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Implementing Environmental and Resource Management

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Table of contents

1. Editorial - Environmental Challenges and Management of Natural Resources
Michael Schmidt, Vincent Onyango, Dmytro Palekhov

2. Comparative Analysis of Brazilian Residual Biomass for Pellet Production
Bruna Missagia, Maurício Ferreira Silva Corrêa, Islam Ahmed, Hans-Joachim Krautz, Peter Ay

3. Bioenergy Production: Special Emphasis on Rice Husks Usage in India
Satyanarayana Narra

4. Innovative Energy Concepts in the Water Supply Sector
Christine Laures

5. Energy Conservation in Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Units
Paul Pinamang Kyei

6. Technical and Economic Aspects of Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaics in Brazil
Jordi Cadilla

7. Wind Power Projects in India and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Approach
Shrinivas Tukdeo, Satyanarayana Narra

8. The Clean Development Mechanism Worldwide and in Brazil
Sören Noack

9. Cleaner Production in Jeans Laundries in Northeast Brazil
Sören Noack

10. Future of Alternative Energy in Thailand
Angkarn Wongdeethai

11. Energy Challenges, Problems and Strategies in China
Shouke Wei

12. Review of Future Energy Supply and Targets for Climate Change: The Idea of Ecosystem Services
Ernest Fongwa, Vincent Onyango, Albrecht Gnauck

13. Requirements and Issues with Implementing SEA as a Sustainable Development Instrument in Ukraine
Dmytro Palekhov, Michael Schmidt

14. Spatial Analyses of Electricity Supply and Consumption in Turkey for Effective Energy Management and Policy-making
Evren Deniz Yaylaci, Abdurrahman Belel Ismaila, Onur Uşkay, Şebnem Düzgün

15. How Risk Based Decision Making improves Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Industry
Bibek Das, Robert Atkinson

16. A Critical Appraisal of Government Forestry Policy in View of Forest Sustainability in Cameroon
Victor N. Cheo, Balgah Sounders Nguh, Adeline A. Awemo, Wolfgang Schluchter

17. Agrofuels in Sub-Saharan Africa: Decision-making Criteria for Sustainability
Vincent Onyango

18. Knowledge for Corporate Energy Management - Structural Contradictions and Hope for Change?
Ingmar Lippert

19. River Management. Technological Challenge or Conceptual Illusion? Salmon Weirs and Hydroelectric Dams on the Kemi River in Northern Finland
Franz Krause

20. Visualising Nuclear Landscapes: Visual Simulation in the Licensing for Finnish Nuclear Facilities
Hannah Strauss

21. Outsourcing Emissions: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as Ecological Modernisation
Anup Sam Ninan

22. Sustaining Waste – Sociological Perspectives on Recycling a Hybrid Object
Ingmar Lippert

23. An Indicator-based Approach to Environmental and Resource Management in a Globalised World
Gerhard Wiegleb

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

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Natural Sciences

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