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Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

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Table of contents

A.I. General Aspects: General and Ethical Aspects

1. The History of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine in Perspective
Ulrich Meyer

2. Economic Modeling and Decision Making in the Development and Clinical Application of Tissue Engineering
Patrick Vavken, Ronald Dorotka, Martin Gruber

3. Ethical Issues in Tissue Engineering
Petra Gelhaus

4. Sourcing Human Embryonic Tissue: The Ethical Issues
Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Rouven Porz, Jackie Leach Scully

5. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Their Goals, Their Methods and Their Consequences from an Ethical Viewpoint
Eberhard Schockenhoff

B.II. Biological Considerations: Tissue and Organ Differentiation

6. Control of Organogenesis: Towards Effective Tissue Engineering
Mathieu Unbekandt, Jamie Davies

7. Cytokine Signaling in Tissue Engineering
Thomas Meyer, Volker Ruppert, Bernhard Maisch

8. Influence of Mechanical Effects on Cells. Biophysical Basis
David Jones

C.III. Engineering Strategies: Engineering at the Genetic and Molecular Level

9. Towards Genetically Designed Tissues for Regenerative Medicine
Wilfried Weber, Martin Fussenegger

10. Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing
Volker Ruppert, Sabine Pankuweit, Bernhard Maisch, Thomas Meyer

11. Biomolecule Use in Tissue Engineering
Rita A. Depprich

C.IV. Engineering Strategies: Engineering at the Cellular Level

12. Fetal Tissue Engineering: Regenerative Capacity of Fetal Stem Cells
Pensée Wu, Dafni Moschidou, Nicholas M. Fisk

13. Embryonic Stem Cell Use
Jörg Handschel, Ulrich Meyer, Hans Peter Wiesmann

14. The Unrestricted Somatic Stem Cell (USSC) From Cord Blood For Regenerative Medicine
Gesine Kögler

15. Mesenchymal Stem Cells: New Insights Into Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Farida Djouad, Rocky S. Tuan

16. Stem Cell Plasticity: Validation Versus Valedictory
Neil David Theise

C.V. Engineering Strategies: Engineering at the Tissue Level

17. Bone Tissue Engineering
Ulrich Meyer, Hans Peter Wiesmann, Jörg Handschel, Norbert R. Kübler

18. Cartilage Engineering
Jeanette Libera, Klaus Ruhnau, Peter Baum, Ursus Lüthi, Thomas Schreyer, Ulrich Meyer, Hans Peter Wiesmann, Andreas Herrmann, Thomas Korte, Oliver Pullig, Vilma Siodla

19. Muscle Tissue Engineering
Mark P. Lewis, Vivek Mudera, Umber Cheema, Rishma Shah

20. Tendon and Ligament Tissue Engineering: Restoring Tendon/Ligament and Its Interfaces
Jeremy J. Lim, Johnna S. Temenoff

21. Neural Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Ning Zhang, Xuejun Wen

22. Adipose Tissue Engineering
T. O?uz Acartürk

23. Intervertebral Disc Regeneration
Jeanette Libera, Thomas Hoell, Hans-Jürgen Holzhausen, Tim Ganey, Bruno E. Gerber, Ernst M. Tetzlaff, Rudolf Bertagnoli, Hans-Jörg Meisel, Vilma Siodla

24. Tissue Engineering of Ligaments and Tendons
Patrick Vavken

25. Tissue Engineering of Cultured Skin Substitutes
Raymund E. Horch

26. Dental Hard Tissue Engineering
James M. Mason, Paul C. Edwards

27. Mucosa Tissue Engineering
Günter Lauer

28. Tissue Engineering of Heart Valves
Cora Lüders, Christof Stamm, Roland Hetzer

C.VI. Engineering Strategies: Engineering at the Organ Level

29. Breast Tissue Engineering
Elizabeth Geddes, Xuemei Wu, Charles W. Patrick

30. Bioartificial Liver
Jung-Keug Park, Suk-Koo Lee, Doo-Hoon Lee, Young-Jin Kim

31. Pancreas Engineering
Raffaello Cortesini, Riccardo Calafiore

32. Tissue-Engineered Urinary Bladder
Alexander M. Turner, Jennifer Southgate

33. Cell-Based Regenerative Medicine for Heart Disease
Christof Stamm, Cora Lüders, Boris Nasseri, Roland Hetzer

D.VII. Technical Aspects: Biomaterial Related Aspects

34. Biomaterials
Hans Peter Wiesmann, Ulrich Meyer

35. Biomaterial-Related Approaches: Surface Structuring
Gavin Jell, Caterina Minelli, Molly M. Stevens

36. Mineralised Collagen as Biomaterial and Matrix for Bone Tissue Engineering
Michael Gelinsky

37. Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
Jörg Teßmar, Ferdinand Brandl, Achim Göpferich

