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Table of contents

1. Managing in an International Environment
Henning Kagermann

2. Superior Performance Through Value-based Management
Andreas Bausch, Michael Hunoldt, Lars Matysiak

3. Ways to Corporate Growth
Burkhard Schwenker

4. Diversification and the Achievement of Scope Economies
Markus Schimmer, Günter Müller-Stewens

5. Innovation and Technology Management
Jürgen Hambrecht

6. Entrepreneurial Orientation
Andreas Rauch, Michael Frese

7. New Paradigms in Organizational Design
Denis Depoux

8. An Industry Overview – Strategic Groups and Critical Success Factors
Veit Schwinkendorf

9. The Utility Industry in 2020
Francesco Starace

10. The Changing Structure of the Electric Utility Industry in Europe: Liberalisation, New Demands and Remaining Barriers
Reinhard Haas, Christian Redl, Hans Auer

11. The Changing Structure of the Utility Industry from the Perspective of Regulation Authorities
Matthias Kurth

12. The Changing Structure of the Utility Industry from Its own Perspective
Werner Brinker

13. Mergers & Acquisitions from a Strategic Perspective
Wulf H. Bernotat

14. What Next for European Power Utilities?
Gonzalo Garcia, Wolfgang Fink

15. Unbundling – Strategic and Organisational Challenges for Power and Supply Companies
Luis Atienza Serna

16. Convergence of Gas and Electricity Markets: Economic and Technological Drivers
Rolf W. Künneke

17. Investing in Power Generation
Reinhard Madlener, Rik W. Doncker

18. Perspectives on Capacity Investment in Germany and Europe – The Future of Power-Mix Optimization
Ulrich Jobs

19. Renewable Resources for Electric Power:Prospects and Challenges
Fritz Vahrenholt

20. Emission Allowances – a New Production Factor in the Power Sector
Wolf Fichtner

21. Energy Trading, Emission Certificates and Risk Management
Ronald Huisman

22. The Future of Liquefied Natural Gas Trade
Kenneth B. Medlock III

23. Cross-border Trading
Hilde A. K. Rosenblad

24. The Future of Gas Supply in Europe
Jonathan Stern, Anouk Honoré

25. Strategic Use of Gas Storage Facilities
Reinier Zwitserloot, Anke Radloff

26. Regulation of Network Charges
Gert Brunekreeft

27. Transmission Management and Pricing
Christoph Riechmann, Dan Roberts

28. The New Entry-exit Model in the EU and Its Consequences for Gas Supply Companies
Christian Hewicker, Stefanie Kesting

29. Implementation of the EU Unbundling Guidelines in Germany – a Legal Perspective
Peter Rosin

30. The Energy Arteries of a Continent –Natural Gas Networks Secure Europe's Energy Supply
Matthias Warnig

31. Dispatching in Unbundled Electricity Markets
Yong-Hua Song, Jing Sun

32. The Retail Electricity Service Business in a Competitive Environment
Clark W. Gellings

33. Customer Segmentation in the Utility Industry
Michiel Boersma, Maaike Gool

34. Current Trends in Serving Industrial Customers
Andreas Radmacher

35. The Energy Retail Market from a Customer Perspective
Werner Marnette

36. Options for and Regional Peculiarities of Investment Funding in Energy Markets
Dirk Beeuwsaert

37. A Comparison of Market Structure and Regulation Between US and European Utility Markets
Wolfgang Pfaffenberger, Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

38. Investment Opportunities in South America
Rafael Miranda Robredo

39. Final Stages in the Reform of RAO UES of Russia –Future Developments in the Russian Energy Market
Anatoly Chubais

40. Creating Competitive Advantages Through Co-operations Between Municipal Utility Companies
Oliver Runte

41. Growth Options for Regional Utilities
Christoph Helle

42. Climate Protection Requirements –the Economic Impact of Climate Change
Claudia Kemfert

43. European Energy Policy on the Basis of the New Provisions in the Treaty of Lisbon
Ulrich Ehricke, Daniel Hackländer

44. The Role of Energy Efficiency in Electric Power Systems:Lessons from Experiments in the US
Michal C. Moore

45. Private Water and Economic Regulation in the United States
Janice A. Beecher

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Management/Business for Professionals, Organization/Planning, Energy Economics

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