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Plant Growth Signaling

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Table of contents

1. Signals and Mechanisms in the Control of Plant Growth
Peter Doerner

2. Control of Plant Organ Size
Elena Anastasiou, Michael Lenhard

3. Control of Leaf Morphogenesis by Long- and Short-Distance Signaling: Differentiation of Leaves Into Sun or Shade Types and Compensated Cell Enlargement
Ali Ferjani, Satoshi Yano, Gorou Horiguchi, Hirokazu Tsukaya

4. Plant Growth Dynamics: Analysis of Basic Spatial and Temporal Growth Patterns on the Background of Photosynthetic Energy Gain and Interactions with the Environment
Achim Walter

5. Keeping the Balance Between Proliferation and Differentiation by the E2F Transcriptional Regulatory Network is Central to Plant Growth and Development
Zoltan Magyar

6. Plant Cell Growth Signalling and Its Link to Ploidy
Takeshi Yoshizumi, Christian Breuer, Minami Matsui, Keiko Sugimoto-Shirasu

7. Epidermal Signalling and the Control of Plant Shoot Growth
Gwyneth C. Ingram

8. Signaling in Auxin-Dependent Plant Development
Marcelo Kemel Zago, Carlos S. Galvan-Ampudia, Remko Offringa

9. Brassinosteroid Signaling
Steven D. Clouse

10. Ethylene: Inhibitor and Stimulator of Plant Growth
Jasper Dugardeyn, Dominique Straeten

11. Light and the Control of Plant Growth
Enrique López-Juez, Paul F. Devlin

12. TOR Signaling in Plants
Garrett H. Anderson

13. MAP Kinase Cascades Controlling Cell Division, Plant Growth and Development
Takamasa Suzuki, Yasunori Machida

14. Protein Phosphatases in Plant Growth Signalling Pathways
Alois Schweighofer, Irute Meskiene

15. Armadillo Repeat Proteins: Versatile Regulators of Plant Development and Signalling
Juliet C. Coates

16. Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics as aTool for the Analysis of Protein–Protein Interactions in Signaling Processes
Waltraud X. Schulze

17. Signal Transduction Networks During Stress Responses in Arabidopsis: High-Throughput Analysis and Modelling
Alessandra Devoto, Alberto Paccanaro

18. Cell Growth Control in an Algal Model
Katerina Bišová


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