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Advances in Mobile and Wireless Communications

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Table of contents

Part I.Physical

1. Interleaving Strategies for Multidimensional Concatenated Zigzag Codes
Gerhard Bauch, Katsutoshi Kusume

2. Simplified Channel-Aware Greedy Scheduling and Antenna Selection Algorithms for Multiuser MIMO Systems Employing Orthogonal Space Division Multiplexing
Shreeram Sigdel, Witold A. Krzymien

3. On the Impact of Channel Estimation and Quantization Errors for Various Spatio-Temporal Transmission Schemes
Kai Yu, Angeliki Alexiou

4. On Multi-Cell Cooperative Signal Processing in Backhaul-Constrained Cellular Systems
Patrick Marsch, Gerhard Fettweis

Part II.Access

5. One-Shot Multi-Bid Auction and Pricing in Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Networks
László Kovács, Attila Vidács

6. Resource Allocation Strategies for SDMA/OFDMA Systems
Tarcisio F. Maciel, Anja Klein

Part III.Techniques and Technologies

7. Moment-Based Estimation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Oversampled Narrowband Signals
W. Gappmair, M. Flohberger, O. Koudelka

8. Estimation of Rain Attenuation Distribution on Terrestrial Microwave Links with General N-State Markov Model
Balázs Héder, János Bitó

9. An Investigation of the Applicability of Fade Duration Markov Model in Attenuation Time Series Synthesis for Multipath Fading Channel
László Csurgai-Horváth, János Bitó

10. Cost-Optimised Active Receive Array Antenna for Mobile Satellite Terminals
Oliver Lücke, Alberto Pellon, Pau Closas, Juan A. Fernandez-Rubio

11. Scheduling Techniques for Mobile Broadcast and Multicast Services
Michael Knappmeyer, Robin Chiang, Nigel Baker, Ralf Tönjes

Part IV.Networks

12. Body Area Network and Its Standardization at IEEE 802.15.BAN
Huan-Bang Li, Ryuji Kohno

13. Generic Abstraction of Access Performance and Resources for Multi-Radio Access Management
Joachim Sachs, Ramón Agüero, Khadija Daoud, Jens Gebert, Georgios Koudouridis, Francesco Meago, Mikael Prytz, Teemu Rinta-aho, Haitao Tang

14. A Decentralized RAT Selection Algorithm Enabled by IEEE P1900.4
J. Pérez-Romero, O. Sallent, R. Agustí, J. Nasreddine, M. Muck

Part V.Applications

15. Business Models for Local Mobile Services Enabled by Convergent Online Charging
Frank C. Bormann, Stephan Flake, Jürgen Tacken

16. Rights Management for User Content
György Kálmán, Josef Noll

Part VI.Systems

17. Distributed Cross-Layer Approaches for VoIP Rate Control over DVB-S2/RCS
M. Ángeles Vázquez Castro, David Pradas Fernández, Catherine Morlet

18. Optical Satellite Downlinks to Optical Ground Stations and High-Altitude Platforms
Dirk Giggenbach, Bernhard Epple, Joachim Horwath, Florian Moll

19. Wireless Applications in Healthcare and Welfare
Matti Hämäläinen, Pekka Pirinen, Zach Shelby, Jari Iinatti

20. Analytical Analysis of the Performance Overheads of IPsec in MIPv6 Scenarios
Zoltán Faigl, Péter Fazekas, Stefan Lindskog, Anna Brunstrom


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