R. Chiron, U. Schubert

283. E-beam hardening SEM glue for fixation of small objects in the SEM
S. Kleindiek, A. Rummel, K. Schock

284. Development of the charging reduction system by electron beam irradiation for scanning electron microscopes
Y. Kono, O. Suzuki, K. Honda

285. Aberrations of the cathode lens combined with a focusing magnetic/immersion-magnetic lens
I. Konvalina, I. Müllerová, M. Hovorka

286. Identification possibilities of micro/nanoparticles and nanocomposites in forensic practice
M. Kotrly, I. Turkova, V. Grunwaldova

287. Mass thickness determination of thin specimens using high-resolution scanning electron microscopy
V. Krzyzanek, R. Reichelt

288. Benefits of Low Vacuum SEM for EBSD Applications
K. Kunze, St. Buzzi, J. Löffler, J. -P. Burg

289. In-situ combination of SEMPA, STM, and FIB for magnetic imaging and nanoscale structuring
J. Mennig, J. Kollamana, S. Gliga, S. Cherifi, F. Matthes, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider

290. Characterisation of the subgrain structure of the aluminium alloy AA6082 after homogenization and hot forming by EBSD
S. Mitsche, P. Sherstnev, C. Sommitsch, T. Ebner, M. Hacksteiner

291. An improved detection system for low energy Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
V. Morandi, A. Migliori, P. Maccagnani, M. Ferroni, F. Tamarri

292. Thickness determination of thin samples by transmission measurements in a scanning electron microscope
E. Müller

293. Role of the high-angle BSE in SEM imaging
I. Müllerová, L. Frank

294. Experimental and simulated signal amplification in variable pressure SEM
V. Neděla, P. Jánský, B. Lencová, J. Zlámal

295. Study of highly-aggressive samples using the variable pressure SEM
J. Runštuk, V. Neděla

296. Characterization of the focusing properties of polycapillary X-ray lenses in the scanning electron microscope
J. Nissen, D. Berger, B. Kanngießer, I. Mantouvalou, T. Wolff

297. Numerical Simulation of Signal Transfer in Scintillator-Photomultiplier Detector
L. Novák

In-situ Electrical Measurements on Nanostructures in a Scanning Electron Microscope
M. Noyong, K. Blech, F. Juillerat, H. Hofmann, U. Simon

299. 3D Sculptures From SEM Images
R. Pintus, S. Podda, M. Vanzi

300. Influence of tilt of sample on axial beam properties
T. Radlička, B. Lencová

301. Experimental determination of the total scattering cross section of water vapour and of the effective beam gas path length in a low vacuum scanning electron microscope.
J. Rattenberger, J. Wagner, H. Schröttner, S. Mitsche, M. Schaffer, A. Zankel

302. Response function of the semiconductor detector of backscattered electrons in SEM
E. I. Rau, S. A. Ditsman, F. A. Luk’yanov, R. A. Sennov

303. Main principles of microtomography using backscattered electrons
E. I. Rau

304. Considerations of some charging effects on dielectrics by electron beam irradiation
E. I. Rau, E. N. Evstaf’eva, R. A. Sennov, E. Plies

305. The reduction of pileup effects in spectra collected with silicon drift detectors
T. Elam, R. Anderhalt, A. Sandborg, J. Nicolosi, D. Redfern

306. High-temperature oxidation of steel in the ESEM with subsequent scale characterisation by Raman microscopy
A. Reichmann, P. Poelt, C. Brandl, B. Chernev, P. Wilhelm

307. Method to determine image sharpness and resolution in Scanning Electron Microscopy images
B. Rieger, G. N. A Veen

308. Instrumentation of an electron microscope for lithography and analysis of devices over a wide dimensional range
G. Rosolen

309. Ultra-low energy, high-resolution scanning electron microscopy
L. Y. Roussel, D. J. Stokes, R. J. Young, I. Gestmann

310. Non-destructive 3D imaging of the objects internal microstructure by microCT attachment for SEM
A. Sasov

311. A novel use of rf-GD sputtering for sample surface preparation for SEM: its impact on surface analysis
K. Shimizu, T. Mitani, P. Chapon

312. Development of an ultra-fast EBSD detector system
M. Søfferud, J. Hjelen, M. Karlsen, T. Breivik, N. C. Krieger Lassen, R. Schwarzer

