Rommes, Joost

Model Order Reduction: Theory, Research Aspects and Applications

Rommes, Joost - Model Order Reduction: Theory, Research Aspects and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Basic Concepts

1. Introduction to Model Order Reduction
Wil Schilders

2. Linear Systems, Eigenvalues, and Projection
Henk Vorst

II. Theory

3. Structure-Preserving Model Order Reduction of RCL Circuit Equations
Roland W. Freund

4. A Unified Krylov Projection Framework for Structure-Preserving Model Reduction
Zhaojun Bai, Ren-cang Li, Yangfeng Su

5. Model Reduction via Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
René Pinnau

6. PMTBR: A Family of Approximate Principal-components-like Reduction Algorithms
Joel R. Phillips, Zhenhai Zhu, L. Miguel Silveira

7. A Survey on Model Reduction of Coupled Systems
Timo Reis, Tatjana Stykel

8. Space Mapping and Defect Correction
David Echeverría, Domenico Lahaye, Piet W. Hemker

9. Modal Approximation and Computation of Dominant Poles
Joost Rommes

10. Some Preconditioning Techniques for Saddle Point Problems
Michele Benzi, Andrew J. Wathen

11. Time Variant Balancing and Nonlinear Balanced Realizations
E. I. Verriest

12. Singular Value Analysis and Balanced Realizations for Nonlinear Systems
Kenji Fujimoto, Jacquelien M. A. Scherpen

III. Research Aspects and Applications

13. Matrix Functions
Andreas Frommer, Valeria Simoncini

14. Model Reduction of Interconnected Systems
Antoine Vandendorpe, Paul Dooren

15. Quadratic Inverse Eigenvalue Problem and Its Applications to Model Updating — An Overview
Moody T. Chu

16. Data-Driven Model Order Reduction Using Orthonormal Vector Fitting
Dirk Deschrijver, Tom Dhaene

17. Model-Order Reduction of High-Speed Interconnects Using Integrated Congruence Transform
Emad Gad, Michel Nakhla, Ram Achar

18. Model Order Reduction for MEMS: Methodology and Computational Environment for Electro-Thermal Models
Tamara Bechtold, Evgenii B. Rudnyi, Jan G. Korvink

19. Model Order Reduction of Large RC Circuits
Nick P. Meijs

20. Reduced Order Models of On-Chip Passive Components and Interconnects, Workbench and Test Structures
Daniel Ioan, Gabriela Ciuprina


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Keywords: MATHEMATICS / General MAT000000

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Natural Sciences

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