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Nanotribology and Nanomechanics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction – Measurement Techniques and Applications
Bharat Bhushan

I. Scanning Probe Microscopy

2. Scanning Probe Microscopy – Principle of Operation, Instrumentation, and Probes
Bharat Bhushan, Othmar Marti

3. Probes in Scanning Microscopies
Jason H. Hafner

4. Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Topics
Franz J. Giessibl, Yasuhiro Sugawara, Seizo Morita, Hirotaka Hosoi, Kazuhisa Sueoka, Koichi Mukasa, Akira Sasahara, Hiroshiv Onishi

5. Low-Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy
Markus Morgenstern, Udo D. Schwarz, Alexander Schwarz

6. Dynamic Modes of Atomic Force Microscopy
Andre Schirmeisen, Boris Anczykowski, Harald Fuchs

7. Molecular Recognition Force Microscopy: From Simple Bonds to Complex Energy Landscapes
Peter Hinterdorfer, Ziv Reich

II. Nanotribology and Nanomechanics: Fundamental Studies

8. Nanotribology, Nanomechanics and Materials Characterization
Bharat Bhushan

9. Surface Forces and Nanorheology of Molecularly Thin Films
Marina Ruths, Jacob N. Israelachvili

10. Interfacial Forces and Spectroscopic Study of Confined Fluids
Y. Elaine Zhu, Ashis Mukhopadhyay, Steve Granick

11. Friction and Wear on the Atomic Scale
Enrico Gnecco, Roland Bennewitz, Oliver Pfeiffer, Anisoara Socoliuc, Ernst Meyer

12. Nanomechanical Properties of Solid Surfaces and Thin Films
Adrian B. Mann

13. Computer Simulations of Nanometer-Scale Indentation and Friction
Susan B. Sinnott, Seong-Jun Heo, Donald W. Brenner, Judith A. Harrison

14. Mechanical Properties of Nanostructures
Bharat Bhushan

15. Scale Effect in Mechanical Properties and Tribology
Bharat Bhushan, Michael Nosonovsky

III. Molecularly-Thick Films for Lubrication

16. Nanotribology of Ultrathin and Hard Amorphous Carbon Films
Bharat Bhushan

17. Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) for Controlling Adhesion, Friction, and Wear
Bharat Bhushan

18. Nanoscale Boundary Lubrication Studies
Bharat Bhushan, Huiwen Liu

IV. Biomimetics

19. Lotus Effect: Roughness-Induced Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Bharat Bhushan, Michael Nosonovsky, Yong Chae Jung

20. Gecko Feet: Natural Hairy Attachment Systems for Smart Adhesion – Mechanism, Modeling and Development of Bio-Inspired Materials
Bharat Bhushan

V. Applications

21. Micro/Nanotribology and Micro/Nanomechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices
Bharat Bhushan

22. Nanotribology and Materials Characterization of MEMS/NEMS and BioMEMS/BioNEMS Materials and Devices
Bharat Bhushan

23. Mechanical Properties of Micromachined Structures
Harold Kahn

24. Structural, Nanomechanical, and Nanotribological Characterization of Human Hair Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanoindentation
Bharat Bhushan, Carmen LaTorre

Keywords: Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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1550 pages
Natural Sciences

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