Bernard, Alain

Methods and Tools for Effective Knowledge Life-Cycle-Management

Bernard, Alain - Methods and Tools for Effective Knowledge Life-Cycle-Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Overview on Knowledge Management
S. Ammar-Khodja, Alain Bernard

2. Manufacturing Knowledge Work: The European Perspective
Fons Wijnhoven

3. Building a Knowledge Share Culture in a Virtual Organization. Case Study for VRL-KCiP NoE
Anca Draghici, George Draghici

4. Influence of Multi-Culturality in Virtual Teams
Anca Draghici

5. A Web and Virtual Reality Based Paradigm for Collaborative Management and Verification of Design Knowledge
George Chryssolouris, Dimitris Mavrikios, Menelaos Pappas

6. Knowledge Management in the Virtual Enterprise: Web Based Systems for Electronic Manufacturing
George Chryssolouris, Sotiris Makris, Dimitris Mourtzis, Nikolaos Papakostas

7. EDEN™
Dirk Kotze, Wilhelm Uys, Nicolaas Preez

8. Misunderstandings in Global Virtual Engineering Teams: Definitions, Causes, and Guidelines for Knowledge Sharing and Interaction
Myriam Lewkowicz, Fons Wijnhoven, Anca Draghici

9. A Knowledge Network Approach Supporting the Value Chain
Nicolaas Preez, Louis Louw, Eric Lutters

10. Formulating an Expertise Map in the VRL-KCiP
Gila Molcho

11. Representation and Navigation Techniques for Semi-Structured Knowledge in Collaborating Communities
Zsolt Kemény, Gábor Erdos, József Váncza

12. The Use of Conceptual Maps for Competencies Mapping and Knowledge Formalization in a Virtual Lab
George Chryssolouris, Dimitris Mavrikios, Stathes Xeromerites, Konstantinos Georgoulias

13. Production Paradigms Ontology (PPO): a Response to the Need of Managing Knowledge in High-Tech Manufacturing
Augusta Maria Paci, Maria Stella Chiacchio, Cecilia Lalle

14. Compatibility Knowledge in Fuzzy Front End
Julie Hohenegger, Ahmed Bufardi, Paul Xirouchakis

15. Development of a Conceptual Reference Framework to Manage Manufacturing Knowledge Related to Products, Processes and Production Systems
Marcello Colledani, Walter Terkaj, Tullio Tolio, Maurizio Tomasella

16. FBS-PPRE, an Enterprise Knowledge Lifecycle Model
M. Labrousse, Alain Bernard

17. Knowledge Management for Industrial Heritage
Florent Laroche, Alain Bernard, Michel Cotte

18. The Role of Knowledge Management in Supporting a Radical Innovation Project
Bernard Katz, Nicolaas Preez

19. Improved Utilisation of Organisational Documents Using a Conceptual Framework
Wilhelm Uys, Ernst Uys, Eric Lutters, Nicolaas Preez

20. Applications of Knowledge Engineering Approaches for Design
Nada Matta, L’Hédi Zaher

21. Generation of Design Knowledge from Product Life Cycle Data
Ahmed Bufardi, Dimitris Kiritsis, Paul Xirouchakis

22. Reference Architectures as Knowledge Management Tools Guiding and Supporting Enterprise Engineering
Nicolaas Preez, Louis Louw, Heinz Essmann, Christiaan Grové, Lizenka Walt

23. Knowledge Networks, Methods and Tools Analysis for Information Validity: Case Study Feed Back
Nicolas Perry, Alexandre Candlot

24. Knowledge Management in a Virtual Lab Collaborative Training Project: A Mini-Formula Student Car Design
George Chryssolouris, Dimitris Mourtzis, Panagiotis Stavropoulos, Dimitris Mavrikios, John Pandremenos

25. Case Study in Design: Generation of Design Knowledge for Vehicle Sub-frames Based on Finite Element Simulation
Hu Long, Angelo Fanourakis, Paul Oliver

26. A Pragmatic Approach to Knowledge Management in an Engineering Design SME
Cyril Beylier, Franck Pourroy, François Villeneuve

27. Capitalization and Reuse of Forging Knowledge in Integrated Design
Serge Tichkiewitch

28. Case Study, USIQUICK Project: Methods to Capitalise and Reuse Knowledge in Process Planning
Alexandre Candlot, Nicolas Perry, Alain Bernard, Samar Ammar-Khodja

29. Knowledge Management in Manufacturing Process Modeling: Case Studies in Selected Manufacturing Processes
George Chryssolouris, Nikolaos Papakostas, Dimitris Mourtzis, Sotiris Makris

30. Knowledge Management Paradigms in Selected Manufacturing Case Studies
George Chryssolouris, Dimitris Mourtzis, Nikolaos Papakostas, Z. Papachatzakis, Stathes Xeromerites

31. Process Design Theory for Digital Information Services
Fons Wijnhoven

32. The VRL-KCiP Software Demonstration and Exchange Platform – An Example for Web-Based Knowledge Management and Representation
Lars Aldinger, Jürgen Westermann, Engelbert Westkämper

33. A Basic Knowledge Management System for the VRL-KCiP
Gila Molcho, Ronit Schneor, Donna Bossin

34. Contacts and Appointments Manager: VRLshepherd
Christian Kind, Ozan Arpinar, Anke Finnah, Benjamin Schmidt


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