Gessner, Wolfgang

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2008

Gessner, Wolfgang - Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2008, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Advanced Safety Systems — The Opportunity for Semiconductor Vendors
Chris Webber, Hakan Gustafsson

2. Dual Frequency Methods for Identifying Hidden Targets in Road Traffic
Andreas Fackelmeier, Christian Morhart, Erwin Biebl

3. Multi Spectral Pedestrian Detection and Localization
Günter Bauer, Florian Homm, Leonhard Walchshäusl, Darius Burschka

4. Car Driver Monitoring by Networking Vital Data
J. Murgoitio, J. I. Fernández

5. MDSI Range Camera Calibration
Tobias Hanning, Aless Lasaruk, Reiner Wertheimer

6. Laserscanner Based Cooperative Pre-Data-Fusion
Florian Ahlers, Christian Stimming

7. Satellite-Based System for Predictive Control in Vehicles and its Field of Applications
Adrian Zlocki

8. Results of the EC-Project INTERSAFE
Kay Ch. Fuerstenberg, Bernd Roessler

9. Crank Angle Resolved Determination of Fuel-Concentration and Air/Fuel Ratio in a SI-Production Engine by Using a Modified Optical Spark Plug
Alexander Grosch, Volker Beushausen, Olav Thiele

10. Two-Line LIF-Emission Thermometry for Gas-Temperature Determination in IC-Engines
Ralf Müller, Volker Beushausen

11. Human Vehicle Interaction Based On Electric Field Sensing
Carl A. Pickering

12. Automotive 1 Gbit/s Link Goes Standard
Thomas Rothhaupt

13. Imaging Millimeter Wave Radar with Phased Array Antenna
Richard Körber, Volker Ziegler, Ulrich Schmid

14. Tungsten-Titanium as Advanced Material for RF-MEMS Switches
Stefan Klein, Helmut Seidel, Ulrich Schmidt, Volker Ziegler, Ulrich Prechtel, Alida Würtz

15. Local Modification of Fired LTCC Substrates for High Frequency Applications
Achim Bittner, Hartmut Seidel, Ulrich Schmid, Thomas Haas

16. Determination of Complex Permittivity of LRR Radome Materials Using a Scalar Quasi-Optical Measurement System
Florian Pfeiffer, Erwin Biebl, Karl-Heinz Siedersberger

17. Speed Sensors for Automotive Applications Based on Integrated GMR Technology
Konrad Kapser, Sigmund Zaruba, Peter Slama, Ernst Katzmaier

18. Micro-Rotation Angle Sensor with Integrated Hall IC
Toshikazu Ina, Kenji Takeda, Akihiko Sawada, Shigetoshi Hukaya

19. Scaled Test Bed for Automotive Experiments: Evaluation of Single Accelerometer Electronic Stability Control
Diomidis Ioannis Katzourakis, Antonis Ioannis Katzourakis

20. A New Micromechanical Pressure Sensor for Automotive Airbag Applications
Boris Adam, Tobby Brandt, Ralf Henn, Sebastian Reiss, Markus Lang, Christian Ohl

21. Trusting Your Senses
Geoff. Hardman


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