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Information Systems and e-Business Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Standardizing Methodology Metamodelling and Notation: An ISO Exemplar
Brian Henderson-Sellers, Cesar Gonzalez-Perez

2. Dependable Systems — Wishful Thinking or Realistic Expectation?
Andreas Reuter

3. Interoperability Governance for e-Government
Witold Abramowicz, Andrzej Bassara, Marek Wisniewski, Pawel Zebrowski

4. Foundational Data Modeling and Schema Transformations for XML Data Engineering
Reema Al-Kamha, David W. Embley, Stephen W. Liddle

5. Integration of Semantic XForms and Personal Web Services as a Tool to Bridge the Gap between Personal Desktops and Global Business Processes
Amin Anjomshoaa, A. Min Tjoa

6. A Slicing Technique for Business Processes
Eike Best, Astrid Rakow

7. Public Adoption of Digital Multimedia — Why Is It Lagging behind Expectations? (Extended Abstract)
Laszlo Böszörmenyi

8. Model-Driven Security Engineering of Service Oriented Systems
Ruth Breu, Michael Hafner, Frank Innerhofer-Oberperfler, Florian Wozak

9. Towards Truly Flexible and Adaptive Process-Aware Information Systems
Peter Dadam, Manfred Reichert, Stefanie Rinderle, Martin Jurisch, Hilmar Acker, Kevin Göser, Ulrich Kreher, Markus Lauer

10. From Human Knowledge to Process Models
Jörg Desel

11. Temporal Consistency of View Based Interorganizational Workflows
Johann Eder, Amirreza Tahamtan

12. Engineering Design Performance (Extended Abstract)
Vadim Ermolayev, Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke, Richard Sohnius

13. Integration — Reflections on a Pivotal Concept for Designing and Evaluating Information Systems
Ulrich Frank

14. Aspect Based Conceptual Modelling of Web Applications
Athula Ginige

15. The Influence of Mobile Computing to Information Systems Technology
Otthein Herzog, Michael Lawo, Hendrik Witt, Michael Boronowsky

16. Engineers Discovering the “Real World” — From Model-Driven to Ontology-Based Software Engineering
Wolfgang Hesse

17. Holistic Engineering of Ultra-Highspeed Mobile Information and Communication Systems
Matthias Jarke

18. A Framework for Building Mapping Operators Resolving Structural Heterogeneities
Gerti Kappel, Horst Kargl, Thomas Reiter, Werner Retschitzegger, Wieland Schwinger, Michael Strommer, Manuel Wimmer

19. Metamodeling: Some Application Areas in Information Systems
Dimitris Karagiannis, Hans-Georg Fill, Peter Höfferer, Martin Nemetz

20. Collaborative Model Driven Software Development for SOA-Based Systems
Thomas Karle, Andreas Oberweis

21. A Meta-model-Driven Tool Integration Development Process
Felix Klar, Sebastian Rose, Andy Schürr

22. Information and Communication Systems for Mobile Emergency Response
Janine Lachner, Hermann Hellwagner

23. Tacit Knowledge Management: Do We Need a Re-orientation of Traditional KM Approaches?
Franz Lehner

24. Collaborative Software Development: A Case Study of Model Interdependencies
Peter C. Lockemann

25. Conceptual Modelling in an Evolving World
Roland T. Mittermeir

26. An Ontological-Based Approach to Analyze Software Production Methods
Óscar Pastor, Sergio España, Arturo González

27. Towards a Theory of Services
Wolfgang Reisig

28. Evolving and Implanting Web-Based E-Government-Systems in Universities
Dirk Reiss, Bernhard Rumpe, Marvin Schulze-Quester, Mark Stein

29. Facets of Media Types
Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Bernhard Thalheim

30. e-Skills and Standards — Prerequisites to Fully Exploit the Potential of ICT in Europe
Wolffried Stucky, Peter Weiß

31. ASM Foundations of Database Management
Bernhard Thalheim, Klaus-Dieter Schewe

32. Software Quality — Experiences in System Development and Operation
Helmut Thoma

33. Adaptive Macro-designing Technology for Complex Process Control Systems
Mykola Tkachuk

34. Mokum for Correctness by Design in Relation to MDA
Reind Riet

35. Conceptual Model — Meeting of Cultures
Tatjana Welzer, Zala Volcic, Boštjan Brumen, Izidor Golob, Aida Kamišalic, Marko Hölbl

36. Operational Business-IT Alignment in Value Webs
Roel Wieringa

37. Towards Virtual Sales Assistants: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges
Markus Zanker

38. An Investigation into Improving the Load Balance for Term-Based Partitioning
Ahmad Abusukhon, Mohammad Talib, Michael P. Oakes

39. A UML-Rewriting Driven Architectural Proposal for Developing Adaptive Concurrent IS
Nasreddine Aoumeur, Gunter Saake

40. A Framework for Designing and Recognizing Sketch-Based Libraries for Pervasive Systems
Danilo Avola, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni, Stefano Paolozzi

41. A Conceptual Framework for Handling Complex Administrative Processes in E-Government
Stefka Dzhumalieva, Markus Helfert

42. Fuzzy Time Intervals for Simulating Actions
Vadim Ermolayev, Natalya Keberle, Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke, Richard Sohnius

43. Conceptual Design of a Method to Support IS Security Investment Decisions
Heinz Lothar Grob, Gereon Strauch, Christian Buddendick

44. A Query Language for Rational Tree Structures
Markus Kirchberg, Faizal Riaz-ud-Din, Klaus-Dieter Schewe

45. A Learning Object Composition Model
Victor H. Menendez, Manuel E. Prieto

46. Gathering Preference Data from Restricted Natural Language
Johann Mitlöhner

47. Patterns for Screenography
René Noack, Bernhard Thalheim

48. A Model of Self-organized Criticality in Emergent Web Systems
Christian Russ, Mathias Lux

49. Towards Prototyping-Based Technology for Adaptive Software Development
Mykola Tkachuk, Andriy Zemlyanoy, Rustam Gamzayev

50. Management of Multi-services Structures Through an Access Control Framework
Luigi Ubezio, Enrico Valle, Claudia Raibulet

51. Contract-Based Exception Handling Process Patterns
Jelena Zdravkovic, Vandana Kabilan

52. Mobile Applications for the Academic Environment
Razvan Daniel Zota, Ileana Stanescu, Emil Stanescu, Raluca Stanculescu, Laura Stanescu

53. Modeling Trust Relationships in Collaborative Engineering Projects
Carlo Argiolas, Nicoletta Dessì, Mariagrazia Fugini

54. Loosening the Hierarchy of Cross-Company Electronic Collaboration
Christoph Schroth

55. (Meta-)Models, Tools and Infrastructures for Business Application Integration
Ralf Kutsche, Nikola Milanovic

56. The Impact of Structuredness on Error Probability of Process Models
Ralf Laue, Jan Mendling


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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