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Table of contents

Part I. Dissertation Award Winners

1. Expected Additive Time-Separable Utility Maximizing Capacity Control in Revenue Management
Christiane Barz

2. Routing and Capacity Optimization for IP Networks
Andreas Bley

3. Coping with Incomplete Information in Scheduling — Stochastic and Online Models
Nicole Megow

4. Availability and Performance Analysis of Stochastic Networks with Unreliable Nodes
Cornelia Wichelhaus née Sauer

Part II. Diploma Award Winners

5. Heuristics of the Branch-Cut-and-Price-Framework SCIP
Timo Berthold

6. Forecasting Optimization Model of the U.S. Coal, Energy and Emission Markets
Jan-Hendrik Jagla, Lutz Westermann

7. Optimal Control Strategies for Incoming Inspection
Stefan Nickel, Sebastian Velten, Hans-Peter Ziegler

8. An Extensive Tabu Search Algorithm for Solving the Lot Streaming Problem in a Job Shop Environment
Liji Shen

Part III. Applied Probability and Stochastic Programming

9. Optimizing Consumption and Investment: The Case of Partial Information
Markus Hahn, Wolfgang Putschögl, Jörn Sass

10. Multistage Stochastic Programs via Stochastic Parametric Optimization
Vlasta Kanková

11. Risk-Sensitive Average Optimality in Markov Decision Chains
Karel Sladký, Raúl Montes-de-Oca

12. A Stochastic Programming Model with Decision Dependent Uncertainty Realizations for Technology Portfolio Management
Senay Solak, John-Paul Clarke, Ellis Johnson, Earl Barnes

Part IV. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Decision Support

13. A Neural Network Based Decision Support System for Real-Time Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Derya Eren Akyol, Ozlem Uzun Araz

14. Improving Classifier Performance by Using Fictitious Training Data? A Case Study
Ralf Stecking, Klaus B. Schebesch

Part V. Continuous Optimization

15. Artificial DMUs and Contingent Weight Restrictions for the Analysis of Brazilian Retail Banks Efficiency
Madiagne Diallo, Marcus Vinicius Pereira Souza, Luis Eduardo Guedes, Reinaldo Castro Souza

16. Performance of Some Approximate Subgradient Methods over Nonlinearly Constrained Networks
Eugenio Mijangos

Part VI. Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization

17. Shortest-Path Algorithms and Dynamic Cost Changes
Sven Baselau, Felix Hahne, Klaus Ambrosi

18. Solving Railway Track Allocation Problems
Ralf Borndörfer, Thomas Schlechte

19. On a Class of Interval Data Minmax Regret CO Problems
Alfredo Candia-Véjar, Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda

20. A Benders Decomposition for Hub Location Problems Arising in Public Transport
Shahin Gelareh, Stefan Nickel

21. Reliability Models for the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem with User Preferences
Rodrigo Herrera, Jörg Kalcsics, Stefan Nickel

22. The Real-Time Vehicle Routing Problem
Irena Okhrin, Knut Richter

23. A Decision Support System for Planning Promotion Time Slots
Paulo A. Pereira, Fernando A. C. C. Fontes, Dalila B. M. M. Fontes

24. Greedy Heuristics and Weight-Coded EAs for Multidimensional Knapsack Problems and Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions
Jella Pfeiffer, Franz Rothlauf

25. A Metaheuristic for the Periodic Location-Routing Problem
Caroline Prodhon

26. A New Formulation of the Capacitated Discrete Ordered Median Problems with {0, 1}-Assignment
Justo Puerto

Part VII. Econometrics, Game Theory and Mathematical Economics

27. Investment Timing Problem Under Tax Allowances: The Case of Special Economic Zones
Vadim Arkin, Alexander Slastnikov, Svetlana Arkina

28. Computing the Value of Information in Quadratic Stochastic Decision Problems
Sigifredo Laengle

29. How Often Are You Decisive: an Enquiry About the Pivotality of Voting Rules
Tobias Lindner

Part VIII. Energy, Environment and Life Sciences

30. A System Analysis on PEFC-CGS for a Farm Household
Kiyoshi Dowaki, Takeshi Kawabuchi

31. Taming Wind Energy with Battery Storage
Andreas T. Ernst, Gaurav Singh

32. The Influence of Social Values in Cooperation
Robert Feyer, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Stefan Pickl

33. Designing Sustainable Supply Chains by Integrating Logistical and Process Engineering Aspects — A Material Flow Based Approach for 2nd Generation Synthetic Bio-Fuels
Grit Walther, Anne Schatka, Thomas S. Spengler, Katharina Bode, Stephan Scholl

Part IX. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

34. About the Limitations of Spreadsheet Applications in Business Venturing
Benjamin B. Gansel

35. A Decision-Analytic Approach to Blue-Ocean Strategy Development
Matthias G. Raith, Thorsten Staak, Helge M. Wilker

36. Flexible Planning in an Incomplete Market
Peter Reichling, Thomas Spengler, Bodo Vogt

37. Social Entrepreneurs, Lead Donors and the Optimal Level of Fundraising
Christoph Starke

Part X. Finance, Banking and Insurance

38. Studying Impact of Decision Making Units Features on Efficiency by Integration of Data Envelopment Analysis and Data Mining Tools
Ali Azadeh, Leili Javanmardi

39. Analysts’ Dividend Forecasts, Portfolio Selection, and Market Risk Premia
Wolfgang Breuer, Franziska Feilke, Marc Gürtler