313. Future prospects on EBSD speeds using a 40 nA FESEM
M. Søfferud, J. Hjelen, M. Karlsen, D. Dingley, H. Jaksch

314. High pressure imaging in the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)
D. J. Stokes, J. Chen, W. A. J. Neijssen, E. Baken, M. Uncovsky

315. Cathodoluminescence spectrum-imaging in the scanning electron microscope using automated stage control
D. J. Stowe, P. J. Thomas, S. A. Galloway

316. Low voltage, high resolution SEM imaging for mesoporous materials
O. Takagi, Shuichi Takeuchi, Atsushi Miyaki, Hiroyuki Ito, Hirofumi Sato, Yukari Dan, Mine Nakagawa, Sho Kataoka, Yuki Inagi, Akira Endo

317. New developments in state of the art silicon drift detectors (SDD) and multiple element SDD
R. Terborg, M. Rohde

318. SEM in forensic science
I. Turkova, M. Kotrly

319. Secondary electron imaging due to interface trapped charges for a buried SiO2 microstructure
Hai-Bo Zhang, Wei-Qin Li, Xing Wu, Dan-Wei Wu

320. HRSEM Secondary Electron Doping Contrast: Theory based on Band Bending and Electron Affinity Measurements
I. Zhebova, M. Molotskii, Z. Barkay, G. Meshulam, E. Grunbaum, Y. Rosenwaks

321. 3D EBSD-based orientation microscopy and 3D materials simulation tools: an ideal combination to study microstructure formation processes
S. Zaefferer

322. Capturing Sub-Nanosecond Quenching in DualBeam FIB/SEM Serial Sectioning
W. J. MoberlyChan, A. E. Gash

323. Deformation mechanisms in 1D nanostructures revealed by in situ tensile testing in an SEM/FIB
D. S. Gianola, R. Mönig, O. Kraft, C. A. Volkert

324. Focused Ion Beam Tomography of Insulating Biological and Geological Materials
B. M. Humbel, D. A. M. Winter, C. T. W. M. Schneijdenberg, B. H. Lich, M. R. Drury, A. J. Verkleij

325. Redeposition and differential sputtering of La in TEM samples of LaAlO3 / SrTiO3 multilayers prepared by FIB
Eduardo Montoya, Sara Bals, Gustaaf Tendeloo

326. Fabrication and characterization of highly reproducible, high resistance nanogaps made by focused ion beam milling
T. Blom, K. Welch, M. Strømme, E. Coronel, K. Leifer

327. TEM sample preparation on photoresist
F. Cazzaniga, E. Mondonico, E. Ricci, F. Sammiceli, R. Somaschini, S. Testai, M. Zorz

328. Advanced FIB preparation of semiconductor specimens for examination by off-axis electron holography
D. Cooper, R. Truche, A. C. Twitchett-Harrison, P. A. Midgley, R. E. Dunin Borkowski

329. Comparison of ion- and electron-beam-induced Pt nanodeposits: composition, volume per dose, microstructure, and in-situ resistance
R. Córdoba, J. M. Teresa, A. Fernández-Pacheco, O. Montero, P. Strichovanec, A. Ibarra, M. R. Ibarra

330. In-line FIB TEM sample preparation induced effects on advanced fully depleted silicon on insulator transistors
V. Delaye, F. Andrieu, F. Aussenac, C. Carabasse

331. The development of cryo-FIBSEM techniques for the sectioning and TEM analysis of the cell-biomaterial interface
H. K. Edwards, M. W. Fay, C. A. Scotchford, D. M. Grant, P. D. Brown

332. Three-slit interference experiments with electrons
S. Frabboni, G. C. Gazzadi, G. Pozzi

333. Contrast in ion induced secondary electron images
Lucille A. Giannuzzi, Mark Utlaut, Lynwood Swanson

334. Quantitative in situ thickness determination of FIB TEM lamella by using STEM in a SEM
U. Golla-Schindler

335. Analysis of ion diffusion in multilayer materials by depth profiling in a Crossbeam FIB-SIMS microscope
A. Hospach, A. M. Malik, W. Nisch, C. Burkhardt

336. Growth of In2O3 islands on Y-stabilised ZrO2: a study by FIB and HRTEM
J. L. Hutchison, A. Bourlange, R. Egdell, A. Schertel

