Brams, Steven J.

The Mathematics of Preference, Choice and Order

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Table of contents

I. Utility, Preference, Individual Choice, Subjective Probability, and Measurement

1. Entropy-Related Measures of the Utility of Gambling
R. Duncan Luce, Anthony J. Marley, Che Tat Ng

2. Altruistic Utility Functions for Joint Decisions
David E. Bell, Ralph L. Keeney

3. SSB Preferences: Nonseparable Utilities or Nonseparable Beliefs
Yutaka Nakamura

4. Decision Making Based on Risk-Value Tradeoffs
Jianmin Jia, James S. Dyer

5. Normally Distributed Admissible Choices are Optimal
James N. Bodurtha, Qi Shen

6. A Conjoint Measurement Approach to the Discrete Sugeno Integral
Denis Bouyssou, Thierry Marchant, Marc Pirlot

7. Additive Representability of Finite Measurement Structures
Arkadii Slinko

II. Social Choice, Voting, and Social Welfare

8. Acyclic Domains of Linear Orders: A Survey
Bernard Monjardet

9. Condorcet Domains: A Geometric Perspective
Donald G. Saari

10. Condorcet's Paradox with Three Candidates
William V. Gehrlein

11. On the Probability to Act in the European Union
Marc R. Feix, Dominique Lepelley, Vincent Merlin, Jean-Louis Rouet

12. Voting Systems that Combine Approval and Preference
Steven J. Brams, M. Remzi Sanver

13. Anonymous Voting Rules with Abstention: Weighted Voting
William S. Zwicker

14. Pareto, Anonymity or Neutrality, but Not IIA: Countably Many Alternatives
Donald E. Campbell, Jerry S. Kelly

15. Bruhat Orders and the Sequential Selection of Indivisible Items
Brian Hopkins, Michael A. Jones

III. Posets, Graphs, Combinatorics, and Related Applied and Mathematical Topics

16. Fractional Weak Discrepancy of Posets and Certain Forbidden Configurations
Alan Shuchat, Randy Shull, Ann N. Trenk

17. Interval Order Representation via Shortest Paths
Garth Isaak

18. Probe Interval Orders
David E. Brown, Larry J. Langley

19. Mediatic Graphs
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Sergei Ovchinnikov

20. An Application of Stahl's Conjecture About the k-Tuple Chromatic Numbers of Kneser Graphs
Svata Poljak, Fred S. Roberts

21. Optimal Reservation Scheme Routing for Two-Rate Wide-Sense Nonblocking Three-Stage Clos Networks
Wenqing Dou, Frank K. Hwang

22. Correlation Inequalities for Partially Ordered Algebras
Siddhartha Sahi

23. The Kruskal Count
Jeffrey C. Lagarias, Eric Rains, Robert J. Vanderbei

24. Descending Dungeons and Iterated Base-Changing
David Applegate, Marc Brun, N. J. A. Sloane

25. Updating Hardy, Littlewood and Pólya with Linear Programming
Larry Shepp

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Theory, Public Finance & Economics, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Political Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory

Publication year
Studies in Choice and Welfare

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