D.VIII. Technical Aspects: Scaffold Related Aspects

38. Defining Design Targets for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Scott J. Hollister, Elly E. Liao, Erin N. Moffitt, Claire G. Jeong, Jessica M. Kemppainen

39. Scaffold Structure and Fabrication
Hans Peter Wiesmann, Lydia Lammers

40. Prospects of Micromass Culture Technology in Tissue Engineering
Jörg Handschel, Hans Peter Wiesmann, Ulrich Meyer

D.IX. Technical Aspects: Laboratory Aspects and Bioreactor Use

41. Laboratory Procedures – Culture of Cells and Tissues
Christian Naujoks, Karin Berr, Ulrich Meyer

42. Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering: From Basic Research to Automated Product Manufacturing
David Wendt, Stefania Adele Riboldi

43. The Evolution of Cell Printing
Bradley R. Ringeisen, Christina M. Othon, Jason A. Barron, Peter K. Wu, Barry J. Spargo

44. Biophysical Stimulation of Cells and Tissues in Bioreactors
Hans Peter Wiesmann, Jörg Neunzehn, Birgit Kruse-Lösler, Ulrich Meyer

45. Microenvironmental Determinants of Stem Cell Fate
Robert L. Mauck, Wan-Ju Li, Rocky S. Tuan

E.X. Transplantation Issues: Functional Aspects in Biological Engineering

46. Perfusion Effects and Hydrodynamics
Robert A. Peattie, Robert J. Fisher

47. Ex Vivo Formation of Blood Vessels
Ruben Y. Kannan, Alexander M. Seifalian

48. Biomechanical Function in Regenerative Medicine
Bertrand David, Julien Pierre, Christian Oddou

49. Influence of Biomechanical Loads
Ulrich Meyer, Jörg Handschel

E.XI. Transplantation Issues: Immune System Issues

50. Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses in Tissue Engineering
Lori W. Norton, Julia E. Babensee

51. Toll-Like Receptors: Potential Targets for Therapeutic Interventions
Sabine Pankuweit, Volker Ruppert, Bernhard Maisch, Thomas Meyer

E.XII. Transplantation Issues: Study Design Principles

52. Tissue Engineered Models for In Vitro Studies
Cristopher R. McLaughlin, Rosemarie Osborne, A. Hyatt, Mitchell A. Watsky, Emma V. Dare, Bradley B. Jarrold, Lisa A. Mullins, May Griffith

53. In Vivo Animal Models in Tissue Engineering
Jörg Haier, Fabian Schmidt

54. Assessment of Tissue Responses to Tissue-Engineered Devices
Krishna Burugapalli, Jeffrey C. Y. Chan, Abhay Pandit

F.XIII. Clinical Use: Clinical Application

55. Evidence-based Application in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Ulrich Meyer, Jörg Handschel

56. Tissue Engineering Applications in Neurology
Eyleen L. K. Goh, Hongjun Song, Guo-Li Ming

57. Tissue Engineering in Maxillofacial Surgery
Henning Schliephake

58. Tissue Engineering Strategies in Dental Implantology
Ulrich Joos

59. Tissue Engineering Application in General Surgery
Yaakov Nahmias, Martin L. Yarmush

60. Regeneration of Renal Tissues
Tamer Aboushwareb, James J. Yoo, Anthony Atala

61. Tissue Engineering Applications in Plastic Surgery
Matthew D. Kwan, Bethany J. Slater, Edward I. Chang, Michael T. Longaker, Geoffrey C. Gurtner

62. Tissue Engineering Applications for Cardiovascular Substitutes
Massimo Cimini, Gilbert Tang, Shafie Fazel, Richard Weisel, Ren-Ke Li

63. Tissue Engineering Applications in Orthopedic Surgery
Allison C. Bean, Johnny Huard

64. Tissue Engineering and Its Applications in Dentistry
Michelle Alicia Ommerborn, Kurt Schneider, Wolfgang Hans-Michael Raab

65. Tissue Engineering Applications in Endocrinology
Marc R. Hammerman

66. Regenerative Medicine Applications in Hematology
Anne Wiesmann

67. The Reconstructed Human Epidermis Models in Fundamental Research
Alain Coquette, Yves Poumay

F.XIV. Clinical Use: Clinical Handling and Regulatory Issues

68. Regulatory Issues
Beate Lüttenberg

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Medical Biochemistry, Laboratory Medicine, Biomaterials, Human Genetics, Microbiology

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