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Hot Cracking Phenomena in Welds II

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Table of contents

Part I. Solidification Cracking Theory

1. In Search of the Prediction of Hot Cracking in Aluminium Alloys
L. Katgerman, D.G. Eskin

2. Application of the Rappaz-Drezet-Gremaud Hot Tearing Criterion to Welding of Aluminium Alloys
J.-M. Drezet, D. Allehaux

3. Weld Solidification Cracking: Critical Conditions for Crack Initiation and Growth
C.E. Cross, N. Coniglio

4. Consideration of the Welding Process as a Thermo-Physical Mechanism to Control Cracking in Weldments
H. Herold, M. Streitenberger

5. Determination of Critical Strain Rate for Solidification Cracking by Numerical Simulation
M. Wolf, Th. Kannengieβer, Th. Böllinghaus

Part II. Solidification Cracking of Ferrous and Nickel-Base Alloys

6. Classification and Mechanisms of Cracking in Welding High-Alloy Steels and Nickel Alloys in Brittle Temperature Ranges
K.A. Yushchenko, V.S. Savchenko

7. Submerged Arc Welding – A Test for Centreline Cracking
K. Håkansson

8. Influence of Local Weld Deformation on the Solidification Cracking Susceptibility of a Fully Austenitic Stainless Steel
A. Kromm, Th. Kannengießer

9. Weld Solidification Cracking in Solid-Solution Strengthened Ni-Base Filler Metals
J.C. Lippold, J.W. Sowards, G.M. Murray, B.T. Alexandrov, A.J. Ramirez

10. Hot Cracking Susceptibility of Ni-Base Alloy Dissimilar Metal Welds
H. Hänninen, A. Brederholm, T. Saukkonen

11. Evaluation of Weld Solidification Cracking in Ni-Base Superalloys Using the Cast Pin Tear Test
B.T. Alexandrov, J.C. Lippold, N.E. Nissley

12. SAW Cold Wire Technology – Economic Alternative for Joining Hot Crack Sensitive Nickel-Base Alloys
U. Reisgen, U. Dilthey, I. Aretov

Part III. Solidification Cracking of Aluminium Alloys

13. Hot Tearing During Laser Butt Welding of 6xxx Aluminium Alloys: Process Optimisation and 2D/3D Characterisation of Hot Tears
D. Fabrègue, A. Deschamps, M. Suéry, H. Proudhon

14. The Integral Approach – a Tailored Method to Optimize Structural Behavior and Weldability
H. Gruss, A. Pshennikov, H. Herold

15. Weld Parameter and Minor Element Effects on Solidification Crack Initiation in Aluminium
N. Coniglio, C.E. Cross

16. Using Simulation for Investigations of Hot Cracking Phenomena in Resistance Spot Welding of 6xxx Aluminum Alloys (AA6016 and AA6181)
A. Eder, S. Jaber, N. Jank

Part IV. Liquation Cracking

17. Evaluating Hot Cracking Susceptibility of Ni-Base SAW Consumables for Welding of 9% Ni Steel
L. Karlsson, E-L Bergquist, S. Rigdal, N. Thalberg

18. Assessment of HAZ Hot Cracking in a High Nitrogen Stainless Steel
K. Stelling, M. Lammers, D. Meinel

19. Crack Appearance in Hot Rolled Billets
S.T. Mandziej, G. Krallics

Part V. Ductility-Dip Cracking

20. Effect of Filler Metal La Additions on Micro-Cracking in Multi-Pass Laser Overlay Weld Metal of Alloy 690
K. Nishimoto, K. Saida, M. Sakamoto, W. Kono

21. Ductility-Dip Cracking in High Chromium, Ni-Base Filler Metals
J.C. Lippold, N.E. Nissley

22. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Approach to Ductility-Dip Cracking Resistance Improvement of Ni-base Alloy ERNiCrFe-7: Effect of Ti and Nb Additions
A.J. Ramirez, C.M. Garzón

Keywords: Chemistry, Metallic Materials, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials

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