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Table of contents

Part A. Development and Impacts of Automation

1. Advances in Robotics and Automation: Historical Perspectives
Yukio Hasegawa

2. Advances in Industrial Automation: Historical Perspectives
Theodore J. Williams

3. Automation: What It Means to Us Around the World
Shimon Y. Nof

4. A History of Automatic Control
Christopher Bissell

5. Social, Organizational, and Individual Impacts of Automation
Tibor Vá mos

6. Economic Aspects of Automation
Piercarlo Ravazzi, Agostino Villa

7. Impacts of Automation on Precision
Alkan Donmez, Johannes A. Soons

8. Trends in Automation
Peter Terwiesch, Christopher Ganz

Part B. Automation Theory and Scientific Foundations

9. Control Theory for Automation: Fundamentals
Alberto Isidori

10. Control Theory for Automation – Advanced Techniques
István Vajk, Jenő Hetthéssy, Ruth Bars

11. Control of Uncertain Systems
Jianming Lian, Stanislaw H. Żak

12. Cybernetics and Learning Automata
John Oommen, Sudip Misra

13. Communication in Automation, Including Networking and Wireless
Nicholas Kottenstette, Panos J. Antsaklis

14. Artificial Intelligence and Automation
Dana S. Nau

15. Virtual Reality and Automation
P. Pat Banerjee

16. Automation of Mobility and Navigation
Anibal Ollero, Ángel R. Castaño

17. The Human Role in Automation
Daniel W. Repperger, Chandler A. Phillips

18. What Can Be Automated? What Cannot Be Automated?
Richard D. Patton, Peter C. Patton

Part C. Automation Design: Theory, Elements, and Methods

19. Mechatronic Systems – A Short Introduction
Rolf Isermann

20. Sensors and Sensor Networks
Wootae Jeong

21. Industrial Intelligent Robots
Yoshiharu Inaba, Shinsuke Sakakibara

22. Modeling and Software for Automation
Alessandro Pasetti, Walter Schaufelberger (Δ)

23. Real-Time Autonomic Automation
Christian Dannegger

24. Automation Under Service-Oriented Grids
Jackson He, Enrique Castro-Leon

25. Human Factors in Automation Design
John D. Lee, Bobbie D. Seppelt

26. Collaborative Human–Automation Decision Making
Mary L. Cummings, Sylvain Bruni

27. Teleoperation
Luis Basañez, Raúl Suárez

28. Distributed Agent Software for Automation
Francisco P. Maturana, Dan L. Carnahan, Kenwood H. Hall

29. Evolutionary Techniques for Automation
Mitsuo Gen, Lin Lin

30. Automating Errors and Conflicts Prognostics and Prevention
Xin W. Chen, Shimon Y. Nof

Part D. Automation Design: Theory and Methods for Integration

31. Process Automation
Thomas F. Edgar, Juergen Hahn

32. Product Automation
Friedrich Pinnekamp

33. Service Automation
Friedrich Pinnekamp

34. Integrated Human and Automation Systems
Dieter Spath, Martin Braun, Wilhelm Bauer

35. Machining Lines Automation
Xavier Delorme, Alexandre Dolgui, Mohamed Essafi, Laurent Linxe, Damien Poyard

36. Large-Scale Complex Systems
Florin-Gheorghe Filip, Kauko Leiviskä

37. Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Engineering, and Visualization
Gary R. Bertoline, Nathan Hartman, Nicoletta Adamo-Villani

38. Design Automation for Microelectronics
Deming Chen

39. Safety Warnings for Automation
Mark R. Lehto, Mary F. Lesch, William J. Horrey

Part E. Automation Management

40. Economic Rationalization of Automation Projects
José A. Ceroni

41. Quality of Service (QoS) of Automation
Heinz-Hermann Erbe (∆)

42. Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety
Gérard Morel, Jean-François Pétin, Timothy L. Johnson

43. Product Lifecycle Management and Embedded Information Devices
Dimitris Kiritsis

44. Education and Qualification for Control and Automation
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Matthew Verleger