40. A Two-Stage Approach for Improving Service Management in Retail Banking
Gül Gökay Emel, Çagatan Taskin

41. Non-maturing Deposits, Convexity and Timing Adjustments
Oliver Entrop, Marco Wilkens

42. Nichtparametrische Prädiktorselektion im Asset Management
Johannes Hildebrandt, Thorsten Poddig

Part XI. Forecasting and Marketing

43. Detecting and Debugging Erroneous Statements in Pairwise Comparison Matrices
Reinhold Decker, Martin Meißner, Sören W. Scholz

44. Prognose von Geldautomatenumsätzen mit SARIMAX-Modellen: Eine Fallstudie
Stephan Scholze, Ulrich Küsters

Part XII. Health Care Management

45. On Dimensioning Intensive Care Units
Nico Dijk, Nikky Kortbeek

46. A Hybrid Approach to Solve the Periodic Home Health Care Problem
Jörg Steeg, Michael Schröder

47. Tactical Operating Theatre Scheduling: Efficient Appointment Assignment
Rafael Velásquez, Teresa Melo, Karl-Heinz Küfer

Part XIII. Managerial Accounting and Auditing

48. Modeling and Analyzing the IAS 19 System of Accounting for Unfunded Pensions
Matthias Amen

49. Coordination of Decentralized Departments and the Implementation of a Firm-wide Differentiation Strategy
Christian Lohmann

50. Case-Based Decision Theory: An Experimental Report
Wolfgang Ossadnik, Dirk Wilmsmann

Part XIV. Multi Criteria Decision Making

51. Truck Allocation Planning for Cost Reduction of Mechanical Sugarcane Harvesting in Thailand: An Application of Multi-objective Optimization
Kriengkri Kaewtrakulpong, Tomohiro Takigawa, Masayuki Koike

52. Efficiency Measurement of Organizations in Multi-Stage Systems
Andreas Kleine

Part XV. Production and Service Operations Management

53. Construction Line Algorithms for the Connection Location-Allocation Problem
Martin Bischoff, Yvonne Bayer

54. Service-Level Oriented Lot Sizing Under Stochastic Demand
Lars Fischer, Sascha Herpers, Michael Manitz

55. Real-Time Destination-Call Elevator Group Control on Embedded Microcontrollers
Benjamin Hiller, Andreas Tuchscherer

56. Integrated Design of Industrial Product Service Systems
Henry O. Otte, Alexander Richter, Marion Steven

57. Lot Sizing Policies for Remanufacturing Systems
Tobias Schulz

58. Multicriterial Design of Pharmaceutical Plants in Strategic Plant Management Using Methods of Computational Intelligence
Marion Steven, David Schoebel

Part XVI. Retail, Revenue and Pricing Management

59. Optimizing Flight and Cruise Occupancy of a Cruise Line
Philipp Kistner, Nadine Rottenbacher, Klaus Weber

60. Capacity Investment and Pricing Decisions in a Single-Period, Two-Product-Problem
Sandra Transchel, Stefan Minner, David F. Pyke

Part XVII. Scheduling and Project Management

61. Relational Construction of Specific Timetables
Rudolf Berghammer, Britta Kehden

62. Alternative IP Models for Sport Leagues Scheduling
Dirk Briskorn

63. Penalising Patterns in Timetables: Novel Integer Programming Formulations
Edmund K. Burke, Jakub Marecek, Andrew J. Parkes, Hana Rudová

64. Online Optimization of a Color Sorting Assembly Buffer Using Ant Colony Optimization
Stephan A. Hartmann, Thomas A. Runkler

65. Scheduling of Tests on Vehicle Prototypes Using Constraint and Integer Programming
Kamol Limtanyakul

66. Complexity of Project Scheduling Problem with Nonrenewable Resources
Vladimir V. Servakh, Tatyana A. Shcherbinina

Part XVIII. Simulation, System Dynamics and Dynamic Modelling

67. Optimizing in Graphs with Expensive Computation of Edge Weights
Frank Noé, Marcus Oswald, Gerhard Reinelt

68. Configuration of Order-Driven Planning Policies
Thomas Volling, Thomas S. Spengler

Part XIX. Supply Chain Management and Traffic

69. When Periodic Timetables Are Suboptimal
Ralf Borndörfer, Christian Liebchen

70. Acceleration of the A*-Algorithm for the Shortest Path Problem in Digital Road Maps
Felix Hahne, Curt Nowak, Klaus Ambrosi

71. A Modulo Network Simplex Method for Solving Periodic Timetable Optimisation Problems
Karl Nachtigall, Jens Opitz

72. Simultaneous Vehicle and Crew Scheduling with Trip Shifting
András Kéri, Knut Haase

73. Line Optimization in Public Transport Systems
Michael J. Klier, Knut Haase

74. Coordination in Recycling Networks
Eberhard Schmid, Grit Walther, Thomas S. Spengler

75. Produktsegmentierung mit Fuzzy-Logik zur Bestimmung der Parameter eines Lagerhaltungsmodells für die Halbleiterindustrie
Alexander Schömig, Florian Schlote

76. On the Value of Objective Function Adaptation in Online Optimisation
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer

77. A Novel Multi Criteria Decision Making Framework for Production Strategy Adoption Considering Interrelations
Nima Zaerpour, Masoud Rabbani, Amir Hossein Gharehgozli


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