Peng, Shia-Hui

Advances in Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling

Peng, Shia-Hui - Advances in Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The 2007 Hybrid RANS-LES Symposium: An Outsider’s View
P. R. Spalart

2. Reliability of LES in Complex Applications
Bernard J. Geurts

3. Turbulent Eddies in the RANS/LES Transition Region
Ugo Piomelli, Senthilkumaran Radhakrishnan, Giuseppe Prisco

4. Uncertainty Modeling, Error Charts and Improvement of Subgrid Models
P. Sagaut, J. Meyers, D. Lucor

5. Hybrid LES-RANS Method Based on an Explicit Algebraic Reynolds Stress Model
Michael Breuer, Benoît Jaffrézic, Antonio Delgado

6. Hybrid LES-RANS: Inlet Boundary Conditions for Flows with Recirculation
Lars Davidson

7. On the Use of Stimulated Detached Eddy Simulation (SDES) for Spatially Developing Boundary Layers
S. Deck, P. E. Weiss, M. Pamiès, E. Garnier

8. Synthetic Inflow Boundary Conditions for Wall Bounded Flows
N. Jarrin, J. -C. Uribe, R. Prosser, D. Laurence

9. X-LES Simulations Using a High-Order Finite-Volume Scheme
Johan C. Kok, Bambang I. Soemarwoto, Harmen Ven

10. One-Equation RG Hybrid RANS/LES Modelling
C. Langhe, J. Bigda, K. Lodefier, E. Dick

11. Scrutinizing Velocity and Pressure Coupling Conditions for LES with Downstream RANS Calculations
Dominic Terzi, Wolfgang Rodi, Jochen Fröhlich

12. Computation of the Helicopter Fuselage Wake with the SST, SAS, DES and XLES Models
F. Chuiton, A. D’Alascio, G. Barakos, R. Steijl, D. Schwamborn, H. Lüdeke

13. Numerical Simulation of the Flow in the Wake of Ahmed Body Using Detached Eddy Simulation and URANS Modeling
G. Martinat, R. Bourguet, Y. Hoarau, F. Dehaeze, B. Jorez, M. Braza

14. DES and Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling of Unsteady Pressure Oscillations and Flow Features in a Rectangular Cavity
Shia-Hui Peng, Stefan Leicher

15. Comparative Assessment of Hybrid LES/RANS Models in Turbulent Flows Separating from Smooth Surfaces
S. Šarić, B. Kniesner, A. Mehdizadeh, S. Jakirlić, K. Hanjalić, C. Tropea

16. Numerical Investigation of a Laboratory Combustor Applying Hybrid RANS-LES Methods
A. Widenhorn, B. Noll, M. Stöhr, M. Aigner

17. DES of a Cavity with Spoiler
Richard Ashworth

18. DES Analysis of Confined Turbulent Swirling Flows in the Sub-critical Regime
A. C. Benim, M. P. Escudier, A. Nahavandi, K. Nickson, K. J. Syed

19. Zonal-Detached Eddy Simulation of Transonic Buffet on a Civil Aircraft Type Configuration
V. Brunet, S. Deck

20. Detached Eddy Simulation of Separated Flow on a High-Lift Device and Noise Propagation
C. Lübon, M. Kessler, S. Wagner, E. Krämer

21. Unsteady CFD Analysis of a Delta Wing Fighter Configuration by Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation
Heinrich Lüdeke, Stefan Leicher

22. Comparison of DES and LES on the Transitional Flow of Turbine Blades
F. Magagnato, B. Pritz, M. Gabi

23. Demonstration of Improved DES Methods for Generic and Industrial Applications
C. Mockett, B. Greschner, T. Knacke, R. Perrin, J. Yan, F. Thiele

24. Towards a Successful Implementation of DES Strategies in Industrial RANS Solvers
L. Temmerman, Ch. Hirsch

25. Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Inlet Buzz
S. Trapier, S. Deck, P. Duveau

26. DES Applied to an Isolated Synthetic Jet Flow
H. Xia, N. Qin

27. Development and Application of SST-SAS Turbulence Model in the DESIDER Project
Y. Egorov, F. Menter

28. Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Stall of a NACA 0012 Airfoil Using DES and Advanced OES/URANS Modelling
G. Martinat, Y. Hoarau, M. Braza, J. Vos, G. Harran

29. Turbulence Modelling of Strongly Detached Unsteady Flows: The Circular Cylinder
A. Revell, T. Craft, D. Laurence

30. A New Variant of Subgrid Dissipation for LES Method and Simulation of Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Subsonic Gas Flows
T. G. Elizarova, P. N. Nikolskii, J. C. Lengrand

31. Formulation of Subgrid Stochastic Acceleration Model (SSAM) for LES of a High Reynolds Number Flow
V. Sabel’nikov, A. Chtab, M. Gorokhovski

32. Flow Around a Surface-Mounted Finite Cylinder: A Challenging Case for LES
S. Krajnović

33. Compressibility Effects on Turbulent Separated Flow in a Streamwise-Periodic Hill Channel -— Part 2
J. Ziefle, L. Kleiser

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Fluids, Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering

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