337. Carbon nanotubes grown in contact holes for nano electronic applications: how to prepare TEM samples by FIB?
X. Ke, S. Bals, A. Romo Negreira, T. Hantschel, H. Bender, G. Tendeloo

338. Advances in 3-dimensional material characterisation using simultaneous EDS and EBSD analysis in a combined FIB-SEM microscope
René Kloe, Hubert Schulz, Felix Reinauer

339. Investigation of the effects of the TEM specimen preparation method on the analysis of the dielectric gate stack in GaAs based MOSFET devices
P. Longo, W. Smith, B. Miller, A. J. Craven

340. Manipulation and contacting of individual carbon nanotubes inside a FIB workstation
S. B. Menze, H. Vinzelberg, T. Gemming

341. High volume TEM-sample preparation using a wafer saving in-line preparation tool
U. Muehle, S. Jansen, R. Schuetten, R. Prang, R. Schampers, R. Lehmann

342. The influence of beam defocus on volume growth rates for electron beam induced platinum deposition
H. Plank, M. Dienstleder, G. Kothleitner, F. Hofer

343. Reducing of ion beam induced surface damaging using “low voltage” focused ion beam technique for transmission electron microscopy sample preparation
R. Salzer, M. Simon, A. Graff, F. Altmann, L. Pastewka, M. Moseler

344. DualBeam FIB application of 3D EDXS for superalloy δ-phase characterization
J. Wagner, M. Schaffer, H. Schroettner, S. Mitsche, I. Letofsky-Papst, Ch. Stotter, Ch. Sommitsch

I4. Other Microscopies

345. Time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy
Gerd Schönhense

346. Quantitative 3D imaging of cells at 50 nm resolution using soft x-ray tomography
C. Larabell, D. Y. Parkinson, W. Gu, C. Knoechel, G. McDermott, M. A. Gros

347. STXM-NEXAFS of individual titanate-based nanoribbon
C. Bittencourt, A. Felten, X. Gillon, J. -J. Pireaux, E. Najafi, A. P. Hitchcock, X. Ke, G. Tendeloo, C. P. Ewels, P. Umek, D. Arcon

348. The fine structure of bioreactor liver tissue seen through the eyes of X-ray micro-computed tomography
C. Fernandes, D. Dwarte, K. Nagatsuma, M. Saito, T. Matsuura, F. Braet

349. Comparing the Si(Li)-detector and the silicon drift detector (SDD) using EDX in SEM
U. Gernert

350. Enhancing contrast of Al traces on Si substrates using low-voltage SEM-hosted XRM
B. C. Gundrum, J. A. Hunt

351. An optical demonstration of ptychographical imaging of a single defect in a model crystal
A. Hurst, F. Zhang, J. M. Rodenburg

352. HRTEM and STXM, a combined study of an individual focused-ion-beam patterned CNT
A. Felten, X. Ke, X. Gillon, J. -J. Pireaux, E. Najafi, A. P. Hitchcock, C. Bittencourt, G. Tendeloo

353. Compact micro-CT/micro-XRF system for non-destructive 3D analysis of internal chemical composition
A. Sasov, X. Liu, D. Rushmer

354. NanoCT: Visualising of Internal 3D-Structures with Submicrometer Resolution
F. Sieker, O. Brunke

355. Dynamics of nanostructures on surfaces revealed by high-resolution, fast-scanning STM
Flemming Besenbacher

356. Spin mapping on the atomic scale
Roland Wiesendanger

357. Researching the structure of the surface of undoped ZnO thin films by means of Atomic Force Microscopy
N. Muñoz Aguirre, P. Tamayo Meza, L. Martínez Pérez

358. Improving the structural characterization of supported on glass gold nanoparticles using Atomic Force Microscopy on vacuum conditions
N. Muñoz Aguirre, J. E. Rivera López, L. Martínez Pérez, P. Tamayo Meza

359. CO and O2 chemisorption on Pd70Au30(110) : evolution of the surface studied by in situ STM and complementary surface analysis techniques at elevated pressures
M. A. Languille, F. J. Cadete Santos Aires, B. S. Mun, Y. Jugnet, M. C. Saint-Lager, H. Bluhm, O. Robach, D. E. Starr, C. Rioche, P. Dolle, S. Garaudée, P. N. Ross, J. C. Bertolini

360. Height measurements on soft samples: applied force, molecules deformation and phase shift
C. Albonetti, N. F. Martínez, A. Straub, F. Biscarini, R. Pérez, R. García