45. Software Management
Peter C. Patton, Bijay K. Jayaswal

46. Practical Automation Specification
Wolfgang Mann

47. Automation and Ethics
Srinivasan Ramaswamy, Hemant Joshi

Part F. Industrial Automation

48. Machine Tool Automation
Keiichi Shirase, Susumu Fujii

49. Digital Manufacturing and RFID-Based Automation
Wing B. Lee, Benny C.F. Cheung, Siu K. Kwok

50. Flexible and Precision Assembly
Brian Carlisle

51. Aircraft Manufacturing and Assembly
Branko Sarh, James Buttrick, Clayton Munk, Richard Bossi

52. Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation
Tae-Eog Lee

53. Nanomanufacturing Automation
Ning Xi, King Wai Chiu Lai, Heping Chen

54. Production, Supply, Logistics and Distribution
Rodrigo J. Cruz Di Palma, Manuel Scavarda Basaldúa

55. Material Handling Automation in Production and Warehouse Systems
Jaewoo Chung, Jose M.A. Tanchoco

56. Industrial Communication Protocols
Carlos E. Pereira, Peter Neumann

57. Automation and Robotics in Mining and Mineral Processing
Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela, Greg Baiden

58. Automation in the Wood and Paper Industry
Birgit Vogel-Heuser

59. Welding Automation
Anatol Pashkevich

60. Automation in Food Processing
Darwin G. Caldwell, Steve Davis, René J. Moreno Masey, John O. Gray

Part G. Infrastructure and Service Automation

61. Construction Automation
Daniel Castro-Lacouture

62. The Smart Building
Timothy I. Salsbury

63. Automation in Agriculture
Yael Edan, Shufeng Han, Naoshi Kondo

64. Control System for Automated Feed Plant
Nick A. Ivanescu

65. Securing Electrical Power System Operation
Petr Horacek

66. Vehicle and Road Automation
Yuko J. Nakanishi

67. Air Transportation System Automation
Satish C. Mohleji, Dean F. Lamiano, Sebastian V. Massimini

68. Flight Deck Automation
Steven J. Landry

69. Space and Exploration Automation
Edward Tunstel

70. Cleaning Automation
Norbert Elkmann, Justus Hortig, Markus Fritzsche

71. Automating Information and Technology Services
Parasuram Balasubramanian

72. Library Automation
Michael Kaplan

73. Automating Serious Games
Gyula Vastag, Moshe Yerushalmy

74. Automation in Sports and Entertainment
Peter Kopacek

Part H. Automation in Medical and Healthcare Systems

75. Automatic Control in Systems Biology
Henry Mirsky, Jörg Stelling, Rudiyanto Gunawan, Neda Bagheri, Stephanie R. Taylor, Eric Kwei, Jason E. Shoemaker, Francis J. Doyle III

76. Automation and Control in Biomedical Systems
Robert S. Parker

77. Automation in Hospitals and Healthcare
Brandon Savage

78. Medical Automation and Robotics
Alon Wolf, Moshe Shoham

79. Rotary Heart Assist Devices
Marwan A. Simaan

80. Medical Informatics
Chin-Yin Huang

81. Nanoelectronic-Based Detection for Biology and Medicine
Samir M. Iqbal, Rashid Bashir

82. Computer and Robot-Assisted Medical Intervention
Jocelyne Troccaz

Part I. Home, Office, and Enterprise Automation

83. Automation in Home Appliances
T. Joseph Lui

84. Service Robots and Automation for the Disabled/Limited
Birgit Graf, Harald Staab

85. Automation in Education/Learning Systems
Kazuyoshi Ishii, Kinnya Tamaki

86. Enterprise Integration and Interoperability
François B. Vernadat

87. Decision Support Systems
Daniel J. Power, Ramesh Sharda

88. Collaborative e-Work, e-Business, and e-Service
Juan D. Velásquez, Shimon Y. Nof

89. e-Commerce
Clyde W. Holsapple, Sharath Sasidharan

90. Business Process Automation
Edward F. Watson, Karyn Holmes

91. Automation in Financial Services
William Richmond

92. e-Government
Dieter Rombach, Petra Steffens

93. Collaborative Analytics for Astrophysics Explorations
Cecilia R. Aragon

Part J. Appendix

94. Automation Statistics
Juan D. Velásquez, Xin W. Chen, Sang Won Yoon, Hoo Sang Ko

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computer Applications, Computational Intelligence, Electrical Engineering

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