Hötzl, H.

Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa

Hötzl, H. - Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Global Climate Changes – Sources and Impacts on the Water Cycle
F. Zereini, H. Hötzl

2. Climate Change and Water Cycle - Some Lessons from the Geological Past
Volker Mosbrugger

3. Climate Change and the Water Cycle - Some Information Concerning Precipitation Trends
Christian-D. Schönwiese

4. Moroccan Climate in the Present and Future: Combined View from Observational Data and Regional Climate Scenarios
K. Born, M. Christoph, A. H. Fink, P. Knippertz, H. Paeth, P. Speth

5. Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in
Peter Suppan, Harald Kunstmann, Andreas Heckl, Alon Rimmer

6. Climatic Changes in Lebanon, Predicting Uncertain Precipitation Events — Do Climatic Cycles Exist?
Abdul-Rahman M Arkadan

7. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources
F. Zereini, H. Hötzl

8. Water Resources Management in the Middle East under Aspects of Climatic Changes
Heinz Hötzl

9. Virtual Water Trade as an Adaptation Demand Management of Climate Change Impact on Water Resources in the Middle East
Mutasem El-Fadel, Rania Maroun

10. The Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Jordan
Ibrahim M. Oroud

11. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources of
Lebanon: Indications of Hydrological Droughts
Amin Shaban

12. The Impact of Global Warming on the Water
Resources of the Middle East: Past, Present, and Future
Arie S. Issar

13. Decadal Precipitation Variances and Reservoir Inflow in the Semi-Arid Upper Drâa Basin (South-
Eastern Morocco)
O. Schulz, H. Busche, A. Benbouziane

14. Management Options for a Sustainable Groundwater Use in the Middle Drâa Oases under the Pressure of Climatic Changes
Stephan Klose, Barbara Reichert, Abdeddaim Lahmouri

15. Water Resources and Water Management
F. Zereini, H. Hötzl

16. A Decision Support System (DSS) for Water Resources Management, – Design and Results from a Pilot Study in Syria
A. Droubi, M. Al-Sibai, A. Abdallah, S. Zahra, M. Obeissi, J. Wolfer, M. Huber, V. Hennings, K. Schelkes

17. Management Strategies of Water Resources in the Arid Zone of South-Eastern Morocco
Hassane Jarar Oulidi, Lahcen Benaabidate, Ralf Löwner, Alan Ernest Fryar

18. The Role of Groundwater During Drought in Tunisia
N. Gaaloul

19. The Evolution of Groundwater Exploration Methods in the Moroccan Oases through History, and Managing Ecological Risk of their Present Pollution
Mohammed Messouli, Giuseppe Messana, Mohamed Yacoubi-Khebiza, Asma El Alami El Filali, Ali Ait Boughrous, Mohamed Boulanouar

20. Investigating Unconsolidated Aquifers in an Arid Environment – A Case Study from the Lower Jordan Valley/Jordan
Mathias Toll

21. Water Resources Protection Efforts in Jordan and their Contribution to a Sustainable Water Resources Management
Armin Margane, Ariane Borgstedt, Ali Subah

22. Model Investigations on the Groundwater System in Jordan – A Contribution to the Resources Management (National Water Master Plan)
Gerhard Schmidt, Ali Subah, Nidal Khalif

23. Seawater Intrusion in Greater Beirut, Lebanon
Mark Saadeh

24. Long Term (1970 – 2001) Eco–Hydrological Processes in Lake Kinneret and its Watershed
Moshe Gophen

25. Transfer of the Concepts of the European Water Framework Directive to Arid and Semiarid Regions
Benedikt Toussaint

26. Seal Formation Effects on Soil Infiltration and Runoff in Arid and Semiarid Regions under Rainfall and Sprinkler Irrigation Conditions
Meni Ben-Hur

27. Restoring the Shrinking Dead Sea — The Environmental Imperative —
Elias Salameh, Hazim El-Naser

28. Groundwater in the Shallow Aquifer of the Jericho Area, Jordan Valley – Noble Gas Evidence for Different Sources of Salinization
Torsten Lange, Konrad Hammerschmidt, Hans Friedrichsen, Amer Marei, Stephan M. Weise

29. The Interaction of Population Dynamics and Transformations in Water Supply Systems in the Jordan River Basin
Diana Hummel

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Hydrogeology, Nature Conservation

Publication year
Environmental Science and Engineering
Page amount
572 pages
Natural Sciences

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