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Rural Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Rural Surgical Education: The Australian Approach
Guy Maddern, Matthias W. Wichmann

2. Surgery for Rural America
David C. Borgstrom

3. Surgery in Rural Canada: Challenges and Possible Solutions
Nadine R. Caron, Stephen J. Pinney

4. Fundamentals of Surgical Oncology
Hanno Niess, Karl-Walter Jauch, Christiane J. Bruns

5. Palliative Surgery
Matthias W. Wichmann

6. Fiber Optic Endoscopy: Bronchoscopy
Matthias W. Wichmann, Fritz W. Spelsberg

7. Fiber Optic Endoscopy: Gastroscopy
Matthias W. Wichmann, Fritz W. Spelsberg

8. Fiber Optic Endoscopy: Colonoscopy
Matthias W. Wichmann, Fritz W. Spelsberg

9. Endoscopy for Rural Surgeons: ERCP
Ian C. Roberts-Thomson

10. Rigid Endoscopy: Cystoscopy
Mark Lloyd, John Miller

11. Rural Surgical Audit
David A. K. Watters

12. Acute Pain Management
Edmund A. M. Neugebauer, Astrid Althaus, Christian Simanski

13. Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism
Robert A. Fitridge, Simon McRae

14. Nutrition of the Surgical Patient
Florian Brackmann, Wolfgang H. Hartl, Peter Rittler

15. Surgical and Hospital-Acquired Infections
Wolfgang Böcker, Wolf Mutschler

16. Antimicrobial Therapy
Christian P. Schneider, Beatrice Grabein

17. Preoperative Risk Assessment in Rural Surgery
Teresa Bueti, Munawar Rana, Matthias W. Wichmann

18. Perioperative Fluid Management
Peter Rittler, Wolfgang H. Hartl

19. Analgesia and Sedation in Intensive Care
Christian Waydhas

20. Anti-reflux Procedures
Glyn Jamieson

21. Gastric Surgery
Matthias W. Wichmann

22. Gallbladder Surgery: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Management of Bile Duct Stones in the Rural Setting
Harsh A. Kanhere, Andrew D. Strickland

23. Liver Surgery
Faud Alkhoury, Christine Vancott, Randall Zuckerman

24. Pancreatic Surgery
Markus Trochsler, Thomas Satyadas, Harsh A. Kanhere

25. Pancreatitis
Martin Bruening

26. Surgery of the Spleen
Matthias W. Wichmann

27. Complications After Bariatric Surgery
Brent White

28. Appendicitis
Kerstin S. Schick, Johannes N. Hoffmann

29. Bowel Obstruction
Saukat T. Esufali

30. Diverticulitis
Matthias W. Wichmann, Karl-Walter Jauch

31. Therapy of Sepsis
Johannes N. Hoffmann

32. Bowel Cancer
Peter Hewett, Cu Tai Lu

33. Rectal Cancer
Peter Hewett

34. Stoma Surgery
Nick Rieger

35. Acute Abdominal Pain
Hajir Nabi

36. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Friesen W. Randall

37. Mesenteric Ischaemia
Heinrich Stiegler, Florian Brackmann, Laura Holzner

38. Management and Surgery of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
William Roediger

39. Proctology
Alexander Herold, Laura Holzner

40. Abdominal Wall Hernias
Reinhold A. Lang, Martin K. Angele

41. Thyroid Surgery for the Community General Surgeon
Anthony J. Chambers, Janice L. Pasieka

42. Parathyroid Surgery in the Non-Tertiary Center
Anthony J. Chambers, Janice L. Pasieka

43. Adrenal Surgery
Marlon A. Guerrero, Wen Shen

44. Breast Surgery
David Walsh

45. Skin Cancer: Current Surgery for This Common Problem
R. Gwyn Morgan

46. Pediatric Surgery
Thao T. Marquez, Mara B. Antonoff, Daniel A. Saltzman

47. Vascular Surgery: Acute Limb Ischaemia
Mark Hamilton

48. Vascular Surgery: Management of the Diabetic Foot
Mark Hamilton

49. Minor Procedures
Eric Mooney

50. Simple Orthopaedic Procedures and Common Diagnoses
David Wysocki, René Zellweger

51. Carpal Tunnel Release
Hajir Nabi

52. Dupuytren’s Contracture
Barney McCusker

53. Hand Injuries
Andreas Frick, Christiane G. Frick

54. Rural Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Colin Weatherill

55. Urological Conditions
John Miller, Clair Whelan, Kulendran Sivapragasam

56. Otolaryngologic Emergencies
Cynthia Bonatucci Fisher

57. Airway Management: A Surgical Perspective
Adrian Anthony

58. Management of the Severely Injured
Adrian Anthony

59. Rural Burn Care
Gary F. Purdue, Brett D. Arnoldo

60. A Guide to Neurotrauma for the Rural Surgeon
David Omahen, Stephen J. Hentschel

61. Abdominal Trauma
Wolfgang E. Thasler

62. Trauma Surgery: Neck Trauma
Harsh A. Kanhere, Robert A. Fitridge

63. Open Extremity Fractures
Ekkehard Euler

64. Traumatic Injuries of the Spine
Rudolf Beisse, Christoph Siepe

65. Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedic – Pelvic Fracture
Tim Pohlemann, Daniel Köhler, Christopher Tzioupis

66. Trauma Surgery: Vascular Emergencies
Robert A. Fitridge, Mark Hamilton

67. Thoracic Emergencies
Christian Müller

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics

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