361. Effect of temperature on phase transition of cardiolipin liquid-crystalline aggregates studied by AFM
A. Alessandrini, U. Muscatello

362. Investigating the influence of dynamic scattering on ptychographical iterative techniques
Cheng Liu, T. Walther, J. M. Rodenburg

363. Determination of the lateral Resolution of a Cantilever based Solid Immersion Lens Near Field Microscope
T. Merz, K. Rebner, R. W. Kessler

364. LT-STM manipulation and spectroscopy of single copper and cobalt atoms
E. Zupanič, R. Žitko, H. J. P. Midden, A. Prodan, I. Muševič

365. 3D atomic-scale chemical analysis of engineering alloys
A. Cerezo, E. A. Marquis, D. W. Saxey, C. Williams, M. Zandbergen, G. D. W. Smith

366. New Applications for Atom-Probe Tomography in Metals, Semiconductors and Ceramics
Thomas F. Kelly, David J. Larson, Roger L. Alvis, Peter H. Clifton, Stephan S. A. Gerstl, Rob M. Ulfig, Daniel Lawrence, David P. Olson, David A. Reinhard, Krystyna Stiller

367. Pulsed laser atom probe tomography analysis of advanced semiconductor nanostructures
M. Müller, A. Cerezo, G. D. W. Smith, L. Chang

368. Low Energy Electron Microscopy: A 10 Year Outlook
Rudolf M. Tromp

369. Imaging of Surface Plasmon Waves in Nonlinear Photoemission Microscopy
Frank -J. Meyer zu Heringdorf, N. M. Buckanie, L. I. Chelaru, N. Raß

370. High resolution surface analysis of metallic and biological specimens by NanoSIMS
C. R. M. Grovenor

371. Elemental distribution profiles across Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar-cell absorbers acquired by various techniques
D. Abou-Ras, C. A. Kaufmann, A. Schöpke, A. Eicke, M. Döbeli, B. Gade, T. Nunney

372. High resolution Kelvin force microscopy
Matthias A. Fenner, John Alexander, Sergei Magonov

373. High resolution in interferometric microscopy
Marc Jobin, Raphael Foschia

374. Effects of annealing on the microstructural evolution of copper films using texture analysis
A. Moskvinova, S. Schulze, M. Hietschold, I. Schubert, R. Ecke, S. E. Schulz

375. Characterisation of Ga-distribution on a silicon wafer after inline FIB-preparation using inline ToFSIMS
U. Muehle, R. Gaertner, J. Steinhoff, W. Zahn

376. First results in thin film analysis based on a new EDS software to determine composition and/or thickness of thin layers on substrates
K. Sempf, M. Herrmann, F. Bauer

377. Calibration of RHEED patterns for the appraisal of titania surface crystallography
T. Tao, R. Walton, H. K. Edwards, M. W. Fay, D. M. Grant, P. D. Brown

378. Surface orientation dependent termination and work-function of in situ annealed strontium titanate
N. Barrett, L. F. Zagonel, A. Bailly, O. Renault, J. Leroy, J. C. Cezar, N. Brookes, Shao-Ju Shih, D. Cockayne

I5. Image analysis and Processing

379. Structure determination of zeolites by electron crystallography
Junliang Sun, Daliang Zhang, Zhanbing He, Sven Hovmöller, Xiaodong Zou, Fabian Gramm, Christian Baerlocher, Lynne B. McCusker

380. 3D electron diffraction of protein crystals: data collection, cell determination and indexing
D. G. Georgieva, L. Jiang, H. W. Zandbergen, S. Nicolopoulos, J. P. Abrahams

381. Self-assembly of cholesterol-based nonionic surfactants in water. Unusual micellar structure and transitions
Ludmila Abezgauz, Irina Portnaya, Dganit Danino

382. Quantitative study of anode microstructure related to SOFC stack degradation
A. Faes, A. Hessler-Wyser, D. Presvytes, A. Brisse, C. G. Vayenas, J. Herle

383. New considerations for exit wavefunction restoration under aberration corrected conditions
S. J. Haigh, L -Y. Chang, H. Sawada, N. P. Young, A. I. Kirkland

384. High quality electron diffraction data by precession
Sven Hovmöller, Daliang Zhang, Junliang Sun, Xiaodong Zou, Peter Ol

Keywords: Physics, Physics, general

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Natural Sciences

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