Piorr, Annette

Rural Landscapes and Agricultural Policies in Europe

Piorr, Annette - Rural Landscapes and Agricultural Policies in Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Operational Framework of the MEA-Scope Project
Annette Piorr, Klaus Müller

2. Agricultural Activities, Rural Areas and Natural Environment: Drawing Up the Frontiers of the Multifunctionality Concept
Sylvie Ferrari, Mbolatiana Rambonilaza

3. Multifunctionality Concepts: A Critical Assessment of the Framework Approaches
Leonardo Casini, Ginevra V. Lombardi

4. Societal Demand for Commodity and Non-commodity Outputs – A Regional Perspective
Christian Schader, Heidrun Moschitz, Chris Kjeldsen, Jakub Wasilewski, Matthias Stolze

5. TOP-MARD Problematique, Structure and Progress – The Case of Norway
John Bryden, Karen Refsgaard

6. The MEA-Scope Modelling Approach
Peter Zander, Sandra Uthes, Claudia Sattler, Franz-Josef Reinhardt, Annette Piorr, Kathrin Happe, Martin Damgaard, Amanda Sahrbacher, Tommy Dalgaard, Nicholas Hutchings, Chris Kjeldsen, Nina Detlefsen, Bo Iversen, Hycenth Tim Ndah

7. A Scenario-Wise Analysis of Economic and Environmental Impacts in the MEA-Scope Case Study Regions
Sandra Uthes, Claudia Sattler, Amanda Sahrbacher, Vladimir Hutar, Georges Amon, Eric Perret, Heléne Rapey, László Podmaniczky, Arianna Ciancaglini, Jakub Wasilewski, Lisbeth Mogensen

8. Recreating Context in Spatial Modelling of Agricultural Landscapes
Martin Damgaard, Chris Kjeldsen, Fabrizio Ungaro

9. Spatial Characteristics of Land Use Patterns in Mugello (Central Italy) and Policy Impacts on Their Environmental Outputs
Fabrizio Ungaro, Arianna Ciancaglini, Claudia Sattler, Sandra Uthes, Martin Damgaard, Kathrin Happe, Amanada Sahrbacher

10. Scaling from Farm to Landscape
Tommy Dalgaard, Chris Kjeldsen, Margit Styrbæk Jørgensen, Nicholas Hutchings, Lisbeth Mogensen, Amanda Sahrbacher, Martin Damgaard, Kathrin Happe, Annette Piorr

11. Analysing Exemplary Policy Issues Using the MEA-Scope Framework
Amanda Sahrbacher, Kathrin Happe, Sandra Uthes, Claudia Sattler, Tommy Dalgaard

12. Implementing the Indicators of the MEA-Scope Multifunctionality Impact Assessment Approach: A Gap Between Supply and Demand of NCOs?
Yuca Waarts, Kathrin Happe, Tommy Dalgaard, Peter Zander

13. Environmental Impacts of Pillar I and II with Specific Respect to Designated Areas – Results from the MEA-Scope Case Study in Germany
Claudia Sattler, Sandra Uthes, Uwe Heinrich

14. Validation of an Agent-Based, Spatio-Temporal Model for Farming in the River Gudenå Landscape. Results from the MEA-Scope Case Study in Denmark
Martin Damgaard, Chris Kjeldsen, Amanda Sahrbacher, Kathrin Happe, Tommy Dalgaard

15. Impacts of Three Direct Payment Options on Farm Structure, Economic Performance and Production Pattern: Results from the MEA-Scope Case Study in Italy
Arianna Ciancaglini, Giuseppe Piani, Sandra Uthes, Martin Damgaard, Franz Josef Reinhardt, Kathrin Happe, Amanda Sahrbacher

16. Possibilities for the Development of Mixed Crop-Beef Farming in the Kościan Region Based on Natural Fodder Resources. Results from the MEA-Scope Case Study in Poland
Jerzy Bieńkowski, Janusz Jankowiak, Andrzej Kędziora, Jakub Wasilewski

17. Multifunctional Farming and Survival Strategies in the Borsodi Floodplain
Bálint Balázs, Barbara Bodorkós, Györgyi Bela, László Podmaniczky, Katalin Balázs

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Nature Conservation, Agriculture, Political Science, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Biogeosciences

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