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1. Forest Stand Volume of Sitka Spruce Plantations in Britain: Can Existing Laser Scanning Methods Based on the Conventional One Provide Better Results, a Comparison of Two Approaches
Michal Petr, Genevieve Patenaude, Juan Suárez

2. Assessing Stand and Data Variability Using Airborne Laser Scanner
Diego D. Doce, Juan C. Suárez, Genevieve Patenaude

3. Model Based Optimization of Mobile Geosensor Networks
Alexander C. Walkowski

4. Evaluation of the Geometric Accuracy of Automatically Recorded 3D – City Models Compared to GIS-Data
Gerald Gruber, Christian Menard, Bernhard Schachinger

5. Lifting Imprecise Values
Gerhard Navratil, Farid Karimipour, Andrew U. Frank

6. GeoSR: Geographically Explore Semantic Relations in World Knowledge
Brent Hecht, Martin Raubal

7. A Study on the Cognitive Plausibility of SIM-DL Similarity Rankings for Geographic Feature Types
Krzysztof Janowicz, Carsten Keßler, Ilija Panov, Marc Wilkes, Martin Espeter, Mirco Schwarz

8. A Geospatial Implementation of a Novel Delineation Clustering Algorithm Employing the K-means
Tonny J. Oyana, Kara E. Scott

9. DBSCAN-MO: Density-Based Clustering among Moving Obstacles
Emmanuel Stefanakis

10. A Metric of Compactness of Urban Change Illustrated to 22 European Countries
Alex Hagen-Zanker, Harry Timmermans

11. Advanced Data Mining Method for Discovering Regions and Trajectories of Moving Objects: “Ciconia Ciconia” Scenario
Claudio Carneiro, Arda Alp, Jose Macedo, Stefano Spaccapietra

12. Mining Spatio-Temporal Data at Different Levels of Detail
Elena Camossi, Michela Bertolotto, Tahar Kechadi

13. Automated Boundary Creation: Atomic Small Areas in Ireland
A Stewart Fotheringham, Peter F Foley, Martin Charlton

14. Climate-Change Adaptations in Land-Use Planning; A Scenario-Based Approach
Eric Koomen, Willem Loonen, Maarten Hilferink

15. Quantifying and Analysing Neighbourhood Characteristics Supporting Urban Land-Use Modelling
Henning Sten Hansen

16. Interactive Multi-Perspective Views of Virtual 3D Landscape and City Models
Haik Lorenz, Matthias Trapp, Jürgen Döllner, Markus Jobst

17. Scenario-Based Spatial Decision Support for Network Infrastructure Design
Gernot Paulus, Martin Krch, Johannes Scholz, Peter Bachhiesl

18. Grouping of Optimized Pedestrian Routes for Multi-Modal Route Planning: A Comparison of Two Cities
Hartwig H. Hochmair

19. Spatial Decision Support in the Pedagogical Area: Processing Travel Stories to Discover Itineraries Hidden Beneath the Surface
Pierre Loustau, Thierry Nodenot, Mauro Gaio

20. Ownership Definition and Instances Integration in Highly Coupled Spatial Data Infrastructures
Alberto Belussi, Federica Liguori, Jody Marca, Giuseppe Pelagatti, Mauro Negri

21. Spatial Data Integrability and Interoperability in the Context of SDI
Hossein Mohammadi, Abbas Rajabifard, Ian Williamson

22. Information Services to Support Disaster and Risk Management in Alpine Areas
Alexander Almer, Thomas Schnabel, Klaus Granica, Manuela Hirschmugl, Johann Raggam, Michael Dahl

23. User Performance in Interaction with Web-GIS: A Semi-Automated Methodology Using Log-Files and Streaming-Tools
Jens Ingensand, François Golay


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geography SCI030000

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